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Mon 22, Apr 2019 11:42 AM (IST)
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Location: France
Subject: China has been in power sixty years now
Jun 16 2007 04:24 PM

The history of what China has done :

They invaded Tibet and Tibetans went into opposition to them, especially the Khampas, that lived on the Eastern border with China for centuries in good understanding and thus really got mad at China for having betrayed them after that long peacetime.

A long lonely time came then for the Tibetans; because of being in exile and the world not helping them.

Then they got lucky.

Just like when you make a dent in a cushion, it first of all kind of makes a print in it like an air-vacuum and then slowly it comes back to it's real form, just so China started contracting back to it's previous self.

Indeed, from within China and even the party itself, came help to Tibet : Falun Gongs many Buddhist groups were persecuted and the Falun started calling for otherthrowing the party and its crimes.

That lasted for years and Tibetans now no longer were alone at demonstrations against China and had another five or ten millions people on their side, helping them from the Falun, about the same size as Tibets population.

But China still hung in and blocked everything.

Then in the early '90s something else started happening : the world outside started to be engaged against China because of apparently chance occasions.

The auspicious sign-bringer in this, the messenger of Mahakala, the Chenrezig boy was Clooney, when he made his first film about China taking over oil fields in the Middle East, and the ensuing corruption and wheeling and dealing of all that : "Syriana".

Clooney was already a peace-loving anti-war militant who made several films to criticise war and the Army.

That was shortly then followed by his bringing in other Hollywood stars such as Cheadle about further Chinese crimes in oil-dealings in Darfur; which they did treading upon the dead bodies of genocidal murders done with their assent and abetted by them.

He made powerful gestures, even travelling to Darfur himself.

The next main sign came when Farrow wrote about the crimes of China in Sudans Darfur, and pointed a finger at Speilberg for collaborating with China on the Olympics. She thus came as a ray of sun to the long-tired Tibetans that no longer believed in thier lucky star. Like Drolma protecting travellers, she came in that timely way.

Shortly later, Clooney got Schwarzenegger, his friend, to ban investing in Sudan.

That was instantly enforced by Fidelity Investments, a mega US fund, leaving Sudan and making Chinese petro-companies there plunge immediately.

The next week, things started happening quickly, with Bush signing the same ban into law.

Suddenly, Tibetans had people all over the globe, by the billions, climbing on board the anti-China campaign, and gearing up for closure of Chinas new international role, planning to shame them, next year at the Olympics.

All in all, from a ragtag army of Khampas roaming the high Tibetan plateau, they have been freed of this load to fight China, by things having now gone to a worldwide allegiance of billions worldwide, being brought together to down the Communist Party that had invaded Tibet. And it is just sixty short years since that happened now; which is pretty quick.

Maos regime was thus not so long : often people die without seeing the end of their enemies. But here, the enemies of Tibet, China, didn't last long to see their end.

Things have now totally transcended the scale of both Tibet, the Falun Gong, Clooney and Farrow and are completely out of all our hands. You can paste into VOA (Americas government international news) the two following articles :

"Congress using Olympics to Pressure China on Sudan"


"US Lawmakers Urge China to raise Currency Value"

This first one means that the Olympics boycott is backed by the Senate so as to pressure China about human rights : which is an unimaginable support to Tibet against China, as compared to just a few years ago.

The second one means that the House of Representatives in Washington will force China, - in no matter which way it takes,- to raise its Yuans value.

This will

a. make the wares that it sells to us go up by fifty percent and

b. make China uncompetitive to other third world countries and

c. make foreign investment flee China as if it was plague-hit.

This will

d. fill up the foreign exchange dept with China for the US and

e. ruin China.

The House has announced a six-month agenda to force China to this, and said that any exceeding of the agenda-limit

f. will be slammed with penalties.

This means that not only will the Olympics see America forcing China to remedy its policies on Human Rights and Tibet and Falun Gong, but also no matter how China plays its hand, it will be financially strapped. And Tibet, the Khampas and us Buddhists

g. will be avenged this time next year.

Mark my word now, because this will happen and you can look at VOA to see this

h. clearly written in black and white.

Location: Greenland
Subject: Translated in commie doublespeak
Jun 16 2007 10:13 AM

Just like commie slogan
'Let a hundred flowers bloom'
did millions die in cultural revolution

In commie doublespeak
'Exploit the borderlands
Oppress the minorities'
is closer to the truth

Who are the capitalist roaders?
krooked kommunis kadres
Who are the hagemonists?
beijing bureaucrats
Who are the running dogs?
crooked china cops
bloodthirsty triggerhappy bandits
in uniform

Free Tibet Forever
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