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Mon 16, Dec 2019 04:06 PM (IST)
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Location: New York
Subject: NO TGIE
Jan 20 2006 04:34 PM

TGIE is not necessary in exile. First, there's no territory to govern. Second, with which right do they speak in the name of all Tibetans? Third, democracy is as far not realised, but the unholy alliance of theocracy and "democracy" is still practised. Fourth, TGIE is in the hands of some families (Tetong, Gyari, Yabshi). Fifth, there's no opposition. Everybody seems to shake the head when the Dalai Lama is deciding. None of these people seems to be interested in independece. Sixth, why do they carry the name of a government and why is it not a private organisation? What TGIE is doing, a private body could do it too and maybe more effectively.

There's no need of TGIE. It has proved to be unnecessary and undemocratic and hypocritical. What matters now, is the founding of a WORLD TIBETAN BODY COUNCIL. That would be an INDEPENDENT private organisation with an assembly and of course a governing body. This organisation would consist of progressive people, who would take the interest of the Tibetan people and lead Tibet to independency. This organisation would also be independent of TGIE. There may be no "connections" and the people within this new group would be more powerful then TGIE and fight for Tibet's independence.

Location: New York
Subject: You are right
Jan 20 2006 04:22 PM

To kungalhasa:

I appreciated your comments. You are so right. Here in exile, there are too much bullshit talkers instead of DOERS!! To many (submissive) FOLLOWERS instead of THINKERS and LEADERS. During centuries, the Tibetan people has cultivated and manifested religion and following blindly to Lamas, Government and Aristocracy. Religion was more important then education. Following religion and Gurus was more important then being independent and self-thinking. Through going to exile, Tibetans were FORCED to adapt Western values and Western way of life. Although this opened the eyes to many Tibetans (compared to the living in former Tibet), many Tibetans nowadays prefer again the old way of Tibetan lifestyle. Circambulating temples and prostrating to any Lamas and following a so-called government (which has no authority over anyone), will throw the Tibetan society back to 13th century. WORSHIPPING is modern, THINKING is not wished. Even the so-called "Rangzen" people in exile, are an irony by itself. They just TALK about Rangzen since 30 years, but none of them did something to reach this goal. You guys and girls in Tibet, are the real heros. You live under bad circumstances and without any freedom and human basic values. You face daily the Chinese invasion and we in exile just talk about this and that and polish our bad conscience. The last heros we had, were the CHUSHI GANGDRUG organisation. It was the first and last armed real independent and Rangzen movement. Since then, 1974, Rangzen is more then far away.

Location: kunga
Subject: Lhasa
Jan 20 2006 03:44 PM

When there is no land of ours then why do we need these 88 legislatures????????? Why can't we make them rather 88 suicide bombers for Rangzen .Much better to have them as 88 suicide bombers for Rangzeb then unknown Kashag in exile. Come on cheer 88 lucky Tibetans to come forward to sacrifice their lives for us. Please Tibet needs blood . Conribute and donate generously. Rangzen Lama

Location: New York
Subject: Calling for a world Tibetan body council
Jan 18 2006 04:19 PM

Actually a Tibetan government-in exile is not necessary. A government which doesn't have the pure will to act democratly like TGIE is not worth called democracy. Instead TGIE, a world Tibetan Body council could do the job much more effectively. This Body council would be a private association with an assembly and with a governing body.

Location: New York
Subject: Double edged System error
Jan 18 2006 02:59 PM

The Tibetan "democracy" is very young and is actually at its very beginning. The change from an absolute and theocratical god-regime to a parliamentary democracy is naturally a big step with many hurdles. But there's a small problem with the "Tibetan democracy" or better a few: If democracy means the "rule of the people" (Greek - from "demos"), if the Tibetan people wanted democracy, why was His Holiness implementing democracy and not the people itself? I always thougth that real democracies start with revolutions by the people itself like the French, Swiss or American revolutions. The effect - that His Holiness is now said to have "brought" democracy to the Tibetan people" -, was and is that His Holiness enjoys greatest recognition by Tibetans as their supreme religious and political leader. What I want to say, through implementing democracy in exile, His Holiness starkened the adoration towards him even more!! There is hardly a Tibetan, who doesn't show his reverence through hanging a picture of His Holiness on the wall at home or at any other place. His pictures are bestselling products. Now I ask you: Is that what His Holiness wanted? More adoration, more worshipping, more personality cult? There's an unbelievable exaggerance of worshipping to His Holiness in the (democratic) Tibetan society as a whole. H.H. enjoys total god-status and has become apparently untouchable and nobody criticizes this status quo beside some intelligent educated people. Is that real democracy? One must say no. And this development is partly made through H.H. himself. The Tibetan people trust and worship him as the god-king. As Avalokiteshvara. And these days H.H. is also bringer of democracy. There are some serious misunderstandings, in my view.

A third thing is that there seem no political parties within the society. Do they just defend interests of certain regions or religions? In Western societies, parliamentarians defend interests of various groups: of economy, of women, of farmers, of industry, of tourism etc. It seems that Tibetan politics is right at the beginning of the story.

PS: Tibetans, don't get me wrong (I know you are sensible in this regard. Don't send me messages in saying that I have attacked H.H. or something similar. I'm not attacking H.H. as a person, nor am I questioning his teachings. All what I do, is to compare, examine and question things. That should be possible, even in a society like the Tibetan one.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Voting HA HA HA
Jan 18 2006 01:50 PM

It sounds like a kids play when it comes to Tibetan way of voting. We all know that everyone will vote their own kind and that is the end of the story. Public don't need to use their brain to check on who is the right candidate. Elders will come and drag you out of the home to make you vote for their candidate.
It is useless spending my time on this.
have a nice day.

Location: US
Subject: Special Status
Jan 18 2006 05:26 AM

The tenet of democracy is "One Man One vote" and every vote carries equal weight.

It is okay that the exile Tibetan legislature allocated the seats according to the geographical region -- the three old Tibetan provinces and the exile communities where there are sizable Tibetan population.

However, in allocating 20 seats to the four Buddhist sects, apparently you guys have mixed politics up with religion.

By giving special political status to them, TGIE is evolving towards a theocratic state like Iran did.

Location: resting
Subject: dear tibetans
Jan 18 2006 01:33 AM

okay, now its time for you to elect some people based on ethics and integrity, not fame or fortune or pretty words. so do examine the candidate's private life in detail to see whether he/she possesses ethics. and a very simple and humble person is better than one skilled with pretty words.

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