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Sat 23, Mar 2019 01:57 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "UN is 'USELESS': Tibetan PM"
"I do not believe that the United Nations Organisation (UNO) can help solve the Tibetan problem in any way. It is an undemocratic institution, which is unable to implement its own resolutions....
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Location: Toronto
Subject: Al are bad except ourselves
Aug 09 2005 07:14 PM

Hello,-- you say UN is useless, American is useless, who is usefull then?. The famous quote" I saw, I conquered" is the rule of the game. Our forefathers made the mistake of living in isolation, believing Himalayas and Gods will protect us. A tiny kingdom like Bhutan learnt faster than us. They caught the bus on time. Bhutan is a proud nation today.We missed the bus, forever , perheps.

And the irony is we are still bent upon sticking to old thinking and blaming others-- UN is bad, Americans are bad, China is bad-- hahahhh. ONLY we are good , is that the moto of Samdong Rin?

Location: No Problem
Subject: UN
Aug 09 2005 03:25 PM

I am sure Samdhong Rinpoche would not call UNO. He is aware of the changed name UN. Many Tibetans still slip their tongue to say UNO like "UNO, we want justice" during their 10 March demonstrations. This should be known to all the Tibetans.

Samdhong Rinpoche made very revelant remarks as a responsible and a frustrated Tibetan. He is a real Tibetan hero.

UN, we all know, is another corrupt organisation. Its functions are all manipulated and decided by the US. There was no popular support for the Iraq war but the US still went ahead. Now who is taking action against the US. No one. One simple example.

Bravo Samdhong Rinpoche. We are behind you. Politically you are leading us in the right direction.

Long live our Prime Minister! Long live Samdhong Rinpoche!


Location: Thimbhu
Subject: Dead UND
Aug 09 2005 10:03 AM

The uselessness of UNO has been felt by all Tibetans since long time back. However, official confirmation has been made by the Prime Minister of Tibet. UNO have been relentlessly engaged in supporting terrorist countries especially China. All the Chinese people, Tibetans, neighbouring countries and even USA and European countries are directly or indirectly terrorized by China with its military power, economic power, political power, nasty policy, shameful bossy activities etc.

Therefore, UNO should be immediately replaced by an another organisation that can terrorize the terrorist countries.

For Tibet, UNO is no more than a dead ratler snake.

Location: Torotno
Subject: Un is the last resort for independedce
Aug 09 2005 09:08 AM

I dont think it bodes well for Samdong Rinpoche to make such un-diplomatic remarks. If UN is useless, 40 years of our struggle prior to Ripoche's coming into politics was a total waste of time. In that case the Geneva Office should be closed. In that case all the money Rinpoche spent in calling a world parliamentarians meeting at Delhi some years ago to forge support at UN was a futile excercce.

We have been to convince the world about the atrocities commited in Tibet based on the report of UN's commission jurists.

If there has been a failure, it is ourselves to be blamed --not being able to make a good case at UN. We have seen with our own eyes how Bangala Desh, East Tomor etc. became independednt independednt under the auspices of UN.

Yes, UN is useless if we bahave like a lazy man sitting under a banana tree in the hope that the banana would fall into our mouth.


Location: France
Subject: The peaceful art of non-violent warfare
Aug 09 2005 06:28 AM

Samdhong Rinpoche envisages his Satyagrahi operating both in and outside Tibet — a mass movement of discipline, truth, danger and courage. [Volume 2 Issue 2. March-April 1998] ...Tibetans basically have two choices to win back their homeland. They either wage a violent armed struggle against China for their liberation (which given the resources required is obviously not possible), or they embark on a non-violent and peaceful mass struggle. What would have been a third option — the possibility of the international community uniting in creating conditions for China to allow Tibetans to determine their own future — seems to decrease as China’s economic benefits to the rest of the world increase...


Location: america
Subject: Tibetans still naive global / UN politics
Aug 09 2005 04:50 AM

What is that makes Palestinian issues raised at every international summit by likes of Bush, Blair and other leaders of the so called democratics West.

Why was Arafat feted and given a red carpet welcomed even at Camp David, Downing Street or any power centres in world.

While world leaders shy away from HHDL leave aside giving him a red carpet welcome.

Why is Palestinians were given a permanent observer status at UN.

All answer lies in our inability to convey the sufferings of Tibetan people.

The first tactics used by Palestinians was kidnapping and murder of Israeli athletes at 1972 Munich Olympics.

Second suicide bombing which killed thousands of people.

