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Winner of the Miss Himalaya Pageant 2018 Ritika Sharma, First Runner-up Palak Sharma and Second-Runner-up Ashima Sharma wave to the audience during the Miss Himalaya Pageant 2018 in McLeod Ganj, India, on 6 October 2018, Photo: L. Wangyal
His Holiness the Dalai Lama arrives to begin his four day teaching on the request of a Taiwanese group, Tsuglakhang courtyard, Theckchen Choeling, McLeod Ganj, October . 3, 2018. OHHDL Photo/Ven. Tenzin Jamphel
Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses the gathering during the 50th year celebration of Tibet Insitute Rikon. The event was attended by around 4000 people from all parts of Europe. Around 4000 people have come to attend the function organised by Tibet Institute Rikon with support of Tibetan Community in Switzerland and Liechtensein. Winterthur, September 22, 2018. Phayul photo/Norbu Wangyal
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Statement from Shakabpa family regarding Tsepon Shakabpa's passport
Phayul[Monday, April 05, 2004 01:44]
The Shakabpa family is happy to hear that our late Father and Grandfather, Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa's original Tibetan passport has been recovered and is now safely in the possession of the Private Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We are grateful to Friends of Tibet (India), Tenzin Tsundue-la and all other persons who assisted in recovering this important historical document which provides further clear evidence of Tibet's independence. Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa's passport is an important part of Tibetan history and its recovery is significant for all Tibetans. This document was published for the world to see in Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa's hardcover book, TIBET: A POLITICAL HISTORY, in 1967 by Yale University Press, and later in paperback by Potala Publications in 1984.

Along with the passport, numerous other important personal items, documents, and rare scriptures belonging to Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa were misappropriated from the Shakabpa House in Kalimpong (India) sometime after the late Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa passed away on February 23, 1989. These valuable documents, scriptures and artifacts were improperly sold to private dealers and individuals without the knowledge, consent, or authorization of the elder principals of our family. If you have information about the location of any of these properties that belonged to the late Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa, please contact his grandson, Wangchuk D. Shakabpa II, at bhodgyal@hotmail.com. All such communications will be kept confidential.

Our thanks again to all individuals who helped recover this important historical record.
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where are the offsprings (kalimpongboy)
shame on tibetans (enayat)
his cimena hall is closed now (kalimpongboy)
Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa (Tsongi)
Publication of Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa's new book (Tsongi)
RESPONSE-rinchenpo (pedhma)
RESPONSE------ (pedhma)
Phayul moderator sleeping on the job? (bhoemi)
please dont fight (rameshindian)
"Statement from Shakabpa family regarding Tsepon Shakabpa's passport" (pedhma)
"Statement from Shakabpa family regarding Tsepon Shakabpa's passport" (pedhma)
Shakapa family (ConcernedTib1)
in respond to yangchen (kham welcoming PLA) (L****a)
To all Kahampas (rinchenpo)
Y UTSANG N KHAMPA??????? (like_it_or_leave_it)
Loga-la (Tsongi)
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i just need only one clarification!! (kdhondup)
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Dong (khamboy)
Tsaru Dolma (khamboy)
dong ?? are you tsering dong thong ?? (tsenkhang kunsang dorjee)
TO my Dear DONG (Tsaru Dolma)
Childish (truth)
dong has inferiority complex (dd)
System (truth)
shakapa shame on you (tsenkhang kunsang dorjee)
stop the rumours . (tsenkahng kunsang dorjee)
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Passport (Kunga Tsering)
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To Yangdon from US (yanchen)
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Brave and Valiant Heros (dd)
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Tibet was never sold to china (yanchen)
khampa welcomed PLA (gyaltsen)
Lets us forget past (Dhonyo)
Two thumps up for Simskag Lhukanpa (Yanchen)
PLAs did not fall the sky in Lhasa!! (Simskag L:hukhangpa)
Most of the kudraks come from the families of previous Dalia lama's families (Yanchen)
Most of the kudraks come from the families of previous Dalia lama's families (Yanchen)
Why do Tibetans always play the blame game. (yanchen)
khampas = freedom fighters (khampa)
A Londoner's English ?? (Thurman Gyalpo)
Shakabpa family (Sengye Khabab)
Shakabpa family (Migmar Wangchuk)
SHAKABPA Family (Robert C. Thornburg)
shagapa (DR. JINPA)
Shut you mother F***ing Ass (Tashi)
spit on their graves (dd)
We were taken for a ride (Hamsang Tsering)
no joke (passang)
HH is good (Kaami)
No Good Little Traitor (Arok Khampa)
Aka Kkaaa !! (Aka Khaa)
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tibet will be free. (jampa)
