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Tue 25, Jun 2019 05:15 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Looking Back From Nangpa-La -Jamyang Norbu"
In 1994 when I was the editor of the Tibetan language paper MANGTSO, an informant from Solokhumbu sent me a photograph of a Tibetan man, an escapee, who had died somewhere on the Nepalese side of Nangpa-la. His stiff curled-up...
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Location: Toronto
Subject: Rangzen First
Mar 26 2008 11:31 PM

We need a leader to whom Freedom of Tibetan people is the Top priority not the third or the last.


Location: dhasa
Subject: thought proviking
Mar 04 2007 12:54 PM

Thank you Jamyang Noru la for this critical essay. You have really put up a nice article on this wide read web site. I have read it thoroughly and appreciate this boldness.We really should not forget this Nangpa la shooting easily. So far, I didn’t see much substantial action taken by UN. I agree with what you said about the 10th march. Its high time we change the mode of this 10th march demonstration. If we didn’t take that 10th march very seriously and emotionally, we have our own kids who will be silently aping us. And God knows how they are going to take this memorable day.
I think your article should be taken as a wake up call for all the Tibetans especially the young ones.Let us not past this day like any other day. We should set a good example for our future citizens.Wake Up All! Lets pledge to make this 10th march a memorable one at our own level and let it make a wide coverage with editorials, opinions, comments etc.
Jamyang Norbu la, regarding His Holiness taking part in the demonstration, I really could not digest it. His Holiness is a religious leader and if he takes on any politically work directly, I think it will not be appealing to the world. That’s what I feel.
I also take this opportunity to request you to write such kind of inspiring article in various magazines and awaken our people who are not awaken.Please!
For me, I have a deep reverence to you for the articles you normally write. I think, You should awakening the people and giving a wake up call. Bravo! Thanks!

Location: Canada
Subject: Looking Back From Nangpala
Mar 02 2007 08:22 PM

Jamyang Norbu la, your article was superb and a masterpiece. This should have really shock many of us as it did to me. While reading it, some lines brought tears in my eyes as I too saw this film “Escape from Tibet” with my six year old son. Regarding the 10th March procession, I too share your views that we should do something drastic to make everyone in the World understand that we still look for our Freedom. When I was younger I always look forward to this 10th March Uprising as this is the only day that reminds me to do something for my country but since lately this day has become like any ordinary days. I will march on the street with my son on 10th March. Thanks for your sincere thoughts. Many young people are with you too.

Location: Italy
Subject: Looking back beyond Nangpa la...
Mar 01 2007 04:03 PM

I must admit Mr. JamNor's article quite straight forward and rather daring. Reading it carefully, it's not a work to be blamed but a thought provocative and to me it invites all to think of our future status of Tibet. Many Tibetans, even several in Tib. Parliament,timidly confess the existing political and ideological crises in Dharamsala but many remain silent as if someone has derobed of the right, many fear not to be kicked out from the comunity by a group of elders in Dharamsala. The sad incidents and warnings always lingers in air of Dharamsala. But let's keep in the mind that I do not blame His Holiness, how I can. He has given us voice to speak, voice to JamNor and others, yet many remain silent in Exile Govt..Afraid of hurting supporters, afraid of being treated as anti His Holiness and the Exile Govt.They adhere to religious principals of "silent is gold", it saves the chair and position. Clearly indicates lack of love and seriousness for one's fatherland. I often think, may be I am wrong that It's we the voters to be blamed, lacking political understandings, sincerity to point out and espress freely (better out of love for Tibet) every possible mistakes of the opinion makers in Dharamsala. Everyone of us, from our Prime Minister to to school going children might commit mistakes based on hope, religious ideals,unresponsible comments in favour,unpractical and illogical assurences by foreign political leaders and our own style of existing, fully depending on others. Very saddly, quite used to extending hands for help from others. The profound polical concept of "Middle Path" sounds magestic and it is some how inchanting but let's live with a new way of reasoning, from all it's prospectives. His Holiness has never baned Tibetans to look from different angles nor dissuaded to espress, rather encourages the youths to do so. When someone comes forward with any opinions that contradicts and indicates contradictions in Dharamsala, should not we welcome them? Let's not soffocate these opinions. Mr. JamNor must have written these articles out of love to Tibet and Tibetan people, not out of hatred. Such articles be read by our parlamentarians and youths in India and abroad, think seriously of our future. Our official deligates to Cina must not forget the very mean and cheap cunningness behind the wide smiles of Chinese and must learn not to blame His Holiness when the mistakes were committed by them. I wonder, when JamNor and Lhasang will come forward to give hands to Exile Govt. It's time to lead a war of mosquitoes, atleast must leave the book-store and the comfortable American lifestyle. Sorry!!

