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Sat 07, Dec 2019 08:16 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "US Plans to Resettle Tibetan Refugees from Nepal"
The United States has conveyed to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) its willingness to consider resettling Tibetans in the United States as part of its refugee admissions program, according to the Kashag secretariat....
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Location: Tserok Namgyaling Camp
Subject: Don't forget the people of Tserok
Sep 16 2005 09:19 AM

To Kashag and President Bush,

Tibetans living in Tserok Namgyaling Camp are true Tibetans and are in dire need of assistance. We don't have real means of livelihood. We were given a small piece of land and it's hardly good for any crops. We are really suffering and with Maoists people spreading everywhere, we are really at risk and no future for our children. We are in such a remote place with no automobiles and hardly anyone know we exist. Hope Kashag will make the right decision.

Tibetans living in Tserok, Dorthang and SharKhumbu should be given priority for this trip.

Kunchok Palden
Camp Leader
Tserok Namgyaling Camp

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: US plans to Resettle Tibetan Refugees from Nepal.
Sep 15 2005 06:02 PM

This is great news to Tibetan refugee settlers at Nepal. I hope this opportunity is given us by the grace of H.H.the Dalai Lama & kind sympathy support granted by Hisexcellency, President George W Bush. I Heartily wish to convey my sincere Thanks to both great leaders. I also request US Congress members to kindly approve this refugee Resettle program. If it gets approve then I also like to reque4st CTA to make more efforts to easy access more Tibetan refugees to USA. Today, I think majority of Tibetan refugees where educated not illiterate and every body can watch this goldern opportunity and never miss this chance. CTA must calculate that all Tibetan where secrious on it. Eventually, under the good guidence of CTA its selection process may take place. If so it is my advance appeal to WHOM IT MAY CONCERN that please gave first preference should given to those Tibetan refugees who has actively served in exile Tibetan Government OR any Exile Tibetan Community OR Organisation. I trust that those people has good knowledge and work hard and support more to exile GOVern in future. It is important that strictly must stop to apply non-Tibetan people. Who so ever the Tibetan refugee applicant may but its selection cpmmittee must check authentic documents which are truly necessary to prove one self a bonafide Tibetan Refugee living at Nepal since more then 10years or so. The selection should be done fair, honest and fully transparent. We will definitely WATCH this episode till it may not conclude.
Many Thanka and Bhod Gyal lo.
t wangdu  

Location: lo tserok
Subject: lot's of thank's for us govt
Sep 15 2005 04:48 PM

if it is true ,only for the tibetan.

Location: NEW YORK
Sep 15 2005 12:44 AM

As part of all the 6 million tibetan,I really want to request Bush Administration to pass this bill to LET the TIBETAN REEFUGE to live peacefully in U.S.A.
I think CTA Will do fair this time not like CHIKDON LOTTERY OK,Dont give chance to those Welfare officer or Cta staff.
Tenzin Lhanzey  

Location: Nepal
Subject: To the president Goerge W.Bush
Sep 14 2005 09:03 PM

First of all I want to tell Thank you to the United state of America.I think that since 1959 to 2005,we tibettan refugees people has been got trouble that only seen by America so i think it is really kind for our tibetam people.I hope others country also resettle our refugees people to their country.Lastly
Have a peace in the world and long life to His Holiness The 14 Dalai Lama.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Resettlement of Tibetan refugees from Nepal to US
Sep 14 2005 07:16 PM

First of all the tibetans residing in Nepal as refugees have got very good opportunity to change their lives if the US Congress pass this bill and accept the resettlement of the Tibetan refugees in Nepal. But, I am 100 percent sure that all the Tibetan refugees in Nepal are full of excitement and looking forward to the resettlement program. Everyone must be thinking that he/she should be qualified for this program. But the fact is that we should not forget why this program is offered to His Holiness The Dalai Lama?. There must be wider reason than what we all think personaly. If I am not wrong, the opportunity and perference should be given to those Tibetan who are prone to anti Chinese issues which would include those Tibetans who worked under Tibetan Government, be it presently working or ex Government staff. Especially, this opportunity should be given to ex-government staff of Department of Finance. The jobs of those Ex-Paljor staff were wiped away suddenly. Most of them were left with precarious life. Now, to console or rather to compensate them, the Tibetan Government should give opportunity to them.

