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Tue 19, Mar 2019 10:29 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Dialogue with Tenzin Tsundue"
Poet-activist, Tenzin Tsundue, is a determined young Tibetan born in exile, who, after graduating from Madras, South India, braved snowstorms and treacherous mountains, broke all rules and restrictions, and crossed...
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Location: India
Subject: Freedom for Tibet - Way to go my friend
Apr 23 2008 03:04 PM

I studied with Tenzin for 3 years at Loyola . The only mission in his life is Freedom for Tibet. We were amazed that a person at 19 years could be so focussed and determined with a real purpose in his life. I hope and pray that the efforts of Tenzin and his fellow men would give them independence. I been reading his interviews recently , this man is very genuine and not like a politician. He has shunted luxury, family for one cause - FREEDOM .

Location: Kham
Subject: A small step, but...
Dec 11 2005 08:23 PM

What Tenzin Tsundue is doing, is a small, but important and necessary step in the right direction. He might not bring freedom to Tibetans nor can he change the Chinese Communist government Tibet policy. But generally his work is very effective to bring the Tibet issue to a global forum. And that might be his big deed.

Location: mundgod
Subject: i salute u mr.tsuendu
Dec 10 2005 06:29 PM

hi,tsuendu,u r an insapiration n hope 4 all of us.n i dont think u should woory abt a job,coz good people r never short of things.MAY GOD BLEES U,N CONTINUE U AIM OF FREE TIBET.we will also do our part 4 free tibet.

Location: CALCUTTA
Subject: Tenzin Tsundue
Dec 10 2005 01:18 PM

Tenzin Tsundue and me we are friends for years...we have been working together for the last 4 years or so.I am proud to see the way he works for his lost country.In this commments column I can see some people are making joke of him which really makes me sad, because I know him personally for years and I know his dedication, and I would like to ask those who are making joke of him that can they name a single person who is such an active activist and dedicated like Tenzin Tsundue?? Right at this point of time there is no one in the front line of the Freedom Fight for TIBET other than Tenzin Tsundue.So, my request to every one that instead of making jokes of him and his efforts, let us all stand beside him and fight together to make a FREE TIBET.
Tathagata Chakravarti
Events Co ordinator,
Calcutta Chapter.
(0) 9831017148 (24 hours).

Location: comment written by himself
Subject: comments written by himself
Dec 08 2005 04:49 AM

Tsudue himself posted all the latest comments in favor of himself.. That's pathetic.

Location: delhi
Subject: last man standing
Dec 07 2005 11:53 AM

We have one las man standing, one who can sacrifice, trully, let us atleast respect him, if we can not do what he does. he is our last an standing. We have killed many patriots like Dawa Norbu, Lhasang Tsering, Jamyang Norbu.

He has his own unique way of working, do not try to make him cowards like us, it is not possible. atleast stop being negative about him, this only hamper others who maybe thinking to do soem worthwhile for tibet.

the rest of us, sit warm and tight on our ass, for fear, unless we lose our security, and the most we do, type few sentences like this one.

atleast I am positive about tibet's freedom

Location: US
Subject: typo error
Dec 06 2005 02:06 AM

What I actually mean in the previous post is that Tsundue's risk is quite SMALL.

Location: US
Subject: Enter Tibet w/o permission
Dec 06 2005 02:04 AM

Actually the risk that Mr. Tenzin Tsundue faced was not quite small when he entered Tibet without permission in 1997.

Unless he had engaged in some sensitive activities inside Tibet, Tsundue would not face any severe punishment except detention for two weeks for interrogation by the police.

And if Tsundue were willing to sign a paper denouncing HHDL (of course as a great patriot he wouldn't), he might be let go early and if he indicated he wanted to stay in Tibet, probably he would be allowed and might have found a job as a tour guide for the foreign tour groups.

Location: switzerland
Subject: thank u!!
Dec 05 2005 11:59 PM

hi tsundu,
i jsut want to thank u for doing all these things for tibet and tibetans. actually it is ur duty beeing a tibetan, still then u are doing too much that other tibetans like we can not do for tibet for the rest of our life. so thank u very for all these u have done for the tibetans. I JUST WANNA SAY THAT U ARE THE REALL HERO OF TIBET!!

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Truly determined patriot!
Dec 04 2005 07:10 PM

My heartfelt thanks for all your hard works and sacrifices for our very cause, you are truly a determined Tibetan patriotic. Remain solid like rock, with your wise principle and ideology, let the dogs bark, feel compassionate to them and walk like a gentle elephant accomplishing your mission.

Victory for Tibet

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