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Sat 07, Dec 2019 11:52 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tibetan Parliament Leader Says World Parliamentarians Have Impacted Chinese Policies on Tibet"
The Chairman of Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies (Tibetan Parliament in exile), Pema Jungney, has said that initiatives on Tibet taken by parliamentarians throughout the world have made the Chinese authorities to soften policies on Tibet....
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Location: Canada
Subject: Really?
Dec 01 2005 10:43 AM

Chitue Chair must have his head up his arse to think that world parliamentarians have made a difference in Tibet. I don't believe Chairman Pema Jungney has any idea what he is talking about. Tibetan leadership has lost the message. We have no f&^%ing idea what we want.

Location: delhi
Nov 28 2005 02:28 PM

It is very very suprising and astonishing that the speech of Mr Pema Jungney given on behalf of the ATPD has neither approved by Standing Committee nor by the chithues present there in the WPCT meeting at Edinburgh as learnt from from some corner. Is it so. This a big question and violation of normal norms of functions of thre ATPD Standing Committee. This really serious. As usual, speech to any function or meeting has to be got approved by the Standing Committee. How the Standing Committee is going to react.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Pema Jungne represented 46 members.
Nov 25 2005 10:59 PM

Dear readers,

I appreciate that everyone of here has concern about Tibet, but, we cannot attack someone who represented the 46 members of Exile parliament those directly elected by voters (exile citizen of Tibet). As far I know the fact, the Chithu President or vice-president never make personal opinion as a statement of exile parliament. The statement committee decide all the draft thoroughly before it is read out or published. Hence, Pema was the tool used by the committee and the committee's voice is the voice of ours. If there is any contradictory or unacceptable or boring, we are the direct responsible of our parliament. So lets take our own responsibility rather making any negative comment on individuals.

Location: kumkum
Subject: kabab
Nov 25 2005 01:07 PM

I don't have any trust and hope with those ignorant shits of Dharamsala government. My hope is with those tibetans inside tibet, who work and learn with pressure.

Location: ny
Subject: to bull shit people
Nov 24 2005 08:44 PM

Dear dorjee,You have lots of personal hated pempa la and pema la .please don't mixed up personal matter with official anymore.thank you
free man  

Location: texas
Subject: Tibeta..
Nov 24 2005 08:28 AM

As far as I understood Pema Jungney considered important to let in Chine the UN investigator because he could control
the real status of torture. It is not the first time in Human history where a real true as been hidden for a lond time to a president or a primw minister. I personally guess that even if ... something is really changing the prime minister of a country has the right to cheack if somthing went out of his hands. In US and European country we nominate a Commision to investigate a wrong doing maybe in China will take longer,nevertheless is great sign of opening to let a anyone to check the Torture Status in his own country. I would be glad to see somone in US and Europe aswell....to allowed a UN commissioner...prove of an established democracy.Maybe something good is happening!!!!
Dorje Tcheuba  

Location: the same
Subject: I heard a noise Is the door unlocked ?
Nov 23 2005 05:58 PM

I heard a noise Is the door unlocked ?
Dorje Tcheuba  

Location: Meridian door, imperial city Beijing
Subject: Please send a DVD
Nov 23 2005 02:20 PM

This morning the sun began its way in the sky with a beautiful orange color.
Yesterday, at twelve, my heart saw a double rainbow.
Someone told me a recorded DVD is the first step to send a message.

I think about glassnost which succeed.

who want to spilt the nation, those who want to dialogue or the others ? Violence means arbitrary,
torture means arbitrary,
death penalty means arbitrary.
Nine months abortions means arbitrary, lack of HIV MEDICINE MEANS ARBITRARY.
violence spreads violence...

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Pema Jungney Needs Update
Nov 23 2005 10:00 AM

My Dear Pema,
I am very upset with your speech, very traditional, beating around the bush, lot of repetition and finally no solution. It is long and boring.

UP DATE: Kathmandu today is seeing lot of Khampas coming in from Kham and there are lot more waiting to come in Lhasa. I spoke to four Khampa elderly and one of them happen to know my Dad.
Religious freedom is only inside the home and you cant do that outside in Public. They are all heading to Dhasa after their pilrimage here in KTM.

The other crazy practice enforced on KHAMPA atleast is they are not allowed to grow anything on their land, instead PRC force you to grow THORNY PLANTS and surprisingly they pay you too. This is what happens when CHINKS GO BERSEK.

Now kind of craziness we are witnessing, what kind of Tibet do you hope for. Just tell me, do you TRUST PRC? Will you sign up to go to Tibet, if Autonomy is granted, with PRC as your BOSS, in the middle of the sea of Han Chinese? If your answer is YES, then I would certainly think bringing RAILWAY is your idea.

Your speech just thanked the Support Groups, the history of Convention, and narrated some facts which is obivous and worst of all, NO SOLUTION.

WANT TO KNOW MY SOLUTION and I want you to work on it.
NEW TIBET, forget that piece of Land called Tibet under PRC. It is not going to be the same anyway.
Hold a meeting, if you want call me. Lets talk about new Tibet.

NEW TIBET can be formed anywhere but PRC Tibet. Support Groups and Nations sympathetic to Tibetans are going to be instrumental to move this on. I like to see NEW POTALA (replica) with Dalai Lama residing inside. Mega Settlements however possible inclusive of all Tibetan needs like MONASTERY, SCHOOL, STUPA ETC.
This NEW TIBET must start if not complete while Dalai Lama is still with us. Because, for one, Beijing is waiting to appoint next Dalai Lama and on the other hand OUR exile community is NOT at all in harmonious state. I doubt anybody would listen to anybody after HIS demise (God forbid).

The POINT is saving our IDENTITY, and international community should provide some kind of status to Tibetans where Tibetans can travel and do business just like anybody else under UN MEMBER STATES.

Finally, I am not all that worried about the Tibetans in Exile. For those inside are experiencing living hell. One of the elderly Khampa says, "They are saddened to learn that tibetans in exile lacks unity and diversity" IT IS A SHAME TO ALL WHO ARE GUILTY OF THIS.
We have to get the insiders out to NEW TIBET AND THIS IS GOING TO BE A VERY TRICKY PROJECT.
Want to know why Tricky? Call me
00 977 1 2173009


Location: rrr
Subject: rrr
Nov 23 2005 04:36 AM

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