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Sun 18, Nov 2018 03:55 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "US proposes new Tibetan refugee admissions program"
The US President's FY 2006 Refugee Admissions Program proposal, conveyed to the US Congress on August 30, 2005, includes a new program to resettle certain Tibetans from Nepal in the United States....
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Tenzin Tsering  

Location: Majnutilla
Subject: Majority Tibtis in India
Sep 08 2005 10:21 PM

Truly, the majority of the poorest Tibetan refugees are in India, in places like Ladakh, Arunachal, and other South Indian Settlements, people living in India should rigourously put their case before the TGIE and US Government to allocate most of these quotas to Tibetans in India. In 1992, the 1000 visas were very fairly and efficiently distributed to Tibetans living both in India and Nepal. If this project is to help Tibetan people, then its not fair to give all the visas to the people living in Nepal only. Most Tibetans in Nepal are very rich Buddhists, and Buddhism teaches to put others before self, kindness, forebearance, contentment, generoucity, to help the poor and all sentient beings etc. Can rich Buddhists truly practice their lifelong learnings here now by honestly letting the truly and actually and really really poorest of the poor Tibetans get this chance.

Location: swayambu
Subject: thanks to the united states
Sep 08 2005 09:49 PM

I think it is very kind from united states to us (tibetan). Since we lost our country in 1959 and settled in Nepal. We tibetan are very pleased and thankful to government of Refugee. Although we live in Nepal, but we do not have kind of status like those tibetan who live in the United States and Canada. I mean we are still like guess in Nepal. I really welcome the Refugee Admissions Program proposal by the United States and I am quite sure that all tibetan brothers and sisters welcome the proposal too. So I hope at an early date - all tibetan can live in such a country like States and Canada.

We love America and Canada.


Location: Toronto
Subject: Nepal to United States route for future Tibet.
Sep 08 2005 08:47 PM

Since Tibet lost total independence, Nepal was one of the countries that saved thousands of Tibetans from brutal genocide committed by Red Chinese. I have never been to Nepal, but we should not forgotten it's gratitude and sympathetic support given to our brothers and sister at very critical time in our history. Jai Nepal. However, now situation for Tibetan is tense in Nepal because of apparent Chinese pressure in all its neighbour countries, in addition political atmosphere rapidly changed in Nepal.
We pay our sincere respect and gratitude to India, Bhutan and Nepal for being supportive in the time we need their help. However, political situation may change anytime and the result would different which we cannot predict yet.
The status of Tibetans living in those three countries are very similar that they live there as country's foerign guests or foerigners who have to renew and extend stay permit every after six or one year failing which they can be deported to Tibet anytime. The very close economic ties with China can also change political atmosphere and could bring very unfortunate situation for Tibetans in India as we see now in Nepal.
Living in a country with no any legal status is like a ball that can be rolled anytime to anywhere when two players stop enimety on the changing face of political ground like Nepal and China. Now Nepal feels Tibetans as thorn to enhance it's friendship with China and she wants to pull out that thorn. But it's easy if she wants because Tibetans have no legal status to live in Nepal.
Hence, living in uncertainty is rather worse than persecution because our brothers are always have anxiety or depression for not knowing what may happen tomorrow if His Holiness is not there.
I have the first experience of local riots against Tibetan in 1973, 1998 in Manali where all Tibetan refugee tents burn down follwed by all Tibetan shops burn down but no central or state governments have concern about stopping criminal or compensate losers, Tibetan. My second experience, in 1990 in Chauntra where settlement houses are burn down by local politicians and mob. In 1994 local politicians and mob looted and burn down Tibetan exile government properties and private properties in Dharamsala. No police and no protection in time because politicianss like Krisan Kapoor and local congress politician are leading the project to expel Tibetans from India. In 1990, just a quarrel between some Ladakhi and Tibetans, the mob started roits against Tibetans, police constant Wangchuck, Ladakh Buddhist Association and politicians such as Samphel, unitedly put only Tibetans in jail and lodged first degree murder case against them. Whereas Ladakhi culprits are all considered innocents. Tibetan boys who were in Hospital as a result of mob attack were put chain in there hands and legs as dangerous killers. There are many similar incidents in south India Tibetan settlements and other areas in the East.
So it's easy going on Tibetans because we are just guests not legally protected by Indian government to stay in India until we gain freedom to return back to Tibet. We are legally not entitle to enjoy bank loans, buy lands, buy shops or do anything we want as other legal refugee enjoys in other countries. Honestly speaking, some people have property and something else but all those are in the name of Indian individual citizen. Such acts are illegal but we are poist to do illegal but not legally. So why our exile government and people cannot speak the truth about our real status in India and Nepal. We are thankful to those countries for giving us place to live at the crucial time but it doesn't mean that we should say always that we have every rights in those countries when we really don't have. We should speak the truth, what we are given and what we need for real protection or survival.
So my means concern is be thankful what is done but be frank to speak what is lacking and should those be possible to us or not.
Tseten N  