I feel this time the Tibetan government will take very careful and fare desicion on the program.

Long Live H.H. The Dalai Lama and the Tibean Government.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Tibetan resettlement programs
Sep 13 2005 08:07 PM

This is great news for the Tibetan and as well as for the American people.We Tibetan lead very simple life in India and Nepal.We have a great reputation around the world because of our great leader.As per my trip to American,they are many Tibetan who serve for the cause of American people such as NYPD,USARMY,FBI and many other important government offices.I simple would go ahead with this project and its both win win.I know that United States wants the nice and qualities immigrant people and as per my knowledge,Tibetans are the best choice who will definitely serve for the American.
I salute who ever raise this topice.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: US plans to Resettle Tibetan Refugee from Nepal
Sep 13 2005 06:04 PM

It is indeed happy to know that US plans to resettle Tibetansa refugees from Nepal. I am really appreciated to this proposal which is made by united states to H.H.the Dalai Lama considering resettling Tibetans refugees of Nepal in the united states as refugee admission program. Whish is indeed good hot news to all Tibetan refugees at Nepal. Honestly writing my feelings that after hearing this hot news all Tibetan refugees are presently happly discussing one each other only on this topic and dreaming to go united states with whole family members not as immigrant visa operated as in 1991. I am really aptimistic and pray to almighty that US congress may approve this resettle program ASAP and make grant success. It will gave new life to Tibetan refugees of Nepal as situation is concern. Especially to youngster as many of them always dream to go United States, Canada, Swiss etc. Now, this is very big opportunity to all Tibetan refugees at Nepal by the benediction of H.H.the Dalai Lama and strong support of Hisexcellency president George W,Bush. It is also big challengeable job to CTA/Kashag to make easy way to all Tibetan refugees living at Nepal since many years. I believe that Kashag may definitely handle this unexpected challenge with peace, harmony and smoothly among Tibetan brother and sisters of applicant. It is my sincere hope and believe that CTA/Kashak must very honestly select the refugee applicant with fair,free and transparent not like 1991 immigrant visa operation. It was our past experience that CTA has made sudden rules stated that they will strictly follow on specific category on applicant, but later due to big problem rules where disappear and convert to lottery draw, which is indeed juridically unfair and unjustification to many majority of exile citizen. I hope this type of mistake should not be done again.

Many Many Thanks to H.H.the Dalai Lama & President of United States.
Thanglop Ssurpa  

Location: Ari
Subject: Prevent corruption
Sep 10 2005 10:53 PM

I totally agree with Tashi Wangyal la from Jampaling Pokhra. If approved every concerned tibs who have access to internet or phone should remind the selection committe to be fair and be transparent. We don't want to repeat NY green book scandal and THANGLOP green book scandal done by ex Dapon Paljor who after retiring took the post of welfare officer of KALIMPONG and issued thousands of greenbook to non Tibs subsiquently send them to THANGLOP and ultimately effect our moral and culture. I remember those guys quarrelling about their names be they carry a whole week name. They quarrel I am Dawa you are Mingmar. No No he is passang. PREVENT CORRUPTION. THANK YOU USA.
Tashi Thondup  

Location: Bangalore
Subject: Can solve tibetans problem in nepal
Sep 10 2005 02:30 PM

Honarable Mr.Bush
It is nice to hear about your support for the tibetan speciall who are residing in nepal. Really since a year most of the tibetan has fallen in different problems.
And from my deep of heart i would like to convey my thanks to you and tibetans who will be there should act as a tibetan only. Shouldn't forget mother tibetan and its rich heritage. Should think of culture, religion and all other tibetan connected ways.
Be tibetan, Be a good tibetan.
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