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Mon 16, Dec 2019 04:39 PM (IST)
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Location: usa
Subject: The end has come?
Mar 15 2008 05:14 AM

My dear tibetan fellows,
I am not Tibetan at this present life time, but I feel myself a true Tibetan from head to toe.
And therefor I am really down in my knees because the world gives Tibet to China.
I do my little part to help Tibet, but I know: violence is not a solution. You may not understand His Holiness, but still you should act according to his request. We ordinary people do not see as globally as He does.
Violence is what China wants. Than there will be even more reason to kill more and more Tibetans and tell the world: you see, tibetans are dangerous people, they attack us. Soon China will tell, you are terrorist, and then the usa will go to help. They are very tricky and just wants you to make mistakes. And the mistake is violence.
Also if you act violently, the stupid westerners will think: "Oh, see, they are just the same violent. Buddhism is just another b....t religion."
To save Tibet as a country is almost impossible, but to save the true spirit of Tibet is still possible. But if you let kill yourself, who will carry forward the true message of spirituality?
China and the western countries want your land because of materialistic reasons.
They can take the gold, the land, but not the true spirit. Dharma has to survive, and that is the only thing which can save us. All of us. Here and in the next lives.
What is it good for burn yourself? One tibetan less...You must survive somehow, here and now. We need you alive, because you are the holder the Dharma, which is the only thing, can save the world.
I am sorry these sentences cannot be red in Tibet, but hopefully my prayers can reach the Snow Lion's true people, whose time has come to prove: non violence is effective. Through love and compassion you can win the fight over your ego, over the world. You may think I am crazy. May be I am. But one thing I know for sure: if you do not give up violence, that will have tremendous innocence victims and will lead for no victory, but will bring more suffering not only for tibetans but for the rest of the world too.


Location: USA
Subject: Stop the Dialouge with China
Mar 15 2008 12:56 AM

Tibetan govt. should now litsen to the will of the Tibetan masses and immediately drop the middle way approach. Please stop using individual and personal belives when the TGIE formulates future policies for Tibet.
Democracy means bottom up, not top down. Hey guys, wake up to the reality of how it works in the real world.

Stop visualizing too much, deliver the result. we have been waiting for too long. If you guys are not capable to litsen to the will of the masses, you are not fit to govern. Stop appeasing Bejing. Be Brave, be strong and speak up. Have not seen any press releases from kashag in support of the protest in Tibet so far. What's going on in Dharamsala. SLEEPING?

Location: USA
Subject: No justice, no peace
Mar 15 2008 12:31 AM

Governments around the world must pressure China to release all Tibetans imprisoned for exercising their right to protest. They must condemn China for its violent response to Tibetan protests which are guaranteed under int'l law.

There will always be unrest in Tibet as long as there's no justice and there can be no justice as long as China rules Tibet. The only way to bring peace to Tibet is for Tibet to be allowed its freedom from Chinese colonialism.

Tibetans everywhere condemn the Chinese Govt for its oppression of Tibetans inside Tibet. We also call upon the Indian Govt to release all Tibetans they have detained b/c those Tibetans were only exercising freedom of speech. Gandhi would be upset that India is arresting nonviolent Tibetan demonstrators.

Free Tibet Now! Victory to Tibet!

Subject: FOR HOW LONG!!!!
Mar 14 2008 10:56 PM

Fellow Tibetans! keep the flame of resistance and solidarity alive.The real question of concern for Tibetans and their supporters are 'How long will this last or progress/result towards?' and on the other side the PRC will be hoping 'how long will this last and save their face and invconvenience?'
So its simple mathematics, increase the voice of resistance and show our countrymen in tibet that we are with them. Every blood they drop, we are willing to shed twice' should be the message. The world's eyes are on Lhasa wondering if the momentum will last. So, every Tibetan in every corner of the world , its time to show support by every mean possible.
Don't Let Those Precious Sacrifices go in Vain!!, each One of us has the power to Make a Difference In every lil way.
Act Insane, act Stupid , act Silly coz every positively driven action (even though it may sound irrelevantat the time) will resonate a sense of hope and courage in our very land Tibet. For how long will we be silenced we shall see!!!!

Location: india
Subject: great job
Mar 14 2008 10:36 PM

This has to happen. We Tibetan outside Tibet are always with you.
And don't worry China can't harm you all.
We love you.

Location: Toronto
Subject: what I am worth for our Country?
Mar 14 2008 10:35 PM

It gives me a sheer shivering sensation each time I am touched by little bits of us, our demonstrations, our outrages against the pro-longed suppressions by Chinese govt. I keep asking what I can do now for our country? I realize each of us represents us and our ppl within Tibet… my fellow brothers and sister.. pls do your part cus each of us has our own worth in bringing our country in to our hand!!
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