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Wed 13, Nov 2019 07:58 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Non-violence vs violence: The case of Tibet and Palestine"
While I watched images of "The Arab world's only true democracy"--as Palestinians would call themselves--tottering on the edge of a civil war, and while the shadow of Yasser Arafat haunts the Palestinian people,...
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Location: india
Subject: Tibet is the next Palestine
Mar 19 2008 07:45 AM

Interesting...i have been seeing lots of articles poping up around the same topic. There is a piece by Pierre on allvoices about China being the next Israel. The article is quite interesting since it includes global views on the issues. The link to it is

Location: Washington, DC
Subject: inaccurate views
Feb 07 2007 10:06 AM

This is in reference to your article of January 31, 2006, wherein you made comparisons between Tibet and Palestine.

This is something that I myself have done, seeing many similarities in each respective people's plights and current circumstances. Let me also preface my letter by saying that I am a Tibet supporter and am very involved in the Tibetan cause.

I would like to point out, however, that your article was written in a manner which makes blanket statements and which continues an assumption about the Palestinian people and their reaction to being a colonized and suppressed people. This is, quite sadly, an assumption purveyed throughout the general media and one about which, former President Carter's writing has recently led to a string of defaming statements against Carter for daring to broach the subject.

Palestinians have been colonized for about the same amount of time as Tibetans. Despite so-called UN decisions re: the division of Palestinian land and the establishment of the state of Israel, numerous later resolutions have both condemned the 1948 resolution, as well as Israel's unethical and blatantly illegal actions against Palestinians, much in the same way the Chinese are treating Tibetans: suppression of freedom of movement, control over border areas and commodities, violent reactions to protest; unwarranted arrests of Palestinian men, women, and children (and, as in Tibet, without fair trials and with extensive beatings and torture). Further, Israel maintains a policy of house demolitions, land-grab, and expansion of Israel settlements in Palestinian "territories," as defined by 1967 agreements. Israel routinely imposes "curfews" on Palestinian areas, which sounds rather innocent but which entail 24 hour blackouts, wherein Palestinians must remain in their homes, windows shut and curtained, and which can last for days on end, Palestinians unable to seek medical care, food, attend work or school. Much as China continues to violate international norms against Tibetans, Israel, too, does so against Palestinians in the occupied territories and in Israel. Yet Israel continues to receive the support(politically, financially, and militarily) of Western countries.

Arab/Palestinian citizens in Israel are subject to a host of discriminatory laws which frequently obstruct house building or repair (inevitably leading to demolitions), and which are aimed both to subjugate the Palestinian people and to drive them off the land.

Israel is now, since 2003, constructing a "security barrier" (aka an Apartheid Wall), in the name of "security.' Yet, this wall annexes West Bank land (when finished, it will annex nearly 50% of W Bank land) and has cut off thousands of Palestinians from farmland, as well as has segregated and walled-off Palestinian communities, cutting them off from other communities, connected by Israeli-army secured roads and checkpoints.

Given the tactics which have been employed for decades now, given the violation of "peace agreements" (by Israel on many accounts and first, leading to Palestinian violations of violent tactics--but again, bear in mind that these are infrequent in comparison with the daily violence the Israeli "Defense" Forces subject Palestinians to), and given that Israeli forces and leaders also target women and children, their frequent criticism of Palestinian "militants and jihadists," the un-reported non-violent resistance of Palestinians on a daily basis is extraordinary. It is simply a fact that that type of daily passive facing of forced rule in Palestine is not newsworthy, nor is it in the interests of the pro-Israel lobby who influence much of the media and many of US politicians, to a greater degree even than the Chinese lobby tries over Tibet.

I see both situations as tragic and desperate and in need of international awareness, concern, empathy, understanding, and action. Which is why I so strongly react to un-informed publishings which continue to convey a biased and wrong representation of Palestinians.

I urge you to read various websites, consult Israeli peace groups who advocate for Palestinian rights, and to understand more than what the mainstream media tells us to understand on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And then I urge you to work on behalf of Palestinian peace and justice in your writings, as those who support one beaten and suppressed population must also see solidarity with another people undergoing the same brutal occupation and inhumane actions.

Thank you,

Eva Bartlett

Location: Peaceland
Subject: very interesting
Feb 01 2007 11:41 PM

Dear Gyalpola,I truely learned so much from your article and find the text very interesting. Thank you!

Location: Delhi
Subject: Disclaimer
Feb 01 2007 10:09 AM

What? Of course the views expressed in here are the views of the writer but that should also reflect the idea of the CTA. Cos the writer can not write anything that is against the CTA. So in effect, the published article reflecting the views of the CTA. It is a official journal of bhoe shung and from first page to last, it must be official.

Location: France
Subject: Tibet
Jan 31 2007 06:03 PM

I think it is Isreal and not Palestine who claims to be the arab world's only democracy. Yet we all know how far from truth it is.

I donot think that Tibetans are incapable of violence. Look at our history, or just at the Mustang Ressistance fighters. We are capable of violence. I think militants Tibetans are waiting for the right opportunity and platform.

Location: violence vs violence
Subject: CA
Jan 31 2007 02:29 PM

First of all, I wouldn't propagate violence if the other side accepts a peaceful solution. And I definitely wouldn't advocate the murder of innocent peoples for any cause. However, I do not accept the notion that the Tibetans are incapable of using violence to achieve their independence. Also the belief that violent struggles cannot be successful in a totalitarian state is untrue. I believe that the authorities of such a state values their lives as much as we do. Communist China has inflicted unthinkable destruction and unimaginble pain on us and are still continuing to do so. If we could pay them back in kind to a small degree, involving their important party leaders,I believe they will definitely come to the negotiating table. Pain is a great teacher which could certainly help us communicate better with these pampered leaders and cronies of the communist party.Therefore, I would advocate the use of violence against the leaders of the communist govt to make them understand what we have been through. I am absolutely positive that there are thousands of Tibetans who wouldn't beat an eyebrow to do so. Violence is not our language but we will learn to speak it if we have to! Bod Gyalo!!!

Location: USA
Subject: WOW!!!!!!!CST SHIMLA
Jan 31 2007 11:31 AM

WOw mere dost, Kya likha hai, Kabhi toh humein bhi email kiya karo..

anywway, a nice piece of writing and analysis. keep going man

Location: USA
Subject: Indeed!
Jan 31 2007 11:30 AM

How many indeed! How long can you watch that railway line and for how many miles? As Lhasang La used to say, parapharasing of course, that our non-violence is more non-action than anything else. Good job on the article, Dhondup la. Good job indeed!
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