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Tue 22, Jan 2019 11:07 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Prof Dawa Norbu:An obituary"
The sudden demise of Prof Dawa Norbu has left all of us shell-shocked creating a void that can never be filled. A true son of Tibet, he was a person far ahead of his time and one of the exceptional few who combined rare intellect...
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Location: France
Subject: Past, present & future Norbus
Dec 23 2009 10:01 PM

Thank you for your recognition. Even though I didn't get possibility to study, I very much understand you. This is our main problems in our society since beginning of Rabgung (rab-byung) & the religious power. Particularly since, assassinate of Nationalist throne King Darma Oudume tsenpo. There have been so many philosophers & intellectuals in past Tibet. Since Indian of land of Buddha did not write them & by reincarnate lamas, there is no place in the fields of Buddhism mind. This is the result of losing our Nation. Even in exile, the first to develop is Buddhism. As saying goes. If Noble plays Piwang, it is calling Piwang. If beggar plays Piwang, it is calling tse tse. Now there are many disrobed Lamas, Reincarnates & Monks. They are translating profane poems, instruments & proverb, which actually not allowed in their past engagement & now profiting to win for living since there no any more profit after losing Tibet. What we won until know? Only in individual research & let people in suffering in the name of Karma. Is it true Buddhist?

Location: Prof.DAWA Norbu-Obituary
Subject: Dear Sir
Dec 17 2009 11:53 AM

I had read 'Red Star Over Tibet'in my undergraduate first year.
First I saw you in 1994 at SIS Lawn:
Your first words.....
'your half-open smile recalled me my younger sister..You are from.....?......
Since then, in your satire,
My aim....'Egoism'
yours 'Nationalism'
Last I met you in early 2006 at Narmada Complex Teachers'Quarters..
After nearly two-hour-long lunch-table discussions,
Your last words,
'OK;Don't forget to send me your country's best Buddhist scholars' name......
With a careful fact-finding, (but too late?)I tried again and again
Every time receieved the 'mailer demon'back.
Now(in May,2007) I know Sir.....
I shed Tears....Not a Cry,
I bless you...Not for Nirvaana,
Let Million Flowers Bloom
For the Sake of Your DREAM-

(From A Diary Note)
Anula Attanayake

Location: US
Subject: one practical way to express gratitude
Jun 06 2006 08:41 AM

Tibetans in exile can assist Prof. Dawa Norbu la's family by supporting him or atleast showing genuine concern. TGIE can also give special preference in case there is future opp. to go abroad. I am assuming Prof. Norbu's family is not rich because he has dedicated his time thinking about Tibet and sure compromised his family obligations.

Location: usa
Subject: void can never be filled
Jun 04 2006 02:55 PM

it is indeed sad that we miss one of great tibetan who can teach us alot, always want to learn from him ,but mine bad luck never ever got chance to meet him,i hope he be better in heaven then on this cruel world where no one knows real value of gem.
we will always proud of u

Location: Dsala
Subject: A Great Loss
Jun 04 2006 03:31 AM

It is truly a sad event to learn of Professor Dawa Norbu’s untimely demise and an even greater tragedy for the Tibetan exiled community for loosing a valuable intellectual asset. Considered a highly controversial figure by the Tibetan government in exile; Professor Dawa Norbu was shunned and branded a reactionary of sorts in the Seventies. A tradition still followed to day by the exiled government to castigate any intellectual Tibetan instead of making use of their skills and experiences. Our government in exile complains of brain-drain but does nothing to curtail it; instead encourages it by branding people, “Kundun la semey shu-gnaen”, literally translated as dishonoring HHDL. For Tibet to survive as a nation we must learn to appreciate differences in thought, ideas and approaches and not have to fear offending some authority or religious figure. It would be to our advantage if Church and state are separated and play their individual parts for the welfare of Tibetan people and nation.
- Spokesperson for TLA

Location: phagpaiyul
Subject: The World of Tibetan Intellectuals
Jun 04 2006 01:29 AM

Thank you so much, Professor.

It was a matter of relief to see at least some sincere words of admiration from our fellow brothers being spared for this one of the greatest son of modern Tibet. It is truly said that a prophet is never respected in his own country. Prof. Dawa Norbu is yet another new generation Tibetan hero who spent his life for the country and died for the country unsung and unhonored by our own people. How sad that he never was given an opportunity to render his intellectual services within our own community.

