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Thu 21, Nov 2019 01:58 AM (IST)
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Location: soaring
Subject: re: yamo
Jan 26 2006 06:38 AM

Thank you so much. You love His Holiness the Dalai Lama. That's enough for me. We are the same, after all.


Location: USA
Subject: To soaring Garuda: You are soaring too high, perhaps
Jan 25 2006 08:04 PM

Very good that this time you presented yourself without disguise and
I got to know who you really are but I don’t think you represent the majority
in Tibetan community.
You know, I take your threat seriously.
But I am lucky to live in the US where freedom of speech and
other human rights are respected. God bless America for it!
And I hope that all Tibetans will enjoy this freedom in Tibet soon.
If I would live in Dharsa, I am sure, you, fanatics,
would have beaten me up as you did to Jamyang Norbu, Alog Choezed, etc., and set the price of 100,000 rupies for Penma Bum’s life to silence other voices and opinions in order to keep theocracy government definitely in power for the benefit of few.

Garuda, there is no need to hide your identity for 2 reasons:
1) I am not going to beat you up because I respect your right to being stupid.
2) You may get a promotion from Holy family

Remember, people who support Tibet, truly believe that it has a democratic government
and not a fanatic theocracy instead.

You proved to be one of those fanatics and
I am not interested in feeding you any more.
Eat your own salad!

Location: somewhere
Subject: To GAruda
Jan 24 2006 11:52 PM

Hi little man Garuda. When I read ur messages, I feel constantly laugh about u. I feel laugh not because of ur intelligence. But, because of ur stupid ness behavior. What u have written on this article which shows that u are a really son of cruel Chinese. If you were a Tibetan, then How dare you to use the word {beating}? Cruel Chinese is exactly like you when they lose the discussion then; they use words “killing” “beating” as u did use the word BEATING. I know u have got addiction to use the violence anyway.
I think u were so lucky to get some modern education by bless of His Holiness Dalai Lama and Tibetan government, but you still don’t know where to use this education. U only use this education to criticize about ur own people. That means u cut own flash and then let hungry dogs to eat it , u r just an ungrateful person who judges people without thinking in rational way. What’s more, u are an immature man who doesn’t know how to control his own emotions when there is a educational discussion. That means u haven’t yet reached on the position of having such important discussion. U have still long way to go to reach that position. I advice u not join in this group discussion in the future. Otherwise, u would say all Tibetan people who share their opinions that they all against His Holiness the Dalai lama. But, I tell u, we love him and we are pure followers of H H Dalai Lama. FREE TIBET! LONG LIFE HH DALAI LAMA.

Location: soaring
Subject: for rinchenpo, my little man
Jan 24 2006 05:30 PM

nothing left to say, miss rinchenpo.
why would i want to eat with you?
i might let you toss my salad, but that's about it.

i advise you to keep your identity hidden, because the way you gossip negatively about His Holiness' family, you are likely to get a good beating.


Location: U.S.A.
Subject: Again Garuda opens mouth and shuts up eyes.
Jan 24 2006 09:15 AM

My dear little bird:

As I told you before “An angry man always opens his mouth and shuts up his eyes”.
Don’t be too silly and angry, it’s just a free discussion.
Do you really want to get rid of me?
I am sorry, but I don’t see someone who commits suicide as a hero, so
you have no chance to get rid of me, ha ha, ha!

If you think before you open your mouth and say things that at least make sense -
that may purify Phayul better.
If there are no different voices and there is only one side in opinions
then this forum is going to be too pure like “Holy” TGIE.

I never compared you with communism, I just answered what you wrote.
Just read what you have written in your previous message.
It seems to me that you have misunderstanding in our conversation.
In this case I have “a tiny shred of kindness” to advise you to
ask Fagan2, Tubten and Wangyal and s.o. - those who are very bright and kind enough to
purify you and Phayul.
I am sure we met before a few times, but if you still want to meet me,
post your phone number, I will be pleased to treat you to lunch.

Location: wrathfully swooping down
Subject: B****** rinchenpo
Jan 23 2006 11:08 PM

Just cut open my heart and see who loves Communism, you or me!

How dare you say I defend Communism.
Just because I attack the devilish aristocracy, without guts to sacrifice for Tibet and the people, and without compassion or kindness?

How dare you compare me to the Chinese Communist devils?

You are a trouble maker and a little b*tch. If you have so much guts to fight for Rangzen, then why don't you give your life by burning yourself alive like Pawo Thubten Ngodup. This will accomplish two aims; it will purify Phayul of your influence and at the same time raise awareness of Tibet.
Ha ha ha. Maybe you are just crazy. Don't take my suggestion too serious. Just shut your devil mouth instead, coward. Hey, what's your real name. I really feel like meeting you face to face.


Location: USA
Subject: To Garuda and Martsam
Jan 22 2006 09:44 AM

Desperately defending Holy family,
denouncing Rangzen and
praising Communism.
It’s worse than I expected but I’m not surprised that much.
Maybe that is the answer to why Dalai Lama’s brother Gyalog Dondrup lives mostly in China and what is TGIE presently doing when it denounces Rangtsen after many heroes of Tibet had given their lives for it.
As a matter of fact, the people who gave their lives to protect Dalai Lama for Rangtsen were Chuszhe Gangdrug. Later its leaders were called as “infectious disease of Tibet which needs immediate surgery”. Who is in fact disgracing the memory of those soldiers? Anyway, I know that you don’t care for the truth, but many people do.
Little bird, there is a saying: “An angry man always opens his mouth and shuts up his eyes”.

I think you are right, it’s not good to bring out Jetsun Penma’s scandal too much,
It can be harmful for TGIE’s business for Tibet, since Jetsun Penma is one of the owners of TGIE. So, I shall try to keep quiet about her now.


Location: soaring high
Subject: to martsam
Jan 21 2006 08:34 AM

thank you for your mail. it shows you respect jetsun pema la. thats very good.

i am always to the point, and i am not working with rinchenpo, or anyone...i am just a simple being with a conscience, no more no less...and i will never stop criticizing the activities that produce suffering for sentient beings.

the troublemaker on this list is not me, but people like rinchenpo, faganii, and noway....who talk a big talk about rangzen but lack compassion. it seems they have no good regard for his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the greatest lama of them all. its like a joke to hear Bhod Rangzen from the coward aristocrats and hypocrite, ethicless intellectuals. actually they are destroying the rangzen movement by bringing disrepute on themselves, through their ethicless lives and their incessant critique of venerable people like Jetsun Pema la.

now next time don't make such silly assumptions about me. understand?


Location: nepal
Subject: to garuda to rinchenpo
Jan 20 2006 03:02 PM

To garuda
To Rinchenpo
shut up both of your moth closely.
you both are working together for finding more scandles from rje tsun pema.it shows both of you are negative people.hypocritical. just trying to find how to blame on her.


Location: nepal
Subject: to garuda
Jan 20 2006 03:02 PM

To garuda
To Rinchenpo
shut up both of your moth closely.
you both are working together for finding more scandles from rje tsun pema.it shows both of you are negative people.hypocritical. just trying to find how to blame on her.

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