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Tue 19, Feb 2019 06:03 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "From the Himalayas to the Swiss mountains"
Having fled their native land following the Chinese occupation 50 years ago, many Tibetans have found a second home in Switzerland....
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Location: New York
Subject: Methok Shutup
Aug 13 2005 01:56 AM

Our government in Dharamsala needs Tibetan people to rule. Our Gov. does not care about the well being of people.
they need them.
Don't expect anything from Dharamsala.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Canadian Tibetan Famelies need help from Bureau Of Dalai Lama , New Delhi in procuring Travel document for Famelies Reunification
Aug 12 2005 08:49 AM

Our Tibetan org and Exile Institution are discouraging people from leaving Settlement in India where there is no life except that of misery, poverty and constant threat of something might happen to us.

An example of dicouraging people
from leaving settlement are not helping the famelies member of Canadian Tibetan in procuring the travel document which is needed to reunite with their famelies member in Canada.

They are treating the American Tibetan famelies reunification as more urgent and important, they get every possible help but they deny that help to Canadian Tibetan families.

So please Change that attitude and mistreatment met to Canadian Tibetan famelies by Office of Tibet, New Delhi. Because we also contribute the annual green Book collection.

If Tibetan reach west,it will benefit TGIE and Tibetan . It will get more resources.

TAshi Deleg

Location: Darward
Subject: take care
Aug 11 2005 10:11 AM

I found that many new generation tibetan in switzerland has adopt the culture and style of western and neglecting to our rich culture and langauge so guys keep trying to mantain our culture. You are the future seeds of Tibet
Laura LaFlamme  

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
Subject: His Holiness visit to Switzerland
Aug 10 2005 11:56 PM

How much merit you have gathered by caring for our tibetian mothers. I rejoice in this! May you all live long and have healthy lives.!!

Location: Toronto
Subject: Correction
Aug 10 2005 10:25 PM

More Tibetans in Canada than Swizerland if you are not aware.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: We are not fugitives
Aug 10 2005 09:57 AM

Some of the early Tibetans, members of the Tibetan nobility, who settled in Switzerland may be fugitives escaping from their past misdeeds and cruelty towards the Tibetan masses. But the majority of those who had the good fortune of migrating to Helvetia later were people like you and I, political refugees and not fugitives. There is a sea of difference between these two English words. Mind your language.

Location: bhutan
Subject: thanks to switzerland
Aug 10 2005 08:33 AM

all the tibetan should thank to switzerland govt. 4 accepting tibetan to stay in their land and for extending the nos. of refugee in their land
if any tibetan want to know about tibetan in bhutan you can mail to this add.bhutan21yrs@yahoo.com/gangjong@druknet.bt


Location: canada
Subject: swiss refugee
Aug 10 2005 07:29 AM

I totally agree with you guys who commented about the situation of new generation of young tibetans trying to get a refugee statuts in Swisszerland. I think our Govt should somehow get involved in it and also support and help from the local swiss tibetan community will be greatly appreciated rather than looking at them as an annoynance, after all they arrived in Switzerland in almost same situation couple decades ago.
tibetan bhumo  

Location: toronto
Subject: so true tibetan
Aug 10 2005 05:24 AM

I totally agree with what tibetan said. I heard that too. New tibetans are suffering alot. few people where sent somewhere on the mountain with limited food. just imagine how we will feel. when you come all the way leaving your parents,brother and sister hoping for a better life.The old tibetan in swiss should help them instead of blocking their way to get a paper.

Location: New York
Subject: Nepotism and Tulkuism
Aug 10 2005 04:54 AM

It is true what bod rigs wrote. It has vrough up two poitns, one about nepotism in Dharamsla and other about tulkusim.

It is the Dharamsala officials who are pulling their own families and friends to the west than anyone like many of our compatriots. For example, did you know in Australia some 50 family members of the the representatives )Chime, Chope, Atisha) to date of the dalai lama have immigrated there? But to bring couple of the gu chu soom people it is taking years to bring them out. In fact most of the so-called doncho offices of the Dalai lama overseas are working entirely to pull their family members. If they come to any Tibetan meeting, their job is to ask to money for freedom which also they have abandoned. So what is the use of such shameful offices? That is the exmaple of nepotism.

Then, we have the system of tulku which is the autocratic system that has only helped to exploit ordinary tibetans. Most of the tulkus have said they do not know why they are chosen to be. Everyone is trying to jokky their sons and nephews and will do anything to gain power. This is not Buddhism, may be lamaism or tulkuism. No wonder others watch at Tibetan Buddhist with shock. Look at the Trijang Rinpoche's, dzongsar kyentse tulku, Lama Yeshe' tulku. They are a joke. Most tulkus are very arrogant, lead a luxurious life and do not observe even some of the basic vows of Buddhist let alone those of the monks. They do not seem to renounce anything but honesty and humility. This does not mean that there are no good tulkus or human beings. If they are let them work their way up through the ladder with equal opportunity for all. The Tibetan Buddhist system should renounce some of its old mistakes if they are learning anything in exile. I as a layman feel that this is a genuine concern for many. Do not use the Dalai lama's name as if HH recognised your nephews because some big mouthed mother told one too many lies.

Where are all the facts that supported Trijang Tulku's authenticity when he was recognised in Dharamsala, now that he has renounced even his monks vows. What did the Nechung oracle say then...AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DID HIS HOLINESS RECOGNISED HIM too? May be this was true Trijang in his past life too as was alleged. The reincarnated lama is supposed to carry out the legacy of his previous life. After all may be this is real Trijang that we were never told about except rumours. It is intriguing. Isn't it? Wake up!
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