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Mon 21, Oct 2019 07:09 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "KYAKPA-ARAK : Towards a Discussion of Alcoholism in Tibetan Society"
I was a medical officer at the DTR Hospital in Mundgod Settlement for one year from August, 2004 to August, 2005. It was a time of great learning, trying to understand the intricate life lines of my own community....
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Location: Greenland
Subject: Time Running Out Tibetans
Mar 04 2006 10:40 PM

Chinaman drinking blood of Mothers

Eating Bones Of Our Fathers

Looting Gold and Uranium

Casting Buddha Dharma In Darkness

Polluting Our Land and Rivers

With Evil and Toxic Waste

50 Years Of National Humuliation

Let Us March Into Battle

Victory Victory Victory

Location: Greenland
Subject: All Tibetans Are Warriors
Mar 04 2006 10:35 PM

Tibetan Brothers

Let Us Build Fortresses and Tunnel


Let Us Build Tibetan War Machine

Let Us Assemble New Tibetan Army

Tibetan The Brave

Tibetan The Free

Tibet Free As The Eagle

Eagle Fly free


Location: Greenland
Subject: Focus All Energies
Mar 04 2006 10:32 PM

A Tibetan withot Motherland

Chinaman Ripping Apart Tibet

Destroying Ecosystem

Taking apart Tibetans In Prison

and labour camps

Cultural Genocide

Religius Genocide

Who wont reach for the bottle

Only if All Tibetans Unite

Break Free Break Free

The Chains Of Pain

From Oppression and Occupation

Pick Up a Rifle RPG mortar

anti tank rocket Recoiless rifle

Take Chinaman Apart

Will All Alchoholism Cease

Location: USA
Subject: Shit Alcohol
Mar 02 2006 03:28 AM

Believe it or not. I once heard from some old folks who had visited Tibet in late 90's that they consumed some "Arak" in Tibet. Only to learn that the they were made of "Shit" literally.I guess the Chinese would not leave even Tibetan shit alone if they can make money out of it. Guess what, the old guy is still lives to tell the story.
Its not even funny but I will laugh this once ha ha ha ..I thought this artical was another version of the same and read it. Informative but had to write what I knew about the term "Kyakpa Arak"
Happy Losar!!!

Location: Erevan
Subject: Tring.......Tringggg........
Feb 12 2006 10:54 AM

To lasakiddy,
You said it true, sometimes it helps to forget at that moment. Challenges, sadness, rejected or too happy?? At such time, if people start getting help from substance such as KYAKPA ARA (alcohol), I don't think, it is wise.
Challenges shouldn't be avoided or forgotten for a while or especially with the help of alcohol but shouldn't be faced and overcome.
Well, if you rely on alcohols, forgetting challenges for a while, they may lead you to addiction. That will be a much bigger problem. Alcoholism itself is a big problem. Here she is talking about another sereverly poisonous substance called methanol, chemically in alcohol group but not the usual ethanol( chang, beer, whiskeys, rum, wine, vodka, martini, gin and etc)

Location: delhi
Subject: the "numbing friend"?
Feb 11 2006 06:09 AM

I believe in what the MD had said about the before/after effect of Alcohol but sometimes it does help in forgetting/craving for knock-off just for no apparent reason. My question is doesn't it help @ that particular moment.....? I do know alcoholism is a pendamic in tibetan community SPECIALLY IN EXILE COMMUNITY(INDIA/NEPAL/...? Am not addicted though .coz i take the queue regarding this.

Location: us
Subject: what is the next step?
Feb 11 2006 05:12 AM

Thanks Yangchen la for your great insight on one of the biggest societal problems in our community. I would like to know what is being done or what is the plan to overcome this problem in mundgod settlement? Apart from the individual level, in what capacities can we work toward eradicating this problem in Tibetan settlements like mundgod. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks once again.

Location: US
Subject: alcololism and stigma
Feb 10 2006 11:38 PM

After reading the article and comments, there are only a few things I'd like to add, which is in agreement with everyone.