Location: Delhi
Subject: Debate in the community
Feb 26 2007 01:44 PM

I think there is a lot of truth in this article. His description of reaction to
the escapes is 100%, his analysis of the constraint now on Dharamsala is
true, and certainly the need to take more assertive non violent action
is evident.
While HH's influence in China is growing and that does offer an
opportunity, he is right that it offers no guarantees at all.

Personally I think it would be healthy if this did start a debate in the


Location: India
Subject: Unacceptable but it is the best article, I have ever it here.
Feb 22 2007 01:40 AM

Jamyang la,

Your article is very interesting, provoking and inspiring as we need eloquent and articulate like you. I agree with many of your distinct critics but suggesting His Holines to lead a demonstration is unacceptalbe and very irresponsible thought.

Since, age 16 His Holiness took huge responsibility on his shoulder when critical situation and dark history began for every Tibetan. His Holiness never pause to work for relieving Tibetans from merciless Chinese torture and brutal killing in Tibet. His Holiness did not disappointed to open opportunities for youth, resettlement for displaced, and schools for children who became homeless after fleeing from the home robbed by Chinese authorities like Mao Tsetung, Chau en lie and their accomplice.
He never disappointed with few exile Tibetans who also contributed to dismantle his effort by diving Tibetans into regionalism, provoking communal riots, and cult of spirit. No stone is left unturned by His Holiness to bring Tibet once again a peaceful land.

Hence, there is no way at all to open up a discussion whether His Holiness is working enough for our cause or not. We are very shameful people if we could not understand the most valuable and grateful personality who worked tirelessly for his entire life for us. Plase be understand the kindness of His Holiness and never expect more. His Holiness can not lead the demonstration due to security reason and His presence in the world is only the evidence of free Tibet.

Location: land of snow
Subject: so you used your pen for justifying your own self?
Feb 16 2007 02:35 PM

Read more, but sometimes when the writers are articulte and eloquent, it doesn't take much to woo the readers towards the writer;s mindset. Take the good parts and criticize the bad ones.
But for god sake's don't criticize the Dalai lama who at the age of 70s is working so hard for the betterment of the tibetans and everyone. Its not a time to start blaming each other. He's already blamed for selling out to the China for his middle way approach proposal.Jamyang norbu la, i wish you could use your knowledge/talent to spark the tibetans towards the main goal not against their own government.

Location: Canada
Subject: march 10th
Feb 13 2007 09:42 AM

Jamyang la,are you sure you are Marching on this day? we have never seen you marching with Tibetan people in India and never in USA too.If you really care come out on the March 10 and lead us,and to show us that you really care and what you can do!.You are always behind the wall only to complain to those who are working in our goverment and His Holiness's tire less work. ( apo rang gi jonki yoena- maa dhon shok)Panzom ngu pa ha layki minduk.

Location: UK
Subject: Appreciation for this nice critical essay.
Feb 07 2007 09:05 PM

You read my mind and spoke my heart! What a breath-taking article!! You have summed up every significant milestone in this piece of work that, I have been unaware some of the aspects for these many years!!! Your every single facts and figures no matter of their weigh, counts alot to me. And I am pretty sure that your voice will echo every corner and remind once again of the cause to all of us. Time is running but still, many of us are lagging behind or worse; gave up the race. I never knew that I could be that partiotic but now I feel it is there in everyone's heart since then.
I deeply appreciate your reasonable bullet points that will surely "electrify" most of us unless we are having numbskulls. I pray this article of your's be reflected by everyone's will to pull ourselves together and push this "Tibet" issue to such a height to receive worldwide support and justice.
I can't be there at New york for this coming 10th March, but no doubt I will burst out my voice.


Location: NZ
Subject: Something Positive
Feb 07 2007 06:57 AM

Overseas Tibetans Welcomed Back

China's policy of "All patriots belong to one big family, no matter when they join the family" will be implemented in Tibet, a Tibetan official said Monday in Lhasa.

Explaining the policy, Basang, deputy secretary of the Tibet Regional Committee of the Communist Party of China, said patriotism is necessary for national unity. Anyone who no longer promotes or believes in the "independence of Tibet", will be welcomed by the government, even though they may have previously engaged in separatist activities.

Tibetans residing abroad are welcome to return to their hometown for visits, sightseeing or religious activities. However, a small group of separatists will not be permitted to engage in separatist activities or turmoil by taking advantage of the policy, she said at a regional meeting on reception of returned Tibetans held Tuesday.

The government expects Tibetans living abroad to invest, donate and contribute to their hometown on a voluntary basis, she added.

Last year 408 Tibetans returned home from other countries including India, Nepal, the United States, Switzerland and Sweden.
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