Had he headed Education Department or the International Relations Department, he would have left a tremendous impact on these important Departments and our community must have made huge benefit. He is a respected academician and regarded as the top Tibetan social scientist in the international academic arena, yet we could not make use of his extraordinary knowledge of the modern Tibetan political history other than having his Books in the Libraries. He could have changed the lives of thousands of Tibetan students had he got opportunity to share his knowledge with our own students. What is a matter of serious concern is that in terms of intellectual toleration we have made little headway since we parted from our old society and charged into the new modern society where education and economic power rule the world.

The first and foremost modern Tibet's best known intellectual, thinker and traveler, Amdo Gendun Choephel was persecuted for what he was and had to suffer under the old society in Tibet. He could have given a whole new direction to our country and people, politically and intellectually, but was not allowed to make his contributions and instead was victimized and oppressed and treated so heartlessly. The history continues to repeat even today. Since coming to exile, many promising and gifted minds withered away sooner than they began to flower in full bloom. Our society and people have remained still very hostile to radical minds and reformers and specially gifted intellectuals who carry great clout and power to change the society and the people's mind set.

This shows the great need for our society to grow faster and to mature into a stronger and more accommodating and courageous society rather than remaining hooked to old traditions and links for fear of losing out to the people who are more capable, mentally stronger, intellectually more enlightening and inspiring and more liberal in thoughts and actions. First we lost K. Dhonup, a promising historian and thinker and a die hard nationalist at a very young age while still in twenties. He struggled hard to keep his love affair with Tibetan issues which was his first love.

Next we lost Tsering Wangyal, unassuming intellectual better known as 'editor' of Tibetan review. It is very frustrating to think our administration did nothing to nurture and take care of these specially gifted new generation intellectuals of international reputation. Even today there are no educational bodies within the administration where the best minds of the modern young intellectuals could make their contribution and also where their talents are fully protected along with their career, so as to ensure that they do not get distanced from the mainstream intellectual society and forced to live in isolation from our community.

The best way now seems to be on the part of the central Tibetan administration to work seriously for starting a full fledged Tibetan University for the Tibetans where all the top ranking Tibetan intellectuals can be brought together to give them free hand to transferring their wisdom and knowledge to our own children so that we are able to take complete care of the precious life and knowledge of every respected Tibetan intellectuals in our community now and in future and more importantly our children and intellectual community benefited from their specialized knowledge without losing their precious special knowledge on foreign students and Institutions.

I sincerely pray that he returns into our community to continue his national services with same brilliant intellectual power and burning patriotism.

In order to derive inspiration from his intellectual life, we can constitute a ‘Prof. Dawa Norbu Award’ to be annually conferred to a top new generation intellectual who has made a mark in the field of academic field and has earned high respect from International intellectuals.

It is high time Tibetan intellectuals learnt the lesson hard way to remain close and remain united to create a powerful force within our community so that they could bring greater changes into our social life and influence people's mindset and attitude towards issues of national importance. It is very relevant also to ensure their own well being and interest so that they can work closely to help one another in times of need as from past experience it has become clear that they tend to be highly vulnerable section of the society when it comes to protecting their personal well being and interest. Intellectuals are the heart of a community and a nation, they deserve every care and respect and attention both from the government and the people.

Prof. Dawa Norbu's untimely and most sudden demise should open our eyes to the vulnerable life and fate of all the selfless young Tibetan intellectuals who have and who want to dedicate their life and work for educating and enlightening our community and the world at large. It is one of the most sacred responsibilities of the government and the community to take best care and adequately look after the well being of these precious minds and lives of our own who are the real wealth the nation and the source of greatest power and hope for the future of our nation and people.

In every section and organizations in our community, there are plenty of people who occupy important offices and positions, who are in real life anti-intellectuals and anti-establishment, selfish, incompetent and undeserving of the position and rank they hold, yet at the cost of organizational and social progress they bask in glory and success got through manipulations and unfair means. Such people set a very bad example to our children and young minds and give our community wrong direction, and directly help to aggravating the problems faced by honest young intellectuals forcing them to live a life of isolation and depravation. It is high time our government’s and the community’s attitude towards younger generation intellectuals and political thinkers and social reformers changed for good if we wish to see real progress in our community. Media and the Youth can play an effective role in this noble cause.

May many more Dawa Norbu's come forward to cary on the legacy of Prof. Dawa Norbu.

We Salute this great soul of modern tibet.

Bod Gyal!

Location: US
Subject: Great
Jun 03 2006 08:17 PM

I learned so much of our lost treasure from the perspective of his students. I love how Prof. Dawa Norbu looks at situations from every angle and thinks and thinks so much. I Pray that u will be reborn as a Tibetan. I am so proud there was atleast a Tibetan that truely cared for Tibet and Tibetans unlike many who just act like they care.
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