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Wed 20, Jun 2018 01:45 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "A Wishful Crime: Aftermaths of the Embassy Storming"
"I feel truly proud to be in Tihar for my rightful act of demonstrating against the Chinese policies of repression in Tibet, as it is one of the few non-violent methods left with Tibetans to make the world aware of the pitiful plight of Tibetans in Tibet....
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Location: US
Subject: martyr
Dec 12 2005 10:58 PM

Moreover, if you describe those trespassers as "martyrs" (whom will be indicted for similar charge in any country), you imply that the Indian police arrest them and the Indian court which indict them as "persecuters".

If you are an Indian, what will you think about this ungrateful lot whom you have provided refuge for the last 46 years?

Guys, respect your host!

Location: Paris
Subject: Chinese agent
Dec 12 2005 06:40 PM

Love123 is a chinese agent polluting our Phayul site.
Please Brothers and sisters ignore him.
He will go one day back to his dirty job (killing dogs? or puting excrements on fields? or torturing people in our Land?)

He is just here to distill his poisonous ideas and try to divide us.


Location: Paris
Subject: Tibet is in Tibet !
Dec 12 2005 06:36 PM

Please NgatenLa stop your gesticulations about your strange idea of a "new tibet"
Tibet is in Tibet, nowhere else.
To be Tibetan is to be living in Tibet, no where else and to be tibetan is to be wanting to live in Tibet, no where else.
Don't forget the sacrifice of our hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters who agve their lives for Tibet, not for another location.

Tibet is our roots, our Land, our Fatherland, our past, our future, our soul, our love, our Nation, for ever.

Fight to go back to our Land, not in a virtual Tibet , a no where Tibet.
Doing this you play with chineses who want nothing else than a Tibet empty of tibetans.

Tibet will be free.
Let's fight for our rights, for our Fatherland!


Location: US
Subject: martyr
Dec 12 2005 11:35 AM

C'mon. These protestors will be fined 2,000 rupees at most for trespassing. Martyrs cannot be so "cheap"!

Location: Delhi
Subject: Action speaks louder
Dec 12 2005 07:05 AM

Action speaks louder than voice and that is what ours teachers taught us. How true!!!

Tibetan youth Congress, its members and leader have done exceptionally well and can truly be proud of themselves.

As an old member of this organization who has also participated in such events in past, we feel happy that at least the youth of Tibet have not traded their legitimate rights. Let us youth of Tibet be strong and resolute in our aim and ideal.

After all, when the old generation is gone, it will be our turn to forge our rightful destiny. And we know what we want.

And we will get them for we believe in action and doing things rather than hold lofty views and talk big.

Location: delhi
Subject: not "martyrs"
Dec 11 2005 11:40 AM

the TYC reporter has called the protestors "Martyrs", they can be patriots. Martyrs are are those who are dead for a noble cause. They can be living patriots. I appreciate their work and want to thank them for their wonderful work.


Location: pune
Subject: very inspiring
Dec 11 2005 01:20 AM

it was very inspiring indeed. my eyes were filled with tears looking at the pictures. It really brought back my lost hopes.
RTYC Delhi, Hats off to you !!
Truth shall prevail..


Location: Kathmandu
Subject: New Tibet
Dec 10 2005 07:42 AM

To Pages (1 of 3)

All Fellow Tibetans Every Where

Subjects: 1. New Tibet
2. US Resettlement Program

Dear Tibetans,

It's deeply felt that what are we pursuing in EXILE and what seems to be our viable prioritized solution and precautions? UMAI LAM is definitely the Right Way and we will pursue, but, this time for Independent Tibet. No Autonomy, no nothing. But do we have time? It is long overdue and Dalai Lama at 70th Birthday, we can’t be taking things for granted. Post 14th Dalai Lama era would be a test for all Tibetans, to see how United we are, if not, we are committing “Cultural Suicide” by loosing Identity as Tibetan and become part of the History for good.