Freeing the stigma of alcoholism, drug addiction, any disease is the second step after discovering its existence in society, and in the many ways it tears people and families apart, ultimately killing many, at the very least, making people slaves to their addiction. Addiction is not a choice, it is a disease.

If shamed by society, people are less likely to get help such as jinx8 said. Shame is a lousy attitude that prevents people from asking for help. I've worked with this too in the US. Shame and stigma go hand in hand to keep people "caged." It is a disease, often genetic and people need support. Because if addicted, alcohol withdrawal can kill if not managed well.

So I need not tell what is already said here, just lend support to rid the stigma of addiction so people can feel free to talk about it, and seek help, and find support.

I've known a woman who is a "socialite" in the US who drank nail polish remover when desperate for any tiny bit of alcohol. This is now hard it hits, no socioeconomic barriers, and no end the the ingenuity if so addicted to find alcohol. Another put Vodka in her windex bottle with blue dye and sprayed it in her mouth to "fool" her husband. It matters not what ethnic group or monetary wealth, addiction can drag anyone in to a deadly disease.

Location: behind the wall
Subject: a must need info!
Feb 10 2006 11:30 PM

Dr. Yangchen La,

I have read several of your articles in Tibetan Review and I thank you for making our Tibetan community more aware of the various public health problems that we face in the exile. This article is just outstanding in explaining the alocohol problem, the scientific facts, expected consequences and most importantly, the need to overcome such habits. Giving such health tips is a must need in our community and probably the most important need would be to confront the victims of this deadly drink.

Liver, which acts as the detoxification organ in our body can not be tortured with continuous consumption of alcohol. Moreover, getting a liver transplant isn't an easy task either. I think this article is just heavenly send to mend our notion towards alcoholism.

Once again, thanks so much for this detailed article and let's hope our society will see a brighter tomorrow:)

may be this article needs a tibetan version (just a thought!)

cheers to all!

Location: wi
Subject: well done..
Feb 10 2006 10:43 PM

yangchen la thanks for the topic. i think this is a very good topic to b discuss today.. because alcoholism and drug addiction is becoming a major problem in most of the tibetan families and communities and we shouldnt ignore them. if we didnt do anything today it will get worst. i understand very much of wat u r sayin here.. coz i have also been through those stages. i also drank lots of that plastic arak (UNA no.1) name of brand in H.P. but i was
was not the biggest fan of (UNA no.1) but i had used and abused other llegal substance and chemical which is avialable in all the stores in india and the streets of delhi. but wat i really mean to say is that i know how it feels to be drug addict and acoholic. for me it was the 100 times worst then all other disease which i ever sick of all combined. i have no idea how i can get out of it. finally
i get help from dhasa health dept and kunphen center in dhasa. without them i couldnt be alive today.. i m not only grateful to health n kunphen but to many individual who help me in my recovery.. so today i m livin in united states with ma parents.. married have a baby gal and livin a sober life.. but i m very much concerned about a free tibet and stuff but i m more concerned bout those people still suffering in our community. because i know wat it feels like to be a drug addict and an alcoholic.. i know how one people can affect. and how one people can make a diffrence in and out side the community. helpin drug addict and alcoholic is the most rewardin job in this world ever. so thanks for the topic. n thanks for everythin.. so u r doctor and u have a very good oportunity to helpin people.. wat i suggest to u is that the best we can do today is tht spread awareness in school n communities and that this is a nothing more then a disease and there is not ashamed of it by havin this disease. and there is a help. and to educate the people in clinic and authorities wat they can do if they approach the people with the disease of alcholism. and educate the family of the patient.. how can b a positive support instead of feedin the disease.. i have nothin more to say..
yangchen la.. i m sure u know lot more thn me and iknow ur job is challengin but i wish u a very good luck.. and i pray for you and all the family of the alcholics and drug addicts coz they r the one sufferin the most.
drug free. free tibet.
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