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Tue 23, Oct 2018 03:58 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "UN is 'USELESS': Tibetan PM"
"I do not believe that the United Nations Organisation (UNO) can help solve the Tibetan problem in any way. It is an undemocratic institution, which is unable to implement its own resolutions....
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Bhoypa mi  

Location: NY
Subject: Be more useful urself.........
Aug 10 2005 04:08 AM

The Paleastinians never depended on UN for freedom, the East Timorese never depended on UN for freedom, the North Africans never depended on UN for freedom and human rights and the Tibetans never should depend on UN for freedom.

Tibetan politicians should know that China is a big bully member of the UN and their words are highly respected by many nations around the world because of their trade and economic relations. No nation will sacrifice trade and economy with China for Tibetan freedom and human rights. China has proven time and time again of its international importance and worth by defeating many human rights resolution during the UN assemblys. US and EU befriended China by offering trade benefits and by selling arms and technology to China. China even tried to buy a US oil giant company and US/EU markets are filled with Chinese made goods and electronics because of cheap labor. No nation wants to antagonise China and these nations comprise of members which UN forms.

It is useless to criticise UN of its ineffectiveness however it will be useful for the Tibetans to keep their agenda going for a long time in the UN besides setbacks. Unless China becomes a democratic nation, it will be hard for the Tibetans to get even autonomy, let alone human rights.

Location: usa
Subject: Misunderstanding
Aug 10 2005 01:30 AM

Rimpoche is only talking about tibet freedom not about food and shelter, he is saying that UN has not help us to get our country back and so the topic is only on getting our country back... and UN has not taken any interest on that issue ....so please dont misuse words on words

Location: usa
Subject: please respect our first PM
Aug 10 2005 01:25 AM

I 100% agree to what Rimpoche has said.. and thats what it is...so please you guys who dont know nothing, just keep your big month SHUT... will you, please, please, and dont ever again write something you really dont know about........ Dont make the rest of us tibetan feel a shame....

Location: Shangrila
Subject: UN vs UNO
Aug 10 2005 01:06 AM

I think tibs and indians are so used to various NGO, so they call United Nations UNO. It's an indian habit.

Tibetan Nomad  

Location: VIENNA
Subject: Samtong Rinpoche....
Aug 10 2005 12:01 AM

.. I think you better do your meditation again let others do the politics.

Location: AM
Aug 09 2005 11:41 PM


Location: Varanasi
Aug 09 2005 11:34 PM

Dear Samdhong R lama,

Your statement is totally false and unhelpful to the Tibetan political struggle and its humanitarian needs.

UN is not useless but UN is helpful in terms of helping Tibetans and many other needy citizens of this world in SOLVING problems such as food and shelter. There are hundreds of UN branches in this world and some of which based in India and Nepal and even Tibet where they help the needy Tibetans when they are in political or economical trouble.

Take example, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) which take cares of Tibetan new comers (sanjors)and help them in their safety and transit,
Take UNDP/UNFP (United Nations Development/Fund Programs) which provides lot of developmental help to the Tibetans (nyingjors) in the settlements,
Take UNHRC (UN Human rights Commissions) which always help in releasing Tibetan prisoners from Chinese prisons and fight for the human rights in Tibet,

Take many UN affiliated organisations which help Tibetans in different capicities and help solve many problems.

Now, the statement made by Samdhong Lama is totally untrue, baseless, unresearched, false and demoralising to the the general Tibetans who understand well about the UN, its help and its mechanisms.

I like to say that United Nations is very very HELPFUL for the Tibetans in solving problems and I thank the UN for all its efforts and generosity.

Long Live UN and HH the Dalai Lama,

Location: US
Subject: Very Correct, Rinpoche...But
Aug 09 2005 10:37 PM

Our wise Prime Minister is very right in his remarks about UNO...

But if that's the case, who the hell are we trying to appease with our "AHIMSA" or "Middle Way"....Rinpoche, if you want UNO to discuss Tibetan struggle, we need to take up ARMS...why the hell can't we take up arms and get the respect of the world...I know it's sinful and un-Buddhist to do so, but to achieve a greater goal, we need to commit some sin.

Please, please...let's die fighting for our rights before Chinese wipe our culture and race with their game. Let's not play their waiting game, let's take the war to them.

If Buddha Dharma is important for human race and keeping alive Tibetan culture is a step towards that, as His Holiness says, then we must fight, kill and drive Chinese out in the name of Buddha Dharma.

Location: toronto
Subject: Respect the Institution
Aug 09 2005 10:07 PM

Rinpoche, please do not tell me this critical and unnecessary remark of yours against the most respected organisation is again a part of your strategy to produce a conducive atmosphere for a negotiation with China... we are tired of you now

Come on, You know to change a system you have to be in the system but such a remark will only distant ourselves from the powerful western countries on whose influence atleast China is responding to us. Believe me was it not for the UN and the western countries China would not even acknowledge us.

Please be responsible, rinpoche... you are not speaking about your staffs to whom u can say anything from a servant to good for nothing, here you are antagonising the entire members of the United Nations.

This to me makes on theing very clear, who ever stands for next kalon Tripa must first release his propaganda, we must not vote for a person but his political standing.
UN Supporter  

Location: UN Refugee Center
Aug 09 2005 09:15 PM

What the heck Samdhong is talking about? Is he gone mad or his brian is not working.

Samdhong, UN is not useless and it is you who is useless waving useless tongues in meetings and media. UN has helped Tibet and Tibetans a lot till now on political and humanitarian terms. UN is not only a organisation but it is a body of hundreds of nations including US, India and China.

I guess Samdhong better shut up if he has nothing better to say than putting his foot in his mouth. His views are totally unTibetan and unfaithful and doesn't indicate any Tibetanism.
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