Realistically, we don’t have any bargaining chip and literally hoping SOMEDAY China will speak to us, God knows when. At the moment Dalai Lama is the mascot of Tibet, and Tibetans whole heartedly follow him. What about the next Dalai Lama and how long present one will stay with us. What kind of preparation do we have? Do we have a safe BASE to continue our fight for Independence? What are we doing to buy time? PRC waiting for Dalai Lama’s demise (God forbid) and coolly taking their sweet time, while Tibetans are running out of time and Unity amongst Tibetans in Exile, a questionable one.

President Bush could not make Mr. Hu Jintau to move, let alone implement what Bush says. We are not even in the picture and let alone shake Hu’s hand.

President Bush tried his best to speak for Tibetans, but Hu seemed not bothered. HU don’t give a damn about 2 million Hong Kong (All educated & sophisticated) residents demanding complete democracy just last week. Recent new appointment of the TAR Chief another slap on Tibet issue, showing no sign of Let-Up at all. Drepung monks a great inspiration for Tibetans outside and great show of courage to PRC. We have to do our part and that is to ensure this struggle for which Tibetans inside are bearing the brunt of PRC.

If anybody is in normal sense then we should establish the continuity of the struggle for Independent Tibet. We should stop compromising anymore and instead we will settle not less than complete Independence. We have to buy time because we are running out of time. I hope everybody is positively viewing this approach and we all have no time for minor differences, in doing so, we may completely miss the real and bigger picture. Tibetan Identity is the bigger picture and Chris Ballance, the Convener of last Parliamentary Convention held in Edinburgh, holds Tibet’s “Identity Crisis” as number ONE concern of Tibet.

So, what do we do now?

Right away we should start Brain Storming and start doing something concrete to save our Identity, anywhere but Asia. I am talking MEGA Settlements for All Tibetans in America, Europe, New Zealand or Australia. Kind of RESETTLEMENT proposed by the Bush Administration is the Right one but such small number will not help achieve Tibetan interest to establish continuity of the Struggle. Instead it disperses further. In any case, how few thousand migrating to US help achieve anything. It is a chance to make Dollar, risking ones own Identity. Choice is between Dollar & Identity. Back in early Nineties similar Resettlement has been proposed by the US Govt, but our Administration declined for the same reason, Dispersement & achieves nothing.

So what is our next option?

NEW TIBET is our next option, with the help of International Support Groups and Nations sympathetic towards Tibet should start building Mega Settlements for all Tibetans around the world, regardless of neither their ethnicity nor their spouses. We need everybody to play their “Cultural Role” and reaffirm our unique Tibetan Culture.

Why New Tibet?

• Old Tibet is flooded with Chinese and to compete with Chinese for survival means learning their language, instead of preserving our own language and so on. Chinese population will overwhelm Tibetans.
• New Railway further ensures their determination to achieve PRC objectives.
• Recent TAR new chief appointment to exploit Tibet even more systematically.
• This year Dalai Lama celebrated 70th Birthday and Beijing is ready to appoint the next Dalai Lama. We all know what happened to Panchen Lama., Gedun Chokyi Nyima.
• New Tibet must start if not complete during the Lifetime of HHDL. Post Dalai Lama scenario among Tibetans outside Tibet a definitely a CHAOTIC ONE.
• Tibetan parents in exile ever aspiring anyway to send their children to the West and Europe for better future and this New Tibet will ensure just that with more vigor.
• Puppet Govt. like Nepal is bad news for Tibetans and Asia is not safe for us.

What New Tibet will ensure?

• It will ensure our IDENTITY as Tibetan and the Struggle is on.
• Hopefully New Tibet minimizes the communal rift among Tibetans in exile and eventually become one towards common goal, Independent Tibet.
• It will ensure to keep alive Old Tibet issue.
• Chance to bring back Old Tibet life style, a Classic Tibet.
• Build new replica of POTALA with Dalai Lama conducting from within. A Mile Stone for this generation.
• Obtain internationally recognized Passport or Travel document, which will ensure Freedom of Movement around the Globe.
• This will ensure a decent life for vulnerable Tibetans around the world. It is about time, rich Tibetans start sponsoring poor Tibetan children.
• US has proposed the same kind of Settlement for All Tibetans back in Nineties, therefore it is viable.
• This will enable us to fight with new vigor for the RIGHTS of the Tibetan prisoners and Human Rights abuses inside Tibet.