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What means to an end? (pun meant) (Khamsoon)
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Aro Khamapa (jigme)
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Kungo Shakab-pa, the true Tibetan patriot. (Tsewang for a United Tibet)
Freedom (Arok Khampa)
Mr. Shakabpa & the kudrags (Gyurme)
we haven't got our country yet! (yangkyi)
we haven't got our country yet! (yangkyi)
we haven't got our country yet! (tsedolma)
UNITY (Tenzing Tashi)
dempa (tashi phuntsok)
dfd (poor u)
Horrified! (Tenor Taksthang)
khampa (Ata)
God bless Tibet (Arok Khampa)
good thing he's dead (arok)
Shagapa Chempo (Bumthang)
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fff (kumaa)
Ku-drags and Kup-Drags (Tsega)
Amdo warrio (Warrior)
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Ku-drags (Ku-drag)
Tsepon Shakabpa (Phayul Gyalo)
Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa (Bod Rangzen)
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Tibetlover is 100% right. (arok khampa)
Tibet will be free du to the tibetan effort (Ling Keisar)
Name calling (Tsecho)
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namecalling (mingmar)
tibetans (bho)
kudraks (f kudrak)
Shaba family u are guys are such a joke. (jokerr)
are you really Tibetan? (curious girl)
Ex-Tsepon W.D. (Bod-rigs)
His Excellency Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa (Migmar)
Ex-Sipon W.D.Shakapa (Boerigs)
CROOK (Tenpa Gyal)
Tsipon W. D. Shakabpa (Khedrup & Friends)
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hows that passport picture on website to witness all ~ (P3M)
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Jason (Group of 13)
No half breed (warrior)
Pre 1959 Gov document (Guest)
Old Man (Jason)
T.N. (Jason)
Old man is no threat (warrior)
You yellow-bellied skunk (Chu4Gang6)
go peddle westerners money (warrior)
Skunk (Rimpoche)
thief (warrior)
Shakabpa (Chu4Gang6)
T. N. Shakabpa (Cho-Kha-Sum)
Shit TN Shakapa (dakpa)
Yes. Kongpo Dhondup La (Tashi Dhondup)
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shakapa TN ?? (bodpa)
truths. (tintin)
real name (Pasang)
real name (Tenzin)
The greedy grandson (Rawang Rangzen)
SHAKABPA Passport (Sherup)
Court chronicle or history (Bhote)
Gyarab-Mar-Whay-Ongchu (Rinpoche)
dempa (sangpo)
right back! (choka-sum)
let us put a full stop to this (Tenzin)
PR? (Tsering)
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Sorry for the typographical error (TIA)
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Arok Khamba (Tenzin)
Arok Khamba (CSGD)
Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa (Pasang)
4EVER KHAM (arok khampa)
Kungo Tsepon Shakabpa (Khedrup)
Stupid (arok khampa)
Arok Khamba (CSGD)
Arok Khamba (Serga, CHU-SHI-GANG-DRUK)
kugdra sympathizers (arok khampa)
I would to see that Shakabpa's Passport!!! (wangyal)
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Ku-ngo Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa & family (Buchung)
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Kungo Shakabpa Wangchuk Deden (Tsi-tso-lay-re)
Mr. Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa (F.O.T.)
Facts only (arok khampa)
Kundo Tsepon Shakabpa Wangchuk Deden (Cho-Kha-Sum)
Friends of Tibet seem to have lots of power (Dhondem)
Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa (Friends of Tibet (Europe))
shakabpa patriot (Chiga, Khampa)
Kungo Shakabpa (Riga)
Kungo Shakabpa Wangchuk Deden (Nameless Khamba Pon)
Mejey Kungo Tsepon Shakabpa (Jiga)
Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa & family (Migmar)
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We have such a wonderful leader (St)
Kungo Shakabpa's son (Loga)
Shakabpa Family Statement (Rodriguez)
Kungo Tsepon Shakabpa (Riga)
The legacy of Shakapa (Dhondem)
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Manuscripts (Tenzin Bhutia)
well done (arjun)
Lame excuse (Bhote)
Tsepon Shakabpa Wangchuk Deden (Khedrub, Chusi GangDrug)
Re Paljor Shakabpa's Comment (Tenzin Choegyal)
Read this from Phayul (Tenzin)
1989-- 2004 bartho!! (Tenzin)
You are a pango passang! (Jinpa)
Reply to Ngawang Trinley - London UK (Ngagyal T.)
Anothre living legacy of Tsepon Shakabpa (Dawa Dorjee)
its great, lets realized it.. lets hope 4 the best.. (TDG)
Tsepon W. D. Shakabpa (Ngawang Trinley)
Shakabpa Family Issue (Pasang)
reply (arok khampa)
The Shakabpa Issue (Deki)
Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa (Kesang)
The Shakabpa issue (Ganden Photrang Gyaelo!)
Big shock! (karma)
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The Shakabpa family (Doma)
Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa (Eugene & Friends of Tibet)
Shakabpa Family (Migmar)
Tsepon Shakabpa Wangchuk Deden (Tsega, Chushi Gang-Drug)
this is historic (kunga)
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shakabpa (tsuendu)
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passport recovered (Lobsang)
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Mr. Shakabpa Tibetan Passport (Emily & Friends of Tibet)
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Passport (Yudon)
Recovery of Tsepon Shakabpa's Passpor (Palden)
Mr. Shakabpa's passport (Cho-kha-sum)
Shakabpa passport (Rigzin)
Shabaklap or Shakapa, I am confused (Shabaklap)
shame on shaggap family (tintin)
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