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Tue 23, Oct 2018 07:53 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tibetan youth up against 'sectarian politics'"
With only a week left for preliminary round of elections to the Tibetan Parliament, the youth are vehemently opposing the traditional 'regional politics, which has dominated the Tibetan parliament in exile for more than four decades....
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Location: South
Subject: Surprised
Sep 11 2005 09:31 PM

Before this Preliminary election going on I feel that Tenzin Tsundue was a great activist and he still is.I support for it.But I got surprised where he is born and where his region is?I saw his name in both of Utsang and Dotoe Chitue lists.So can anybody give me clear story behind this.Since he is great people,he is actually becoming top icon among the entire youth and also elder people,I feel.But problem is about his real story.I doubt he might be doing something like Karma Choephel,first getting into Dotoe list n then Utsang list,although that is his right.

Location: Dhasa
Subject: No denial still from TYC
Sep 09 2005 11:59 AM

It is very sad to note that behind the farcical facade of Tibetan unity etc. we are to see mysterious forces campaigning for a particular section of people.

What suprises me the deafening silence by TYC. No denails still.It is really confusing. Whither Tibetan Democartic Movement which is supposed to be a brainchild of TYC?.
Youth4 unity


Location: India
Subject: Blunder by Tenzin Tsundue
Sep 09 2005 10:20 AM

If everyone reads the list for potential candidates carefully,in the heading it is stated that it is prepared by Youth for better MPs and their e.mail address is tibetanyouth@gmail.com. The mistake made by whoever took out this list is that their organisation's name resembles Tibetan Youth Congress. I think that if a person is not creative enough to come up with a unique name for its organization then what can that person do as a representative of the Tibetan people?

I admit that there must have been a lot of hard work and behind the scenes activites to come with the list but the way you have flashed it out, is pathetic. Also the article in Hindustan Times titled "Tibetan youth up against sectarian politics" is very misleading. All it does is quotes Kelsang Phuntsok in the end which gives the impression that he is behind all of this. I want to point out that the article and the list of candidates should be viewed separately. Note to the person who came up with these names: Please be careful in the future.
Note to TYC: As soon as something like this happens where TYC's image gets tarnished, and if TYC is not involved, then kindly do a press release in your website so everyone can get an official clarification.

Location: Dhasa
Subject: Is it really TYC behind this?
Sep 09 2005 08:36 AM

Why doesnt TYC campaign in the name of Tibetan Democratic movement than hide behind a new name that is being suspected?.

If TYC is realy behind this campaign,-- no denials so far thoough-- it is a wrong beginning.

Abbott worker  

Location: Minnesota, USA
Subject: smart politic is better than aggressive.
Sep 09 2005 05:08 AM

Tibetan Youth Congress has always been acting up cowboys in Tibetan politic. You know what, ever since seats of Tibetan paliament are always open for every Tibetans if any one capable to get them. Otherwise, only writing and reading in English doesn't mean an adequat knowledge. questions are following: What have you done as TYC for Tibetan people and for our nation in past. What I know is only using our own people to hungerstick without any good plan, and result is only making some money for its own organization. Money which TYC raised from those and others were used to build some kind of guest house at Dharamsala. What had happened with that building? So, first TYC, itself must be strong, stand on its own feet and get Tibetan people's hearts and minds before take higher step. Otherwise, your comments and ideas are nothing about disturbing our Tibetan politic, and agitating the 98% of Tibetan people. Oh!, I also hope all nominations in this list are not like Gyalnor Tsewang. He is a nice guy but he doesn't have designed education, idea and manner to be member of paliament.

Secondly more important, how could you against the " middle-path" approach? Tell us: how can you as TYC to get Tibetan Independent? Otherwise keep in mind just like saying easier say than done, negative activities and propasals are much more destructive than positive achievement. So please don't harm our national affair even if you can't contribute for it.

Abbott Worker
phu dorji  

Location: dasa
Subject: this NO politics
Sep 08 2005 04:51 PM

i also living in dasa. But this is very big acusation to Tenzin Tseundue and Choiying. I am seeing them working very hard for public knowledge. So that more crowd know of the election they are doing this.

If TYC wants to do something, or does not wanting to do something, it ok. These two youngsters are doling something. we must appreciate it.

Youth must know what the ledres are doing, right?

dasa's phu dorji


Location: delhi
Subject: mafia politic by Tenzin Tsendu
Sep 08 2005 03:20 PM

i am from McLeod ganj and i have seen lot of thing that going in an round of Dhasa, specialy in this 14 assembly election. I was even not happy see the all the organisation , association are are coming out with a list of there choice, i personaly think this it not a going to help the 14 election but this will make the worse.
but the worse things that i saw here is Tenzin tsendu and Choeying gang are try to make the misunderstanding between TYC and there the younger generation of Tibet. but the fact is that this list is prepare by this two guy and they want to represent the younger generation of tibet with a aim to creat misundersating between TYC and youngergeneration. No matter how they try this wount make any difference to TYC as i know that this is the only oprganisation that i trust and so far they did lot for the cause for the Rangzen.
all the BEst TYC and carry on, we are with you.
i have nothing to be gain from this but i dont dear to see if some wwant try to make other fool. we are buddhist and have to go according to the buddhgist way. that is TRUTH.
As i saw last night that Tenzin tsendu, Choeying and there one and only secretary Lobsang who work as a night Duty in Gyanki are discussing on this and finally Lobsanf (Sec) left with a bunch of Yellow poster in Both English and Tibetan language. So this is the reality. TYC is not involve in this. So guys make this very clear in your mind. thank you are going through my line. Peace

Location: Mundgod
Sep 08 2005 02:13 PM

TYC's idea of promoting secular and non-communal politic with Exile is highly appreciateable. But, selecting nominating candidates by TYC itself is not a good p[olicy. So far TYC has been a mass based NGO and people irrespective of their regional affialation, supports TYC activities. By jumping on the cesspoll of Politic after nominating all the candidates, TYC's image will get a beating. On the advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, TYC has already formed a political Party (National Democratic Party of Tibet). NDPT is the right forum for such activities and TYC could use their own influence while selecting the right candidates.

Will the present Centrex members tell us what will be the role of NDPT in future if TYC has taken the role of Political Party? Confusing?

Location: DELHI
Subject: B Tsering
Sep 08 2005 02:02 PM

first of all F*** you to btsering. i would appreciate when she was only a teacher.
you know guys, this happends when you come in power and $$$dollar. as we all know how she used her power dollar in the case of fulbright. and it was shame that we(our govt.) could do anything. so once again my middle finger goes to btsering. thanks.
white colar crimes...  

Location: dhasa
Subject: Excuese me da..... what n bee what?????
Sep 08 2005 01:50 PM

hey you. don't you know dawa tsering grab the school of yogling and btsering send her daughter(nankyi) to america instead of choosing from the 12th grade. so how come we can trust them??? by the way, are you one of there dog??? thanks.
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