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Mon 27, Jan 2020 02:20 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Seoul Remains Cautious About Tibetan Leader's Visa Application"
The South Korean government confirmed Thursday that the Dalai Lama applied for a visa to enter the country, but refused to clarify its position on the much sought-after visit by the Tibetan spiritual leader....
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Location: NSW
Subject: Where is the commonsense!
May 25 2006 06:57 AM


Hey, I do not believe that your posting "HHDL acknowledges that we (Tibet) are currently occupied by a brutal regime".


The wise HHDL is advocating Tibet be part of China in the middle way policy.

You obviously look like not a follower of HHDL.

Location: us
Subject: visa
May 24 2006 02:02 PM


Your sarcastic question why HHDL is not easily give a visa by the Koreans has nothing to do with their trust but by the Chinese govt. blackmail. You know it and so does the world. The Koreans would love to have HHDL visit their country and that is why their people have repeatedly invited His Holiness.

Lawrence: HHDL has never historically acknowledged that Tibet or Taiwan has been a part of China. He acknowledges that we are currently occupied by a brutal regime.

Regarding Taiwan, sometimes I wonder why the Chinese govt. constantly demands HHDL to recognize that it is a part of China? If the Chinese govt. needs help to resolve their issue with China they should request it like a civilized human and HHDL will try and find an amiable solution. Personally, I think the Chinese govt. should acknowelege that Taiwanese prefer to be indepdendent and move on.

Location: Ari
Subject: dumb..
May 24 2006 12:21 PM

Are you deaf??? I have stated clearly time and again that I support HHDL's middle way. However, it is totally dumb of you to expect us conceding our land as a part of China. This will never happen because we can't lie to ourselves!

Location: NSW
Subject: Enlightened Being
May 24 2006 11:23 AM

If HHDL is an Enlightened being who doesn't die why do you not follow his way that is the middle way and acknowledge that Tibet is a part of China?

Location: US
Subject: Ignorance
May 24 2006 12:20 AM


I pity your ignorance. The fact that exile Tibetans must get a visa before visiting South Korea has nothing to do with Tibet region under Chinese administration.

PRC nationals, including Tibetan Chinese, need a visa to visit South Korea too.

On the other hand, visitors from ROC in Taiwan, whose government has no diplomatic relationship with South Korea, do not need a visa to visit South Korea.

But since you guys always say, HHDL has such superb reputation worldwide, why would Seoul still demand a visa before he can visit Seoul?

It looks like Seoul trusts the street sweeper in Taipei more than it trusts HHDL.

Location: Ari
Subject: pathetic.
May 23 2006 07:36 PM

Your comments are nothing more than a kid's ranting. They are as shallow as your 1 ounce brain filled only with communist propagandas. Listen, The real parasites are the Communist bosses and their puppets, like you, who suck the blood out and then feed on the flesh of Tibetans!! And FYKI, HHDL is an Enlightened being who doesn't die. It is heartless people like you who will suffer the most agonising death!

Location: us
Subject: stupid
May 23 2006 04:09 PM


You made a stupid rhetoric question why we Tibetans need visa to go to Seoul. THE WORLD AND YOU KNOW IT IS BECAUSE OF CHINA'S BRUTAL OCCUPATIO OF TIBET. In your death bed I guarantee you that you will forget of your Chinese nationalism but remember your lack of compassion for the people your government has occupied. My recommendation would be to do something good motivated with true love.

South Korea and the rest of the world is requesting HHDL to visit their respective countries. HHDL out of compassion is accepting these requests.


Location: NSW
Subject: HHDL
May 23 2006 11:45 AM

HHDL is wasting his time trotting around the world to pledge donations so that parasites like UgenSky are able bad mouthing China and spread vicious rumours.

Parasites like UgenSky will eventually torture HHDL to his death bed.

Location: US
Subject: Semi-ally status
May 23 2006 05:22 AM

Given the semi-ally status between Seoul and Beijing, most likely Seoul will once again turn down the visa application of HHDL.

Anyway nowadays almost anyone can visit South Korea visa-free, why do you guys still need a visa to go there?

Location: Ari
Subject: No threat...
May 23 2006 04:49 AM

The Seoul govt should realise that HHDL's visit is only to preach peace and harmony. They should not worry about China's diatribes since HHDL has openly propagated for only a genuine autonomy. South Korea is a democratic nation.It is in it's own interest to exercise it's powers without another country's interference, and especially not from a Communist Regime!! I hope that Seoul will rise up to the challenge like the Latin countries, and spread the message of peace and democracy!!
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