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Tue 16, Jul 2019 08:40 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "US proposes new Tibetan refugee admissions program"
The US President's FY 2006 Refugee Admissions Program proposal, conveyed to the US Congress on August 30, 2005, includes a new program to resettle certain Tibetans from Nepal in the United States....
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sonam tsering  

Location: kathmandu, nepal
Subject: redarding The US President's FY 2006 Refugee Admissions Program proposal, conveyed to the US Congress on August 30, 2005
Sep 11 2005 06:15 PM

dear sir,
i am very much gald to hear about dep commiment and dedication to tibetan by us government and also for continous support for tibatn welfare in days to come. here i am grade 11 boy of namgyal higher sec school gorkarna. and i am living wit my mom since 12 years in nepal. during this years i have seen and observed lots of people from dhramasala and neapl itself for granding help for poor families and nothing has done for us till now especially for the residents of swoyamnhunath.

Location: Dehradun
Subject: us proposes new tibetan refugee
Sep 11 2005 05:35 PM

It is great to see this issue concerning to our fellow tibetan by the us, But this is we tibetan have to think very carefully the consequences and if so the follow up procedures should be impartial one. I really wish to thank the us govt for his strong concern towards our peopole.

Location: nepal\ktm
Subject: where would we be in this situation????
Sep 11 2005 05:06 PM

first and for most i would like to thank for this true concern towards us and yeah we all know that its not us who really did this but OUR GREAT SPRITUAL LEADER HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA.
i am a student who had been studying in india at tcv.but my parents have been staying here since for the last 10 yrs in nepal. our parents had resettled here to earn for us kids.but frm last few yrs. u know the state of nepal and the business condition of tibetan out here. the only business we have is small carpet business ans that too is over now. now we r here doing nothing. everyone is jobless .rite now i m doing my bachelor in nepal. later i do need nepali citizenship to get some quality work which i dun have .even we the tibetan living in nepal do faces lots of problem while crossing border....since ya know refugee... so on the whole we would be very great if US GOVT. DO TAKE THIS consideration serously.thanks ya !!!!

Location: kathmandu
Subject: its great news but its very headache
Sep 11 2005 02:43 PM

tibetan refugee from nepal are resettling in us for better future and for better life.its good news for tibetan people living in nepal but there is many tibetans here in nepal not having the refugee card from the government and if we dont have refugee card then it would be hard to settle in u.s or in any other country.
so the government have to provide the refugee card soon and fast to fulfill the documentation of the settling of tibetan refugee in usa.


Location: Boston
Subject: Wangchuk
Sep 11 2005 01:36 PM



Namgyal Dorji ( Patang )  

Location: Ktm/Nepal
Subject: Reply for Wangchuk/Newyork
Sep 11 2005 01:23 PM

This is the reply for wangchuk/Newyork comments:

Reply for his 1 comments:- He said that he needs our country back rather than asylum. ofcourse we needs our country back rather than asylum but for your information we have been living in exile India and Nepal almost 46yrs not as political refugee and recognised as a political asylum. After 46yrs. USA is trying to give us a political asylum status and this is huge benefits in terms of politicaly and economicaly. If we are living in USA there will be more freedom of expression and our political voice will be heard loud and clear at UNO head office at NY and outside world. THIS IS THE BIGGEST POLITICAL GAIN AND ACHIEVMENT TOWARDS OUR STRUGGLE AGAINST FREE TIBET.

Reply for his no.2 comments: We have been adopting a policy of middle way approach for 46yrs. and have gain nothing against China politically. Instead during these times, China has become powerful in politically and stronger in economically.Even around the world are predicting that china is no the road towards becoming a super power within 15-20years. Now, you tell me how many years we still should follow the same policy and live like this for how many years.....one generations has suffered so much through these 46 yrs.....they are almosts at the end of the road and confused!!!

when china is not ready to accept and give tibet autonomous region to us how you could possibly think of helping chinese tibet autonomous region. if you are thinking in terms of materialistic gains then why don't you go and live in Tibet Autonomous region under Chinese control instead of you yourself being in USA and enjoying the freedom....talking big things and doing nothing except for yourself only....you are a real hypocrites...becoz you want to enjoy in USA and rest people you don't care and want them enjoying with you there in the States....

