"Nangma" Bodkyi Solgyun Rolyang Tsokpa is based in Dharamsala, HP India. We decided to name our band "Nangma,"  because our music is dedicated to the preservation of the Nangma and Thoeshey genres of Tibetan music.  Very few young Tibetans living in exile today have any knowledge about these beautiful musical genres or about their place in our distinctive cultural heritage.  Unfortunately, in Tibet today, people associate the word "Nangma" with a certain night club where people drink too much and stay up late.  Both in Tibet and in exile, few Tibetans know that Nangma and Thoeshey form a rich musical tradition that may be traced back to the time of the Fifth Dalai Lama and the emergence of Lhasa as the capital of Tibet. Nangma and Thoeshey, musical traditions much loved and patronized by government officials and aristocratic families, were identifiable as an important part of the refined cultural traditions associated with Lhasa.  Nangma and Thoeshey were extremely popular not only in Lhasa, but also far beyond Lhasa.  What is interesting is that the popularity of Nangma and Thoeshey as an evening's entertainment in Lhasa began to give way to the Chinese game of Majong, which began to consume Tibetans' time and money in the first half of the 20th century.  Consequently, well before 1950, we began to lose touch with this rich part of our musical heritage to a Chinese game.  Our elders may tell us that we have countless numbers of Nangma songs, but in reality, we musicians are aware of less than thirty.  Because we want to ensure the preservation of this rich and distinctive part of our cultural heritage, we named our group "Nangma," and intend to promote this tradition to our younger generation through concert performances and workshops or lectures on the "Roots and Origins of Tibetan Music and Dance."  We hope to be able to generate interest among our youth in these traditions and thereby make them much more aware of their rich cultural heritage and distinctive Tibetan identity.  The purpose of our tour, thus, is about promoting the survival of our rich cultural traditions.  Our tour is for the elders as well as for the youths of today. We intend to open the concert by singing  Nangma and Thoeshey songs, which will include the most popular songs from Utsang, Dhotoe and Dhome. We will also play our own compositions and some popular songs in exile, including Achodanny's sweet electric Dranyen.
The duration of the concert is 2 hours.
Jamyang Choedon - Jack
Jamyang Choeden aka Jack
Special guest artist to the Nangma 2006 USA Tour.


Kelsang Chukie Tethong Vocal
Tsewang Chondhen Vocal, Dranyen- Lingbu- Bhashey Piwang- Nga.
Sonam Paljor Dranyen- Piwang Bompa, Gyumang, Piwang Trawa, Bhashey Piwang
Sonam Tashi Dranyen Chewa, Dranyen Chungwa, Gyumang, Bhashey Piwang, Erkha
Jamyang Choeden
Special guest artist to the Nangma 2006 USA Tour. 

Each of these artists has trained in many different styles and genres of Tibetan music and dance and has more than thirty years of experience performing and teaching. Our four artists have individually recorded more than 10 CD's, and have toured separately in Europe, North America, and East Asian countries.  Our concert will provide a very lively and memorable evening of entertainment.

April 1/2006 Saturday
Chicago ILL
Contact- Mr Pema Rinzin 773-275-7454
Venue Lake Street Church
Show time 6-pm
607 Lake Street
Lake Street/ Chicago Ave
Evanston Illinois 
April 8/2006 Saturday Minneapolis MN
Contact - Mr Sonam Sangpo  952-412-6140
Show time- 6-30pm
Venue- Edison School
700 - 22nd Ave Northeast
Minneapolis, MN Zip Code 55418
Direction, Located on 22nd Ave NE.
Auditorium is located on first floor through main doors.
If lost call
April 15/2006 Saturday Boston MA
Contact- Mr Tashi Dhondup Lokyitsang  781-244-3469
Show time- 6pm
Venue- Swedenborg Chapel
50 Quincy St
April 22/2006 Saturday NY, NY
Contact- Sonam Zoksang  646-942-6144
Show Time- 7pm
Venue- Public School 130
143 Baxter St ( Between Grand St and HesterSt )
Take- Q J N R W and No 6 Train
April 29/2006 Saturday Washington DC
Contact- Mr. Lhundup Dorjee  703-280-2194
Show Time- 7 PM
Venue - Wilbur J. Cohen Building
330 Independence Ave
SW Washington, DC
May 6/2006 San Francisco CA
Contact- San Francisco, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress
Mr. Ngawang Tsephel 510-710-8882
Show Time - 7pm
Venue- University of San Francisco
Lone Mountain Campas
Pacific Rim Room 148
Truk at Parker San Francisco
( See driving and Public Transport directions)

I want to thank these individuals and community leaders for helping to organize our concerts and for understanding the misson of this tour.
Sonam Tashi,
Nangma Tour Director/Artist

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