I am promoting this new approach of New Tibet and at the same time collecting signatures affirming signatory approval and agreement. After presenting this “New Tibet Presentation” to our Representative Office in Lazimpat, collectively we will request the same office to relay this to our Head Office in Dharamsala.

We are running out of time and PRC is not budging. I am proud of TYC surprise storming of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi last week. With New Tibet, we can even do better, more sophisticated surprises. Remember Dalai Lama is in last quarter of his life time and it is the Youth that needs to be visionary to foresee the events unfolding and be practical.

Personally, I am open to any and all criticism, as long as things make sense. I believe in a society difference of opinions are bound to take place and that is the way of life. With utmost seriousness, bottom line is things must make sense and no time for appeasing each other or trivial engagements.

Thanking you for your precious time and concern.

Your Fellow Country Man,

Ngawang Tenpa / Green Book # 249/ Email :<ngawang@dr.com>
Swoyambhu, Kathmandu
Telephone: 00 977 1 2173009 (Residence) Dated: 10th Dec. 2005

Mr. Tenzin Wangdu
President, Tibetan Youth Congress
Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject: Phone appointment and New Tibet

Dear Tenzin La,

With reference to our telephonic conversation and the appointment set up to meet on the occasion commemorating His Holiness Peace Award. Kindly find three pages of attachment along with this cover letter.

In my presentation, I am promoting a “New Tibet” and US Govt. proposal to take few thousand does not serve any national interest. Although, we seek such help but to accommodate all Tibetans, so we have a firm Base and have Identity to continue to fight for our Independent Tibet.

The reason why I choose Tibetan Youth Congress is very obvious. It is the Youth who are the future of Tibet and ability to implement activities to establish Independent Tibet. We listen and ask Seniors advice and guidance but it is the Youth who is going to put things in action.

It is my earnest hope that we share the same view and keep things rolling. As I have mentioned over and over again about running out of time. I would be very interested to learn what you think about this presentation, as The President of the Youth Congress here. Please feel free to call me anytime for further interaction at number given below.

Have a nice day,

Your Fellow Tibetan Comrade,

Ngawang Tenpa Ratutsang
Swoyambhu, Kathmandu
Tel: 00 977 1 2173009 (UTL)


Location: New York
Subject: Job Well Done
Dec 10 2005 01:45 AM

Good job Rangzen Sontsas.... Good Job Tsoktso KP. That's a great contribution one can give towards freedom struggle..... that's a great satisfaction that one can give to our brothers and sisters in Tibet, singnalling that we are YOUR SHADOW, WE ARE ONE.

I due respect concerned Indian leader and friends who sheltered us, but SPIT ON THOSE WHO ARE SHOWN IN THE PICTURE BEATING AN ELDERLY TIBETAN WITH THIER BROOM-STICKS. These kinds of Indians have forgotten that, thier great leaders such as Azad, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lalpat Rai, Subash Chandra Bose, had to go through such cruel beatings from Britishers.

Bravo, my Tibetans, your sacrifices will not go in vain.


Location: New York
Subject: Job Well Done
Dec 10 2005 01:39 AM

Good job Rangzen Sontsas.... Good Job Tsoktso KP. That's a great contribution one can give towards freedom struggle..... that's a great satisfaction that one can give to our brothers and sisters in Tibet, singnalling that we are ONE.

I due respect concerned Indian leader and friends who sheltered us, but SPIT ON THOSE WHO ARE SHOWN IN THE PICTURE BEATING AN ELDERLY TIBETANS WITH THIER BROOM-STICKS. These kinds of Indians have forgotten that, thier great leaders such as Azad, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lalpat Rai, Subash Chandra Bose, had to go through beating from Britishers.

Bravo, my Tibetans, your sacrifices will not go in vain.

We will have a BIG REVOLUTION.
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