Reply to his 3 points.: Haven't you ever been in Nepal?...and do you read any news and have experienced of living in nepal....mind you, i am not talking about few tibetan carpet exporters here.i am talking about the poorest of the poor tibs. living in nepal...they have to pay for everything right from morning to till they go to bed irrespective of income they have got....can you imagine, they need to pay for renewing their nepali refuge card and bribed the officer to put his signature....besides, haven't you forgot how young and innoccent 17 tibs. from tibet are deported though lots of international tibet support group including red cross appealed to the nepali govt. not to do so. Even these days, our tibetan bureau office "Bayul Donchoe" was instructed to close including tibetan reception center too....Do you still feel these actions taken by nepali govt. are NOT POLITCAL PROSECUTION!!! DO YOU SENSE ANY SMELL OF THIS MEANING SO CALLED "POLITICAL PROSECUTION"

Oh!!!! while all these things are happening in nepal you must be busy with making and running after dollars!!!!!! Am i right??????

One more thing, why don't you send petition and aks help with tibs. in USA and rest of nation to help in political solution to our struggle with the USA President and UNO for quick and constructive help...DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY AND CREATE CONFUSION IN OUR SOCIETY!!!!!


Namgyal ( Patang )


Location: USA
Subject: refugee programme
Sep 11 2005 07:27 AM

I think even though it says tibetan from nepal but our govt. should distribute equally between nepal and India.

Location: USA
Subject: refugee programme
Sep 11 2005 07:26 AM

I think even though it says tibetan from nepal but our govt. should distribute equally between nepal and India.

Location: boudha,kathmandu
Subject: Thanx 4 everything
Sep 10 2005 09:28 PM

We are overjoy of hearing this message...tibetan people are mostly settle in india and nepal. these two country holds majority tibetan people compare to other country, they both COUTRY are really grateful for their kind help towards tibetan people, we shouldn't forget what they did to us and how they faithful to us. We have lots of hopes and hopes of going back to tibet with free mind of spirit to go....when i learn it from nepal when i compare to india, india is fulliest democracy with no political tense for tibetan people but only things there is no such security for tibetan people if such crime happens but in nepal, they are more tense in diffrent situation...they won't allowed us for shouting "free tibet" and most of tibetan cermoney will take place as control of police...we don't have right to do anything...if shout then jail welcome us...we have to no such related to their political...tense is that maost threads to nepal, they all parties protest, no such a compromises and reconcile...it nearly not possible to coming back in normal...!!! its seems like more trouble comes in nepal would more tense for tibetan people who are living in tragedy. I think its right time before it too late...we tibetan tried a lot to make aware of tibetan issues but none of them is seems working. where ever they are organised then police is everywhere controlling all over...!!! This can be sereous problem among tibetan people...if it does which can be selected then it is also important to select pure tibetan from nepal...reason is mostly sherpa who hold green card coz they hold as they paid for...if they select for those people then it must be sereous mistaken. it should be verified it sereously....We thankfully to this proposal from united states...we need something like we can do anything without stopping our race of issueing on full independence...around many country would have tibetan but none have could be like one camp...its wonderful idea for tibetan refugee in usa as saving our cultural and traditional...it should be like saving a world across...We thankful to anybody who are support on this bill. Thank you if it happens or not...we still say ...thank you...coz atleast they try to help...."TO SAY---ITS EASY....WHEN TIME TO DO---THEN ITS HARD...iT'S NOT GAURENTEE WHAT WILL BE HAPPEN NEXT...!!!


Location: USA
Subject: Kundun- A great personality
Sep 10 2005 09:13 PM

Tibet and Dalai Lama are synonum.It is due to the Kundun's great personality that Tibet is always in focus in international arena. US proposal is a result of continious effort of Kundun and his Associates. Its a great news for the Tibetans who are residing in Nepal.But while you critisize the present government of Nepal, do not mix the people of Nepal with whom Tibetan people shared their sorrow and happiness for a long period.India and Nepal are the birth place of many Tibetans, and these are the countries where Tibetan first landed after the occupation of Tibet by Chinese. My dear young generations! there was no America, no Switzerland, no one, except India and Nepal.Tibetan community should be very grateful towards people of Nepal and India.That's it.
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