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Mon 18, Mar 2019 07:20 PM (IST)
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Location: us
Subject: don't be paranoid
May 12 2006 04:39 AM

Xizang is probably someone raised in Tibet and has been bought up in CHinese education system. It is like accusing someone to be a British spy because we Tibetans use the word Bhod not Tibet.

If Xizang was a spy he will be probably use a name more like FreeTibet as it would be a good disguise. BTW I don't mean to also allude that FreeTibet is a spy but just want you to experience how one would feel if they accuse you to be a Chinese agent if you are not.

Location: usa
Subject: wrong
May 11 2006 10:51 PM

the writer says that Bhutan and Sikkim were both once independent kingdom. Sikkim was an independent kingdom, now is part of India--he got that right. But, Bhutan still is an independent kingdom. This guy didn't do his research well.

Location: USA
Subject: Seems like a fair article
May 11 2006 08:40 PM

"Xizang" claims this article is unfair to Tibetan Buddhism & biased towards India. "Xizang" also implies that he is a Tibetan.

But I find it curious that anyone who is Tibetan would use the Chinese word for Tibet which is Xizang, instead of the Tibetan word, which is Bhod. Perhaps this person is only pretending to be Tibetan but is actually a CCP agent trying to drive a wedge b/t Indians & Tibetans.

The article itself seems fairly innocuous & mentions Tibetan Buddhism in a positive light. The focus is on India because that's what the article is about. There are many articles & books about Tibetan Buddhism & this article doesn't say anything negative about the Tibetan form of Buddhism.

This possibly fake Tibetan called "Xizang" seems to be trying to create a controversy where none exists.

Location: US
Subject: A totally biased View
May 11 2006 07:27 PM

Dear Reader:

This article is totally ignorance of many facts and truthes. The writer is trying to erase the Tibetan contribution toward preserving and spreading of Buddhim.

It is well known that only Tibet until 1950 preserved the three yanas of Buddhism; Theravana, Mahayana and Tantrayana. Only Tibet preserved the Tantrayana leanage and it is well known.

But this writer is purposely trying to erase this contribution in fear of Chinese I suppose.

The writer also said that only Bhutan and some other South Asian kept the Buddhist teaching alive, again avoiding to mention Tibet.

I am stronlgy convinced that this article was indirectly subsiding the contributions the Tibetans made in this field by all means.

I really hope one of Tibetan scholars could challenge this guy or we all deminish from the earth.

Having lost Tibet because of all our resource were dedicated to preseving Buddhim got us a painful moment now, i.e the Indians are not even acknowledging our contribution and sacrifice. They are recreating history to wiper out the Tibetan contribution.

Poor Tibetans. I think either we stand up and do the justice for our ancestors whom contributed so much in this field or we all accept the hard reality accept other bully and take their shit.

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