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Wed 18, Sep 2019 11:49 PM (IST)
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I read Seidman’s article months ago when a friend of mine sent it to me. The article is a couple of years old but the situation has not changed for the better....
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Location: Erevan
Subject: Finally
Feb 21 2006 06:19 PM

Finally, you got my id name correctly as well as the way to look at things. So finally revelation came out of you that there is a problem. Next step too should be take just like the way you have taken this one. Good luck.
I am not that of Buddhist as you might have assumed but if thinking logic as positive is a buddhist way, I am a staunch Buddhist. Meditation for me is a far away thing...I appreciate your positive thinkings...Thanks.

Location: USA
Subject: To Dedupla
Feb 18 2006 09:32 AM

Dedupla, I still hope you understand
what and why I am saying.

Or do you think that saying nothing about absence of AIDS/HIV educational prevention program in Tibetan community is OK?

Good luck with meditation on positive things! Is it helping you?


Location: Erevan
Subject: Hope you will still try to think positive
Feb 17 2006 04:33 PM

Rinchenpo la, I still hope you will try to do it better next time, thinking about any subject. More positive things will reveal, be it small things; may be about life or bigger things life of others or even bigger about Tibet and world.

Location: USA
Subject: I appreciate your appreciation!
Feb 17 2006 07:46 AM

To Dendhup:

Vow, let's just appreciate it!
Close our ears and eyes and let's
sit and smile and let TGIE fall out.
Never try to learn from mistakes
or never try to prevent a mistake.
Just appreciate.
Is this your level?
OK, you are just a better Buddhist than me.


Location: Erevan
Subject: live in a positive life
Feb 16 2006 06:44 PM

To Rinchenpo,
Start appreciating things. I am repeating it again, start appreciating things. There is no better start than start by appreciating things. Be it TGIE work or your own, start appreciating things. Things which you have illustrated are so vague and doesn't hold any promise anything good. To create and to have an atmosphere for Tibet, you need a sense of nationalism for Tibet. To think about Tibet and it's cause it may be too big, well we can do smaller things at your own level. So do it. If anybody has suggestions for good, again encourage it, support it and appreciate it.
For negative things, throw it out. Shugden case is a fine example. It doesn't contribute anything good. On reverse creates a negative atmosphere. The list will go on.........Well think and help yourself.

Location: USA
Subject: To Dendup
Feb 13 2006 12:35 AM

To Dondup:

1. Which one is more important: saving TGIE’s image or saving TGIE itself? Perhaps saving your own seat? Whatever? To save identity I don’t think we need cover ups and polishing TGIE. You pointed out the scandals like oil for food program and others – to recognize those scandals is a good start. But at the same time we all know about the investigation of these scandals and interrogations which are going on to prevent future scandals of this kind. Where are TGIE’s scandals’ investigations? Did Tibetan deputies ever ask any questions when people from Mondgod settlement attacked Ganden Shartse monastery and 47 people were injured? Where is the investigation when other Tibetans attacked Chuzhi Gandrug office in Delhi? They smashed the windows and lured the office. Has women’s association ever answered for Alog Choezed’s beating up and trying to kill him? And the list goes on. But many of you never care enough to change the things.
2. Religious freedom can not be interpreted in anyone’s own way. Maybe that’s the biggest problem of TGIE that they don’t know what exactly religious freedom means.
3. In democracy world a suspect is considered innocent until he is proved to be guilty. But even if people prove to be innocent you judge them as guilty. Geshe was murdered in Dharamsala almost 600 miles away from Delhi. Shugden people who were accused of the murder lived in Delhi at that time. The first thing that Dharamsala police did was going to Delhi and arresting Shugden people as TGIE pointed to them. Then the investigation which lasted for several years found out that Shugden people proved to be innocent. Unless you have a new solid evidence to prove you cannot accuse innocent people as murderers again. I will remind you of Khampa Geshe who lived in Dharamsala and was very close to HH the Dalai Lama. Perhaps, he was the only bridge between Dalai Lama and TGIE. He was not only the closest friend of Dalai Lama but he was the only person in his surrounding who could tell him the truth about what was happening in TGIE and the scandals that were taking place there. Among other things he was able to tell Dalai Lama how badly new arrivals from Tibet were treated by TGIE in Dharamsala. When you look back now you can see how TGIE has been demonizing Shugden followers. Geshe was murdered at the same time when demonizing began. Maybe
TGIE had enough motivation to commit the crime and accuse Shugden people.
4. Contribution of AIDS problem by TGIE.
The TGIE’ s business including restaurants, hotels, handicraft centers is being more and more corrupt. The managers never return the profit from enterprises to TGIE. The latter doesn’t pay attention to them because it itself is corrupt trying to make profit for it’s own members or just because managers who run the business are brothers and sisters of members of TGIE. So new monk Kalon-Tripa comes in. He thinks he is fixing the scandals, shutting down the business and firing all the workers. Selling the business to higher bidders. Eventually the managers become business owners. Most people lose their jobs and are in a desperate situation. Huge unemployment in Tibetan society is being created causing people to be involved in illegal activity like smuggling, prostitution, illegal alcohol trade. All these finally contributes to huge AIDS and alcoholism problems in Tibetan community.

