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Fri 15, Nov 2019 03:17 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "All Tibetan people should be under one single administration: Lodi Gyari"
So we also must have the opportunity that all the Tibetan people should be under one single administration. This is not because of any desire to split China, or to declare independence...
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Location: india
Subject: as factual and as direct as it should be!
Oct 13 2007 09:04 PM

i think that this interview gave me a brief and a very clear picture of the scenario fo the delegations that are going on. and it boost in me the confidence to say that tibet as a separate community or a different society can hold talks as diplomatically and as legally as it is going on. though there may be debatable and conflicting areas of negotiations, i am very optimistic that the future is bright for the tibetans. BOD GYALO!

Location: here
Subject: Excellent Interview
Jul 25 2007 08:05 AM

The interview reflects how insightful Rimpoche is on the issue.

Thank you Rimpoche for your excellent work.

Location: Dsala
Subject: "...Fool me six times shame on me"?
Jul 13 2007 11:14 AM

The greatest irony of the dialogs is the fact that the HH’s delegates are still talking to the authors of the 17-point agreement (“The talks we have been holding with the Chinese government are with the United Front Work Department. This is the Party Organ that has dealt with Tibet since the very beginning, even when we signed the 17-Point Agreement in 1951”). If one may recall, the Chinese shoved the 17point agreement down our throats against our will, and they were the ones that failed to live up to it. What guaranties are there that Chinese will keep their promises this time around? The other issue is about not being able to make up their minds, (“Unfortunately they are trying to cover up this inability of their leaders not being able to take political decisions…”). why don’t the delegates come out clean and say that China is not willing to deal with Tibet and Tibetan issues and that the Middle Path advocates are flogging a dead horse. (“When the Chinese government comes out with all these very negative rhetoric and activities, it undermines the goodwill that we have tried to build for last many years.”).
Total Independence and nothing else will be good for Tibet. The Chinese have lied time and time again and yet we keep believing. This has to stop!

- TLA Political Wing

Location: usa
Subject: One hand claping
Jul 13 2007 08:47 AM

we offer delicious food to our enemy who destroyed our freedom, land and people,

Location: Canada
Subject: thank you
Jul 12 2007 10:36 PM

I appreciate and thank Envoys. I thank Ewa for such a wonderful interviews. It touches many of our doubts and personally I am more than satisfied with what Envoys has done.
I wanted to appeal my fellow friends to understand all the necessary meanings of what do we mean by geniune autonomy of Tibet, what chinese meant by Greater Tibet and where does all these concepts come from and why?
Moreover, about our policies, demand and chinese way of interpreting on these issuess.
I believe after clearing our thoughts on these issues, we will appreciate our Tibetan identity, culture and religion more and work towards advancements.
Bod Gyal Lo.

Location: australia
Subject: free tibet
Jul 12 2007 10:30 AM

Our demand sounds so resonalbe, in fact, it is not even a demand, instead verging on almost total surrender yet China seems worried sick to make even a small decent overture. Like giving His Holiness the benefit of doubt. May be we should give them a real demand, that might frighten them to their death and get our freedom. Or is it a symtom of pathological liar?

Location: Toronto
Subject: Great Interview
Jul 11 2007 10:30 PM

Lodi Gyari touches lot of important issues.

Location: Paris
Subject: very factual talk
Jul 11 2007 08:14 PM

gyari has been very well factually briefed before leaving for shanghai and he sent a very sound strong message to his counterpart. i am happy that the things are moving somewhat forward and we must all look in the future for modern tibet under chinese mother-care.our unique tibetan cultural identity and the sound tibetan environment is the essence that we are fighting for.
Free independent tibet now is at least for this century outdated and is "suicidal" for silently gradually vanishing tibetan culture in front of our eyes.
well done rinpoche and company.

Location: USA
Subject: Freedom for all Tibet
Jul 11 2007 08:13 PM

I hope for the best but I believe we should be prepared for the worst.

There is a lot of evidence that China has no genuine intention of ever giving Tibet autonomy or even basic human rights. China wants the Beijing 2008 Olympics to go off w/o a hitch & they may be negotiating only long enough to see the Olympics go smoothly. After that, they may drop all pretense & just end the negotiations citing some fabricated blame on the Tibetan side.

I think that as long as the Chinese Communist Party rules China, Tibet will never enjoy autonomy, independence or human rights. So our goal should be make the occupation of Tibet as expensive for China as possible forcing them to spend billions of yuan on security & fighting Tibetan nationalism. Eventually, the CCP will fall from power & it will at that time when we can regain our country.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Tibetans Inside
Jul 11 2007 08:10 PM

I think overall issue is well maintained but minding the welfare of the Tibetans Inside is going to over take everything else.

Remember there is a vast difference between the Tibetans inside vurses Tibetans in Exile. Insider's lay hope on exile Tibetan administration and Tibetans in general. Exile community don't share the daily and perpetual brunt insiders go through they simply have NO VOICE. On the other hand, Tibetans in Exile are NOT THINKING of going back to Tibet, they are rather looking at going to the WEST and maintain an OPPORTUNISTIC silence and see WHICH way is the GREENER GRASS. If the DEAL proves to be lucrative, they may THINK of returning to Tibet or else they will keep their OPTION of WEST. Tibetan ISSUE for them is more or less like a TIME PAST and an avenue where opportunities might flow in to snap. BUT, INSIDER WITH THEIR HOPE ON EXILE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SHUT THEIR MOUTH AND DEAL WITH THE PRC's BELLIGERENT POLICY.

So, what do we do?
If anybody is geniunely concerned about the Tibetan Issue, INSIDER's daily CONDITION simply can not be ignored.

I spoke to a Tibetan Man recently from Lhasa, age 81, currently on TAR pension. Says, The only way to get INDEPENDENCE is if somebody or some nation can subdue PRC by force and secure INDEPENDENCE, or else, forget it. Rather, they wish to have a normal life with no fear of any sort they deal with.
Tibetans inside live literally a life that comes with FEAR every single day. The fire of ANGER is within but, had to swallow and suppress the smoke from coming out, even by MISTAKE.
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