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Thu 22, Feb 2018 04:26 AM (IST)
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With only a week left for preliminary round of elections to the Tibetan Parliament, the youth are vehemently opposing the traditional 'regional politics, which has dominated the Tibetan parliament in exile for more than four decades....
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Location: dhasa
Subject: misunderstanding
Sep 07 2005 10:55 PM

hey youth for better mps are not tyc.it's a group of young tibetan activists initiating a drive to put an end to sectarian politics out of our parliment so that we all can concentrate on freeing our country from china.so lets all try to put an end to this by helping youth for better mps by casting vote for those nominated....boed gyal lo...
lhasa boy  

Location: usa
Subject: zip it
Sep 07 2005 10:45 PM

cut the crap chi tsok nying pa..weather we can govern ourselves or not is entirely our problem.china has no right to interfere in our internal affairs...besides china has lot of loop holes in their system too,so does that give any other country the right to invade and govern them? so keep your opinion to your self..
Chi tsog Nyingpa  

Location: EX Lhasa
Subject: Shit upside down
Sep 07 2005 09:27 PM

same shit different name, brand and so on and so forth.......
.........only China can handle Tibet and Tibetans.....What have the tibetan achieved since the yellow hats took over the political system of tibet nothing except for the TONGPA NYI which is of no use in our daily life in this modern society...

Watch out guys KUDRAK's are playing a different game this time.......
I can predict with ease what is in hold for Tibet in future...looking at its past history and present officials and the .......many more things ...tibets hope is in staying with China as H H sees it.

Location: usa
Subject: Paris misunderstands
Sep 07 2005 09:17 PM

The person writing from Paris has misunderstood what the youth initiative is trying to do. The idea is NOT to dominate parliament with Utsangwas, but to have parliamentarians from all three provinces who put the national interest of Tibet ahead of the petty sectarian and provincial politics that exist in exile.

Location: Bylakuppe
Subject: Wrong View
Sep 07 2005 09:13 PM

I think "Realist Utsangwa" has misunderstood the democratic process undertaken by TYC,which is really helpful in the long run if it was obviously successful.It shows of yours lack of knowledge on worldly democracy.No such secretarian democracy is situated in any country.I don't think US,UK or India are not thinking on their minority peoples.I don't Political system will suppress the minorities rights at all.If there is political system,we voters will be less burden because the present system made us so difficulties in finding right choice due to unknown on the right choices.

I hope very soon there will be political system democracy in our country.If it was practised from now itself,it will be more easier when we got back to Tibet.
Realist Utsangwa  

Location: Paris
Subject: Parliament for Exiled Tibs or Pan Tibetan Interest?
Sep 07 2005 08:13 PM

Tib Youth's attempts to replace regional representation by open election to Exiled Parliament is nothing new and betrays the sinister design of majority Utsangwas in exile to dominate the Tibetan parliament in exile.

If the Parliament is to represent the interests of the majority community in exile, then TYC demands is justified. However, if the Tibetan Parliament is to represent the whole of Tibetan people in and outside Tibet, then regional and religious representation cannot be done away with in the foreseeable future.

Only after the Sino-Tibetan differences are sorted out and a new Constitutional arrangement is made, we may hope to restructure a new pattern of representative democracy so that there is propotional representation in electing MPS according local population density.

Until then TYC should focus on uniting Tibetans of all regions, not try to divide them by indirectly campaigning for dominance by Utsang was in exile.
blore bhomo  

Location: bylakupee
Subject: time to get these poeple out
Sep 07 2005 07:17 PM

something refreshing indeed...i tottally support you people.way to go guys....get those ego maniacs and uneducated old people out of our parliment...enough is enough.time for these position hungry people to get out....
khampa bhu  

Location: bylakupee
Subject: ;;;;
Sep 07 2005 07:09 PM

i think this is very refreshing to hear that the youngster's are taking active participation in this upcomming elections.i just hope that honest and dedicated people,who are dedicated to do some thing about the Tibet issue and not the ones who are only interested in their own or kham, utsang or amdo....we should not forget that before any thing else ,we are tibetans.we alll have one goel and that is a free tibet...so i hope like me they are more people supporting this concept by youth for better mps
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