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Sat 24, Feb 2018 05:37 AM (IST)
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Trump or Hillary : A perennial nature of Tibetans to wait for the shooting star
[Monday, September 12, 2016 14:40]
By Ugyen Gyalpo

It doesn't really matter, who wins the US presidential election come this November, as far as hope of leveraging Tibet's issue is concerned, if there is now any leverage left. Tibet is already sold and compromised at the dirt cheap ounce of autonomy and now, it's only the Chinese government and a change in their totalitarian system, that we can truly bet and pray on Tibet's viable future, if there is any.

Rest reassured from the Americans, apart from giving due respect and spiritual recognition to His Holiness, as a global icon and messenger of peace, Tibet, I think pragmatically within geopolitical and economic dynamics, do not stand a chance of receiving help from the US, at a scale Kuwait received, thanks to their oil reserves, when it was invaded by Iraq almost two decades ago.

Keeping things at real perspective, only a whirlwind colossal change, like a political revolution we witnessed, on a scale of the Jasmine revolution, that toppled dictatorial and totalitarian regimes within the Arab peninsula, can we glare through some glimmer of hope. A seismic political change of a sort, that people supposedly in communist mainland China are dying to live up for.

Every American President, regardless of their foreign policy, in keeping America's national interest ahead, are judged by most Tibetans in diaspora rather unfairly. They are judged not on their international flair and diplomatic skills in handling world politics, but also judged on their accentuation of humanitarian support, empathy and compassion for Tibetan plight and intensified constant denunciation of the Chinese government, in relations to the cataclysmic repression of Tibet.

For example, Tibetans admired president George W Bush, when the whole world despised him, just because he orchestrated the award of the Congressional Gold medal, the highest civilian award, to HHDL during his tenure despite repeated condemnation from China. Tibetans also have the fondness and appreciation in GWB, who as an avid painter, has taken pride in painting a portrait of His Holiness, which he gave to His Holiness as a gift on his 80th birthday.

A sentimental boost and reassurance for the Tibetans, that factors into everything, in tilting acceptance or rejection. Well, tragically this doesn't account none of the blunder president George W Bush made following the failed search for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction that catapulted in thousands of civilians’ deaths, a war that he manufactured and cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars to sustain, that would have otherwise fed the whole African continent for a century!

Every time, a Tibetan delves into world politics and show admiration for world political leader, a connection is always audaciously sought and drawn, to see if any or all friendship would benefit the Tibetan cause. This is all but natural and I don't see anything wrong with that. But this just goes to support the fact, that our favorability in supporting leaders, is always in direct correlation with how far reaching an impact or how empathetic someone can relate to our plight and how aligned someone is with our wishes, visions and hopes.

As we are left through, after the grueling US election primaries, a unicorn like candidate in Trump, unlike any the country has ever seen, has emerged biting out the dust and crashing the walls of establishment with narratives of bigotry, xenophobia and racist calls and now, we are left, so to speak to choose between the lesser of the two evil, the other, of course, a seasoned politician, a prolific and professional liar and who would not require an introduction.

While Hillary played safe burying her conscience amidst the email scandal, Trump endorsed and fanned the Brexit movement and encouraged and promoted economic isolationism. A self-made billionaire, with emaciated political background, but someone, who is gluttonously passionate in breaking China's economic spinal cord, that has hitherto being leveraged on Americas bonds. A white neck maverick, bent on restoring Americas dwindling pride, by bringing all offshore jobs back home and someone, who swears to handcuff the culprits of intellectual theft, that costs US billions in lost future revenues.

Trump, a businessman by instinct, who wants the economic playing field that is so far being tilted towards China, be leveled by sculpting fair trade and carving China's currency to its actual value that was for years manipulated in their favor. And, someone, who vows little or no unnecessary interference in worldly affairs, and someone who wants to focus everything in rebuilding America great again.

Will then, Tibet as a thorny, delicate political issue ever surface on Trump’s cards and cross his thick brows is akin to staring up at the night sky and wishing for the elusive shooting star to trail blaze.

As for Hillary, who was but shadowy figure of Obama, will pretty much inherit obama's legacy and continue with the same appeasement policies towards China, as it has been for the last eight years. They will continue to entertain His Holiness through the back door of the White House and leave little to the imagination, except for their perceived gesture of recognizing His Holiness as nothing but spiritual icon and a humble Nobel laureate.

It's a fair bet, where neither winner nor loser in this November, US Presidential election, will have any sway as for the political future of Tibet. It's the political events both inside and outside of China, especially in Asia pacific, where Chinese dominated populations reside freely, in a democratic society, in places such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, where we should put our focus on. And, pay special attention to changes of leadership within the communist politburo and in retrospect, feel the simmering upheaval within the Chinese society, understand and empathize with the Chinese themselves, who crave for freedom, that success in their form of capitalism and profit paves way for.

It is here, around this part of the world, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, where movement for Tibet's freedom should be intensified and chapters such as SFT's should appear and get a foothold.

It's a tragic and selfish world, we all live in now. Everything and anything is for self interest. Even if in this made up imaginary world, nothing and not even, the most fictitious Buddhist US president, can alter the course of Tibet's fate, since it's so caught up in the intertwined web of corporate and multinational interests that none would risk puncturing a hole in that symbiotic web to give justice to the Tibetans and risk trillions of dollars in losses.

Only through a transformation within the Chinese leadership will we find the light at the end of the tunnel. Times have changed and so have the powers of the UN and the climate of US diplomacy. And, we as Tibetans at the receiving end of eternal sufferings know far better than anyone that 57 years of protests in front of the UN accrued to nothing more than talking to a glassed concrete, that is soundproofed especially to the cries of the Tibetans and hostage to Chinese vetoes.

The writer is a Tibetan blogger living in Sunnyside, New York. He works as an insurance agent for United Health Group. He can be reached at ugyalpo23@gmail.com

The views expressed in this piece are that of the author and the publication of the piece on this website does not necessarily reflect their endorsement by the website.

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