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Religious belief a private business, says Dalai Lama
- November 10, 2015 17:59
By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, Nov.10: His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his address at the ‘Human Approach to World Peace’ at the IIT Madras said that the religious belief of any person is his personal business and that it should not be a barometer for any standards.

“Of the seven billion people in the world, over one billion are non-believers… One should respect the non-believers as well, as the religious belief of a person is a private business,” he said on Wednesday in his lecture which is a part of the institute’s Extra Mural Lecture series.

Speaking on the continuing violence that is happening around the world, he highlighted the importance to respect dissent rather than to resort to violence which has been carried forth into the current century and labeled it “nonsense”. “You cannot eliminate all people who disagree (with) you,” he said while encouraging tolerance in day to day life.

When asked by a student on the possibility of a female Dalai Lama, he mentioned that women are naturally more sensitive towards others. He said, “If there were more women head of states in the 200 odd countries in the world, it would be more peaceful.”

“I have said that in many times earlier. She should be beautiful. The face also makes a difference, isn’t it?” he added laughing. A similar comment by the Tibetan leader in an interview with BBC earlier drew criticisms from feminist groups in India.

The 80 year old Tibetan leader yesterday presented awardees gold coins, cash prizes and certificates at the first ever Kalam Seva Ratna awards 2015. The Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement started the awards to recognize distinguished contribution of individuals and organizations to tree plantation, de-addiction, reviving water bodies, providing safe drinking water and creating green campuses, villages and cities.

At the award ceremony, he said, “We need ‘Sense of Oneness’ among seven billion human beings. All the rest of the seven billion human beings are our brothers and sisters. Then there is no business to kill them. Different faith, different race, different caste; all these are minor, not important. Important is that we are same human being, mentally, emotionally, physically, all have same rights to achieve happiness.
Since the basic innate nature of human being is compassionate then there is hope if we use human intelligence according to our basic human nature, then we can build happy humanity, happy world.”