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Sat 19, Jan 2019 07:56 AM (IST)
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Have you cleared your Green Book dues? The information soon will be online as the Department of Finance of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is raring to launch a website of the Green Book....
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Location: Toronto
Aug 19 2005 08:27 AM

"GIVE BLOOD. GIVE LIFE" I saw these signes in our Toronto's Jewish expatriate neighbourhood. I know the reasons why Jews survived for 2000 years and I know why Land of Israel can not be defeated even though she is surrounded by Arab enemies who are hell bent on driving them out in the Sea.


Location: US
Subject: For Tibet
Aug 18 2005 05:25 PM

I am not talking about the roles of "officers", they are just soldiers in suits or chubas to carry out the policies of the central gov't.

And in case you have not detected in my words my unquestionable loyalty to my country of my ancestors, then it is sadly you that is unread.

Here again you have pointed out the same problem but at a different angle, my loyalty is with my country and my people, not with some leaders who doesn't share the same views.

And don't tell me that people are not questioning the direction of our leaders, those that are place their importance on our country above any heads.

Freedom and nationhood is our birthright.

Location: Ktm
Subject: Well said
Aug 18 2005 08:53 AM

well said Digpa kheer
Digpa Kheer  

Location: KTM
Subject: Extar territorial loyalty??>
Aug 16 2005 06:19 PM

I agree with jj and Therbo that to a certain extent, TGIE and its officers still wear an air of pre-59 era while freely reciting " mangsto" mantra at every avaiable opportunity. Old habits die very slowly and good changes come slowly.

What I can not agree with JJ and ilk is that howsoever one is disappointed, one should not disown what is one's. Whether one's father is a tall handsome man or an ugly potbelly, he can not be denied the place of parenthood.

We can be different to any extent, but not to the extent of breaching the bond of Tibetan brotherhood. If that happens-- we have two conclussions: either the detractor is an unread foolish dummy or some one whose loyalty to one's nation has gone astry.
Digpa Kheer

Location: us
Subject: questions
Aug 16 2005 05:02 PM


you pose good questions which I pose more than a decade ago and here is the problem, tibetans are too complacent and have too much faith in their leaders, they want to be delivered like the hebrew slaves were by Moses.

But America's freedom was not delivered, it was fought for with blood. That is the difference.

Location: New york city
Subject: green book online
Aug 16 2005 07:46 AM

If the green book is goin online, Can we pay online too? I know my small amount will help run my govt. in exile by which I am able to say proudly, I am Tibetan.
Thanglop Ssurpa  

Location: Ari
Subject: To Threbto
Aug 15 2005 03:07 AM

Very well said Threbto. I agree with you.

Location: Delhi
Subject: Green Book Ideas
Aug 14 2005 09:39 AM

The questions are:

1. What is the green Book? Is it a passport or an ID or a money collection account book?

2. Is the money collected some form of tax to run the govt.? To what purpose is the money collected used? Do people need to agree with the purpose it is used for?

3. Why is there no word Tibet on the outside of this Book? Why does it not say Tibetan Govt. in Exile but has its seal?

4. If it is voluntary, why are people who do not pay this money unable to get certain privileges?

My suggestions are:

1. Whether it is a tax or not voluntary or not, it is prerogative of the govt. to clearly state what it is used for. The govt. must clearly state how this money is used, how much is collected each year etc.
2. It must also categorically make clear what the possessor of Green Book is entitled to and what it means.
3. Since it the govt. in exile which is collecting the money it should not be afraid to assert its identity and existence. Its name should appear on the front cover along with its seal.
4. Since such a book is useful to identify a Tibetan from a non-Tibetan, the rules to issue it should be stringent. It should carry both English and Tibetan languages to make it more useful.
5. Fifth, if it is voluntary and not a tax, people who do not pay should not be excluded from privileges. If it is some form of tax, the word voluntary should be removed. There is nothing wrong in collecting money for a just cause. All governments in the world have taxes.
6. If the money is not used for freedom struggle, then the insinuation that it is used for that purpose is not justified.
7. The govt. in exile must trust its people and be transparent. A transparent govt. in return will be trusted by its people. It doesn’t work the other way round.

To people who quote JFK like a prayer, please note it says ‘your country’, not ‘your govt.’. Govt. and country are different. If you think that it is same, then your argument is none far from those of George W Bush.
Here in this particular case, it is wiser to remember what Abraham Lincoln said. Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people. Govt. must simply do what people want, not the other way round.
And that is the greatest tragedy of our democracy.
Tsephel Tsering  

Location: USA
Subject: For Gyalmo
Aug 14 2005 06:33 AM

In response to Gyalmo,may I be allowed to mention a few words.You have,by showing some degree of Patriotism--is not only in words,that too monetary,decisively wrote that the TGIE has done something to help every tibetan.I utterly reject this.I have prove of this too.

I appreciate that you are paying the tax.Your contribution shouldn't be used for others to pay involuntarily.I doubt if you have any voluntariness in it.

Most important of all,your name sounds that you are a female.If you really are a tibetan,try not to be a KHYIMO.That is very important for the preservation of our culture and tradition.All the best.

Location: Exile
Subject: Extra fees for emotive name
Aug 14 2005 05:02 AM

Hey, brothers and sisters our Green book is very important if he follows his own name. His name is "Hand Book for Freedom" Rang-tsen lag-deb. What an emotive name, like a carrot holding on the nose. Like giving, name Singtrug to an Absog. If it is dissent, I think our authorities should change the system for collecting money due to of possibility of our compatriots. It is wise of Choedhen Shingkham since there are so many corruptions in our society that some of innocents Tibetans never possible for better life. Some Tibetans minimise their own people when they gain little power. They smile to the non-Tibetan to show power to our own people. It existed since 12 century and 17 century. How many Tibetans sent to the developed countries since 1960s? Where are they now? Everything was possible for them at the place. Nothing to do with actions of Karma and Dharma, which is like Green book. Ninety percent of these related to our government officials. Now, it is normal to ask them extra fees for the green book. Sentence of JFK is a language of capitalist if you agree with him then you can destroy the humanity and offer to your Government. Anyway, the sentence does not fit when there is no Nation. It is easy to tell then action, like our Buddhist masters.
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