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Wed 21, Feb 2018 06:27 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "UN is 'USELESS': Tibetan PM"
"I do not believe that the United Nations Organisation (UNO) can help solve the Tibetan problem in any way. It is an undemocratic institution, which is unable to implement its own resolutions....
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Location: vA
Subject: FO SHOO
Aug 21 2005 11:53 AM


Location: Manakal
Subject: Keeping saying
Aug 18 2005 08:48 AM

Bhote and Zabcchen are raising a very serious issue. It is worth discussion.
Naughty Boy  

Location: Jhorpati
Subject: Just to Keep it in limelight
Aug 18 2005 07:14 AM

Tibetan PM is USELESS!
Zabcchen Zurkhang  

Location: Zabbyul
Subject: Time for fresh thinking
Aug 15 2005 04:24 PM

Some thinkers are of the view that 17-point agreement, denounced by TGIE as a document signed under "dures", if practised in letter and spirit was more honourbale than the demands of Staussberg declaration.

Kudrags like Surkhang having been pushed to the margin and eventually consigned into total oblivion, HH was surrounded by a coteie of undefineable individuals who stuck to the gun of irredentism.Mustang was a good attempt. From then on to the recent Bern meeting, it was the same carrot Dharamsala was never been fedup of chasing. For a while , even this carrot went out of sight. When it reappeared recently, culminating at Bern, some Dharamsalites took the opportunity of giving it a victorious " hurreh" exclaimation.

The fact is that if this policy prolongs, we will loose both the proberbial dung and the basket.

After the world war II , Korea broke into two, so did Germany Vietnam etc. It is time for fresh thinking.


Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Tibetan irredentism is the stumbling block
Aug 15 2005 01:33 PM

The time has come for the TGIE and the SR administration in Dharmsala to be realistic and have the political gut to tell Tibetans inside and outside Tibet the truth. The truth is that Tibet ruled by Gaden Phodrang before the Chinese Communist invasion in the 1950's is more or less the geographical entity the Chinese call the Tibet Autonomous Region. The time has come to be realistic. Our irredentism of a greater Tibet extending to the northeast up to Kokonor Lake and to the east up to Dartseto (Tachienlu) is not at all realistic. This may be our ideal, but, but, but. We Tibetans failed to live up to our heritage, the heritage we were bequeathed us by Choegyal Mewon Namsum. Why this dithering? Tell the truth and move forward from that. Time is not on our side. In our efforts to have the whole pie, we may not even get the portion.

Location: Gangkyi
Subject: Four finger point back at us
Aug 15 2005 07:48 AM

Ours is really the classic case of 'fox calling the grapes sour'. We just cannot stop from complaining and blaming others.

Let me ask this, except for begging for foreign help and sympathy, except for building schools and monasteries, except for setting up successful exile communities, except for setting up a govt. in exile, what really have we done for a free Tibet?

I know these are steps in this direction but, what concrete move have we made? Our govt. has done two things in this direction, number one is try to talk and appease China by forever doling out self sacrificial incentives and the second is trying to request the foreign powers for help(who usually pay lip service as their own national interest come first but do give some donation to ease their guilty conscience). It has in reality over the years just backed down step by step from our own cause because of the concessions given to the Chinese.

Not only has the govt. not done anything for the freedom (which they now conveniently cause, solution of the Tibet-China problem) of our nation like hunger strike, mass movement etc. but have dissuaded other from doing so. Which prime minister of Tibet or minister in his official position gone on hunger strike. Samdong Tulku who professes Gandhism and chants Gandhi name like mantra but does not do anything except Satyagraha (sitting on truth rather). What has he done for freedom of Tibet, give a few academic talks, disinvestment of Paljor, Mangtso and Mungtso debate.

As for our leaders, truthfully saying, we are now like a cornered dog. There is no way to back down or go forward after saying we don’t want independence and that just want autonomy, for anything worse is total surrender. Added to that, our people were further confused whether it is “rule of the majority’ Mangtso or ‘Mungtso’ (people’s rule Vs majority rule). Then came all the other crap like ‘total freedom’, ‘autonomy’ and ‘Dentha Selthab’ crap. People are just confused.

Upon that, now, unwillingly, we have to swallow the fact that although we the people genuinely wish for freedom, we have to accept that the ever illusive autonomy is the only possible solution. Amid this chaos of disillusionment, confusion and lack of any solid movement, nothing is working for us.

Yes we have better home in exile, we are richer, more people know about us etc. etc. but when it comes to our freedom struggle, we have regressed, not only in terms of goal but also in action.

When we started we had what the Indians call ‘Josh’. We had guerilla movement, up until the late eighties we had the hope for freedom. No we ourselves have steadily lost hope and vision.

So let us not blame others for our own failure. UN is doing very useful thing. It is helping many other progressive nation and societies. Palestine, East Timor, Kosovo etc. The present secretary general even had the guts to cross swords with the US too.

If anyone has failed Tibet, it is us ourselves. Let’s admit it, if the owner of the house does not want to defend it, why would neighbours bother.

Location: USA
Subject: Seeing closer things too.
Aug 14 2005 09:26 PM

The United Nations,apparently is an organisation designed to help poor nations and poor people suffering everywhere.The forerunners of this great institution invented it to protect unprotected people without any pressure from any countries:be it monetary,financial,military,and many others,you name it.However,now it is in a state of chaos.Who runs it is a questions lingering in my mind.For us tibetans,they virtually have done nothing in the international arena.Most of the educated knows that,unless there is opulent resource of oil and the like,there is very little chance of getting help from it,as it is now run by financial institutions.On the other hand don't expect them to do everything for us.We,as tibetans have to do something on every level possible.It is usually easy to find fault of others,while something something very close goes unnoticed.Here is my point,Unity among all the tibetans,integrity forming a big part of it.How it is done differs.How it is carried out varies.But there is a fundamental thing which should be addressed before it is too late.Happiness,patriotism,unity,all of this starts from home.

So many tibetans have been making poor tibetan girls suffer by having sex and making children without taking care of the innocent baby.Who is responsible for enforcing the ethical laws?May be the countries where these criminal actions were performed.But as govt.of the people,the tibetan government should do something.Iam sorry to say this,and I know that HH has done so much for the tibetans,still He needs to speak about rape,crimes,deceiving poor tibetan ladies everywhere while giving teachings.Please take this into consideration.It is very important.
Rangshey Rigpa  

Location: Delhi
Subject: Lets do it the democratic way
Aug 14 2005 09:43 AM

Let us not moan and groan anymore. Let us just vote him out the next election and send him to where he belongs. (His monastery to beat his damaru and do mudras with his vajra and bell.

Emaho! May all sentient being rest in the great equanimity. HAHAHAHAHA

Location: Haha Land
Subject: What a Typo
Aug 14 2005 09:03 AM

This is the first typo in the world when author set out to type 'left' and instead typed 'right'.

Maybe Samdhong also wanted to say useful but his tongue slipped and said useless. hahaha

Location: Haha Land
Subject: What a Typo
Aug 14 2005 09:02 AM

This is the first typo in the world when author set out to type 'left' and instead typed 'right'.
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