Location: NEAPL/ TIBET
Subject: Wangchok where are you ???
Sep 08 2005 07:39 PM

easy to say hard to do. think of your self where are you right now and what have you done over there???????? are you from Shugden???????we will see okai !!!!!!!

Location: New York
Subject: We are blocking this motion
Sep 08 2005 07:30 PM

Dear All:

I think the upcoming proposal to resettle Tibetan refugees in the US is totally inappropriate. Therefore, we are sending a petition to the US congress to block it. Please support us.

The reasons are below:

1) We need our country back not asynlum.
2) The US could spend this amount of money to support Tibetan Autonomous Regions through middle way approach.
3) These Tibetans living in Nepal do not face political perscution.

Please write your congressmen and Congresswomen.


Tseten Norpo  

Location: Nepal
Subject: Have to be careful Samdong ....and US
Sep 08 2005 04:36 PM

HAVE TO BECAREFUL sAMDONG AND US!!!!!!!!!!..This is good news and helpful job.............BUT Somdong Renpoche we are political refugee not economic Refugee, when we got this chance, Plz HAVE TO BECAREFUL sAMDONG AND US! and hope special priority has given to the Tibetans who have no Refugees Cards in Nepal and most needy Tibetans in Nepal. Let's hope the first visas don't go to Tibetans in Nepal with carpet factories and hight level.rich family. if it will goes then become useless.

Location: Manjutilla
Subject: Read the official announcement
Sep 08 2005 03:36 PM

To Tseten from KTM. Read the official announcement that is on www.tibet.net. It is good to be alert and watchful but that is different from levelling baseless allegations. If you had been alert you would have read the www.tibet.net report that answers your questions.

You people are a disgrace. If the sun shines from the east your question will be why is it not shining from the west. Which corrupt people led to this? But if the sun were to shine from the West, you will at once jump to conclusion saying there is conspiracy because the sun should shine from the east.

I would rather you be thankful that our government doing everything to help our people. This program that I welcome is one such indication.

Location: Ktm
Subject: What will be the criteria for selection"?
Sep 08 2005 02:34 PM

If this proposal does see the light of day then we have to ask the question," What will be the criteria for selection"? Will the few corrupt and self-serving officials(there is bound to be a few decent chaps there but we all know that the Tibetan government in exile is not immune from corruption) at Dharamsala who take undue advantage of their position for self-serving purposes play the favorites game? we'll have to wait and see?

Tibetans in Nepal are living on borrowed time. We here have no future casue we're denied even the most basic of privileges like property, work and freedom of expression. Who are we kidding here? We all know that Nepal is in the iron grip of China;Nepal receives most of its foreign money form China so it can't afford to anger China. That being said, most Tibetans are living a decent life here. But they do not have any future here. Rich Tibetans can afford to get the necessary documents with their money and are easily moving to the US. Those left back are the majority who can't afford the ...err...pseudo-real documents. So this proposal could be a great boon to them to start all over again in a new place. Unless the rich spoil the show for the rest of the struggling Tibetan community in Nepal. The 'land of the free and the home of the brave' is awaiting. May the Buddha protect us all. Om Mane Padme Hum!

Location: Midwestern
Subject: We Welcome
Sep 08 2005 02:13 PM

We welcome US proposes of New Tibetan refugee admissions from Nepal.We hope this bill will be passed by the Congress and gives relieve from hardship the Tibetans in Nepal having under the brutal ruler of Nepal who seems to be Chinese puppet.Thanks to American tax payers.
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