Where as our cause has been diluting to such an situation that our leadership and Government even do want to criticise Chinese occupation of Tibet.

No wonder despite horrendous suicide bombing the Palestinians have managed to globalise and focus the attention of world on them.

We are just waiting for utopian mercyful liberation by UN.

UN is nothing but stick used by those five bullies to suite their own interest. Its in fact the most undemocratic global institution. A single veto powered rogue country like China can disregard 200 other member nations. UN was created Anglo Saxons and its Allies of WW2 no wonder Taiwan held the UN veto until Kisseger secret mission to Beijing in 1970 via Pakistan.

That booty veto was handed over Beijing at the instigation of Nixon's visit to Beijing in 1972.

The UK did it best to even block the issue of Tibet to be brought to UN table since 1950 onwards.

We just cant expect others fight our war. I also do not except the notion that we Tibetans had to suffers so much under Chinese because of our collective past karma.

The USA and Europe even didn't wait for few days afer the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. UN hegemonised by USA and Europe pooled all its power to liberate kuwait.

In reality it was liberating not Kuwait but its Middle East Oil. No wonder Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are so called best friend of USA to fight Terrorism despite most 9/11 and recent London bombers were from these two countries.

It is all greed and selfish agenda that fuels such a bazzaire relationship between the West and Middle East.

Al in the name of oil.

Thanglop Ssurpa  

Location: Ari
Subject: Prime Minister
Aug 09 2005 02:16 AM

I am very happy and proud to read the comments made by our PM at press conferance. Solid answers! I am very impressed & satisfied. This proves to me that how knowledgeable he is. This also proves to me that how few people are wrong about him.Before, I don't know much about him and now I started to know more. I think he should expose more of himself by giving more media interviews and tour every year to our major settlements in India and abroad to give lectures and explain everything if there is any misunderstandings between the public and TGIE. By doing so he can built more confidence and unity and people also get to know him and TGIE better. By media coverage we can keep our struggle alive and get more support around the world which I think will help in many ways. Thank you Mr PM. Bhoe Gyalo.
warrior nation  

Location: bo rangzen!
Subject: cyberstrom
Aug 08 2005 11:37 PM

this are good ideas because i see the point is that the movement could be broken in too pieces by chinese because nobody believes that they are sincere intentions and want to negotiate - why they want to negotiate - we have a very weak position - i think we believe we are strong beacuse good pr & media says world is concerning with tibet- but it is not!! 1. we should all train ourselves to resistance with internet hachking because we can do massive damages to china which we cannot do with 'pick up bombs" approach and because 2. the resisatance movement inside and abroad will never agree to use violence or not or rangzen or middle way approach

Location: India
Subject: Fast approaching cyberstorm
Aug 08 2005 11:27 PM

Asia is already the leading breeding ground for software piracy, hacking and virus proliferation. Therefore, it is not implausible to imagine young groups of Chinese “hackers” feverishly at work in hundreds of government sponsored “hacking centers” attacking U.S government computer mainframes, especially during a time of conflict with the U.S. In 2001, Chinese hackers launched targeted attacks against U.S. websites in response to the death of a Chinese pilot killed in a collision with a U.S. spy place. Recent attacks have been more copious, better coordinated and extremely intrusive. With the third largest PC maker now in the fold, an increasing consumer base and a computer savvy population, a destructive Chinese cyber attack could occur very soon. It now seems the only way to challenge CHinas Tibet occupation is for us to aslo be turning towards computer networks to fight back against the chinese empire. if the tibetan freedom movement is to survive then we must not be split between violence and ahimsa approach - we must not be split between violence and ahimsa approach.
Khedup, Nyima  

Location: Toronto
Subject: If you want victory, pick up bombs.
Aug 08 2005 11:15 PM

Buddhism is the most tolerated religion in ancient India, and because of that uninvited new religion from the middle east forcibly wiped out it as taking the full advantage of her message of non-violence. Due to non-violence Buddhism lost forever in India until Tibetan refugee came to India and revived it on it's birth place. However, original Indian Buddhist race lost forever.

In the same way, if we support non-violence, one day we will see complete disappearence of our tribe and culture. If we wish to preserve something left over, we should adopt violent approach in different methods.

Rinpoche is right that UN is not other than undemocratic institution. The presence of world's giant communist China in UN indicates apparently undemocratic.

So we shouldn't hope anything from UN neither shouldn't allow this institution to interfer anything in our cause.

Now on today, please stop slogans like UNO - we want justice. UNO- Help us stop genocide in Tibet.
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