5. Finally you gave good examples of medicines and their side effects. Usually people who go to see the doctor speak about symptoms of their illness and their health problems. When taking medicine sometimes side effects can be more serious. You must be diagnosed to be treated with the right medication. To ignore side effects or cover them up is the worst thing you can do. I am not surprised that it doesn’t suit your ear, because most people who were educated in TGIE run schools were taught to close their ears and eyes. So, they cannot see TGIE scandals. You don’t need to feel lonely as there are such people as Garuda, Freelance, Simpleman, Dralha and Tseta. At the same time I am happy there are other people who have enough wisdom and care for Tibet…

Location: Erevan
Subject: Appreciation is a beautiful thing
Feb 11 2006 03:12 PM

To Rinchenpo,
Oil for food, Tsunami relief funds and list will go on......Scandals are seen everywhere. Scandal is the problem. There must be channels through which we can uproot such problems. This may be easier in our TGIE than in UN or other international organizations. I appreciate your concern too.
But should we leave other problems to spread at it's evil will such as health problems like AIDS/HIV? One way to solve it, is to encourage already existing channels of help (TGIE for eg).
If there is a puppet govt. for Tibetan in Tibet (TAR, Qinghai, Tibetan areas in Kansu, Yunnan and Sichuan)designated by Chinese than we have our own Tibetan govt. for each and every Tibetan in and out of Tibet. If we start getting away from our own representation of identity, then who are we? who are we to say proudly,” I am Tibetan or my identity, my pride, my Tibetan"? Dividing?
Well, doesn't suit my ears at all. As you have pointed out, things regarding Chu-Shi-Gang-Druk and Shugden, for me they are themselves elements of division. Old and new Chu-Shi-Gang-Druk?!! History witness them as our heros fighting brave against chinese occupation. Everybody has appreciation for them, by TGIE as well. Brave Khampas as we call them. Dividing??
Freedom of religion, does it mean worshipping anything as we like, especially in the name of already existing religion? Murdering Geshela and his disciples in Dasa, is it less demonic than one can think of? Dividing??
Rinchenpo, ponder well. Try appreciating anything that has positive and good effects as a result. Some negatives may accompany it but if sum total is positive, appreciate it.
In drug field of medicine, it is called therapeutic dose. Since every drug has positive (desirable effects) as well as negative(toxic effects), application of drugs to be administered depends on the above two effects. If there is higher desirable dose, it is therapeutic dose, if there is higher toxic dose, it is non therapeutic dose.
Appreciate for it's sum total good!

Location: USA
Subject: Freelance's Concern for TGIE image or AIDSHIV problem
Feb 10 2006 09:45 AM

To Dedup:

How come TGIE finds money to split the Tibetan community,
but doesn’t have enough money to save people’s lives?

It spends millions rupees making efforts to divide Chuzhi Gandru
and tries to demonize Tibetans who practice Shugden. Tibetan people
are mostly generous towards their government, they work very hard and donate to Government. TGIE always misuses the fund. Now people mistrust the government
and it will be difficult to fundraise again. Where is the money that had been raised
for the peace march to Tibet which never took place?

Can TGIE spend that money on AIDS/HIV prevention projects?
If this is all that the best Tibetan government can do, it’s definitely not good enough.

Location: Erevan
Subject: Yes, again
Feb 08 2006 08:46 PM

I appreciate Freelance's concern. Why not we start doing something? A small initiation for the cause of limiting AIDS/HIV and similar silent diseases and disorders in our Moving tibetan community, will be appreciated in any form.

Location: usa
Subject: you too
Feb 08 2006 02:25 AM

Not just speak loudly, you too can silently contribute by donating little from bank-account. I know most of the speakers, just speak for the sake of speak after getting off work, maybe after being to a club or motion picture show. I think TGIE is trying its best, but lack financial support, itself from those so called Tibetans who floated away to the west. Therefore, our responsibility also includes practical contribution like help them to organize, be a volunteer, or donate portion of your pay-check. Otherwise, stop whining and criticizing inside this forum.

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