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Tue 19, Feb 2019 06:23 AM (IST)
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44 comment(s) found You are on page 1 of 5

Location: Delhi
Subject: Hahahaha
May 18 2006 10:00 PM

you even do not have free access to internet and free press and then dare to call us in exile who have these uninformed!!!!

what a hypocrite!!!!

Location: Delhi
Subject: answer my point
May 18 2006 09:59 PM

Love 123

You must first answer my points and then we have a debate.

Don't keep on repeating the same propaganda lines like a parrot or George Bush. Repetition does not make a lie truth

And for you Mr. John Lewis.

if you think China's stature among the international community is a respectable one, then either you must be living in another planet or you must have been counting the other way round.

Hahahaha!!! you communist lackey, I fart in your general direction too.

Location: NZ
Subject: Be truthful and fair!
May 18 2006 10:01 AM

Your view is extreme to say the least. China is a leading nation in the world. Her influence in the world affairs is profound and respectable. China is also very generous to the poorer nations and nations in need of help. The present regime has changed China from one of the poorest nations 57 years ago to now a prosperous and forward looking economical power house. This is a historical miracle. The general living standard of her population has improved with the economy. The nation is particularly proud of her record in treating the minority nationalities better than the majority Han nationality. Here are a few samples: i.e. the non application of one child policy to the minorities, higher per capita investment by the government in the minority regions, special leaves only applied to minorities due to their religions and customs, special institutions for the minorities etc.

Whilst China is developing fast, there is still a long way to go before it will reach the living standard of most of the western nations. The government is constantly working on projects and schemes that would improve the living standard of her population. One child policy is a typical example i.e. to curb population growth in preference of a better living standard.

World at large see your comments about China is unfair and untrue. Unfortunately it is reflected badly on the Tibetans outside Tibet who are regarded as uninformed, hot headed and ungrateful.

Location: Paris
Subject: Truth will prevail at last
May 17 2006 07:08 PM

All those Peking 's flunkey, who name themselves Love123, Omar, Lawrence, etc,... and defend the criminal, corrupt and inhuman regime of mad dictators of China, heirs to the infamous Mao, the devil responsible for millions of deaths and abyssal sufferings of hundreds of millions of people, are FONDAMENTALLY DISHONNEST because they post theirs comments full of hate, full of lies and distortion of facts and history, on a site which is forbiden in the country they praise so much.

They use a media which doesn't exist in china, therefore have no legitimity to defend china.


Location: US
Subject: Hahaha....
May 15 2006 12:19 PM


What? You have "challenged" my points?

Did you?

You said that those 85,000 Tibetan Chinese who came to Kalachakra are happy to go back to "Hell" because they have family there.

But that is not a reason at all.

Everybody got a family in their hometown. But in the real life story "Sound of Music", all the Austrian family escaped to Switzerlannd when the Nazix came in 1938. (Hmmm.....that was the time that despicable Heinrich Harrer joined the Gestapo.)

If the Tibetan Chinese really thought life back home was in hell, they would come with their whole family to India for Kalachakra and didn't go back.

And per your logic, that so-called 2,000+ "refugees" who went to Nepal must have no family back home.

If my guess is right, that so-called 2,000+ must be crooks who have committed felony back home while those 85,000 Tibetan-Chinese are law-abiding citizens.


Location: Delhi
Subject: Challange
May 14 2006 08:43 PM

Love 123,

I have challanged all your points with a sprinkle of abuse yu deserve. Throw me some more arguments. I will prove them to be wrong too.

You don't have to pretend that you are someone else. Your bad English and stuck record behaviour gives you away.

Location: ari
Subject: wanna jump...
May 14 2006 01:00 PM

RIDICULOUS! I mean....You just seem to be so absorbed with your ficticious beliefs that you do not even want to hear anything else. Look.. you atheist moron, the emotion I am referring to is about the emotion involving our religion. So, don't jump before you learn how to step. However, if you are really desperate, than I recommend that you jump from the great wall of china. This will get you the attention you are desperately seeking!!

Location: US
Subject: Play with our emotion
May 14 2006 04:58 AM

What??? We play with your emotions?

Other than demonstrating ignorance, stupidity, profanity,.....etc, now you guys admit that you are emotionally hurt when you lose the agrument.

Well, Omar is not your boyfriend, he cannot hurt you emotionally. If you are so faint-hearted (or girlie even if you are a guy), go to your mom or boyfriend/girlfriend and cuddle under their arms for consolation.

I don't care about your emotions. Only FACTS and TRUTHS count in a debate.

Glad you admit that you gals have lost.

Location: Ari
Subject: umm...Omar ....
May 14 2006 03:40 AM

I must say you definitely put things into perspective with your logical explanation and example. However, I must say that Omar will eat the cake filled with shit because, he will have to!! His atheist masters will even cut off his head and ask him to JUMP! Poor Omar... I am sure he will experience something like this in his future.

Location: Delhi
Subject: Put yourself in other people's shoes
May 13 2006 10:05 AM

Dear Omar,

There is an old saying, 'put yourself in other man's shoes first'.

If I told you, that your prophet was wolf in sheep's clothing, a snake and splittist of a fictional motherland. If I told you that Pakistan was part of United States of America and then proceed to kill your family, destroy and desecrate your shrines and mosques, rape your sisters and prohibit you from practicing your religion and then tell you that you are a liar and not talking facts and logic, I am sure you won't be so composed and logical as you pretend to be.

If I say Muslims are terrorist is that true. I know it is not but I can relate a biased view of events and prove them to be facts. Your brothers in Turkmenistan are also suffering under the communist regime. You know that. They are being oppressed and called terrorists and persecuted. You know that?

And then he still has the guts to log on to our forum and spew all this kind of fake logic and propaganda, he is lucky that we don't boot him out or censor his comments. In China he could be sent to gulag for going against the state.

First of all, when you talk about logic and arguments; there has to be real facts behind these logic and arguments to support it, mere process of deduction is useless if it is not supported by facts.

Here is an old story:
There once was this mad scientist. One day, being curious of the nature of frogs, he propped a frog up on his desk, opened his log book and carefully observed the animal. After staring at it for a considerable amount of time, the scientist finally said: "JUMP!"
And the frog leapt.
The scientist then quickly jotted down in his log book: "Frogs can jump." The following day, the mad scientist entered his lab, checked his log book, put the frog up on the table and, again, stared at it. Finally, he took out a scalpel, removed one of the frog legs and said: "JUMP!"
And the frog jumped.
The scientist quickly added to his log book: "Frogs can jump with three legs."
The next day, the scientist, upon entering his lab, went through the same routine, cutting off another of the frog legs. As he was staring at the wretched animal who now was missing two legs, he said: "JUMP!"
And the frog jumped.
The scientist then added to his previous observations: "Frogs can jump with two legs."
On the fourth day, the scientist behaved according to his habits and removed a third leg from the frog. He then expectantly said: "JUMP!"
And the frog jumped.
Well, by now, the scientist was quite excited about all this. He wrote down in his log book: "Frogs can jump with only one leg!"
Finally, on the fifth day, the scientist entered his lab, already thrilled by what new discoveries he might make. As usual, he checked his log book, placed the frog on the table, stared at what was left of the animal, reached for his scalpel and removed the last of the frog legs. He then said: "JUMP!"
But alas the frog did not leap.
"JUMP! JUMP!" exclaimed the scientist.
Still, the frog did not leap.
"JUMP!" yelled the scientist.
The frog did not leap.
The scientist then wrote down in his log book: "Frogs when deprived of all legs become deaf."

And now we come to your presentation part.

If I stuff a pile of shit inside a beautifully decorated cake will you eat it? NO RIGHT!! Presentation is not everything, substance must be there too!!!

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