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Succession of Dalai Lama should be free from China’s interference: EU

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The European Union (Photo/DW)

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA, June  21: The European Union and China held the 39th session of their joint Human Rights Dialogue in Chongqing on June 16. During the dialogue, the EU stressed that the succession of the Dalai Lama should be free from Chinese government interference. This dialogue was preceded by a side visit by a delegation of the European External Action Service (EEAS) to the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region from 13-15 June as part of the 39th EU-China Human Rights Dialogue.

statement released by the European Union, regarding the visit stated that the agenda detailed discussions on various human and labour rights issues in both the EU and China. The EU reiterated its concerns over restrictions on fundamental freedoms, labour rights, the use of forced labour, limits on due process rights, and the lack of judicial independence in China. The EU also addressed issues related to freedom of expression, assembly, religion, belief, equality, and freedom from discrimination, including women’s and LGBTI rights.

The EU expressed its opposition to the death penalty and urged China to implement a moratorium on its use, requesting transparency regarding capital punishment data. The EU stressed that the selection of religious leaders should be free from government interference, specifically mentioning the succession of the Dalai Lama.

The EU highlighted the vulnerable situation of religious, ethnic, and linguistic minorities in China, including Uyghurs and Tibetans, and mentioned the negative impact of Hong Kong’s national security legislation on rights and freedoms, as well as the erosion of autonomy promised by the Basic Law and international commitments.

Concerns about the human rights situation in Chinese-occupied East Turkistan (Ch: Xinjiang), Tibet, and Hong Kong were reiterated by the EU. Reports on the treatment of human rights defenders, lawyers, and journalists were discussed, with the EU calling for investigations and the cessation of human rights violations. The EU raised individual cases, urging China to release those detained in violation of due process, including EU citizen Gui Minhai, Uyghurs like Ilham Tohti, Tibetan activists, individuals detained for religious beliefs, human rights defenders, lawyers, and those detained for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

Following the Human Rights Dialogue, an exchange of views took place with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Beijing Institute of Technology on June 17. The site visit to Tibet, organized by Chinese authorities to Nyingchi and Lhasa included visits to boarding schools, municipalities, cultural and religious sites, relocated Tibetan families, and a prison. The EU provided recommendations for ensuring bilingual education, preserving cultural heritage, and safeguarding fundamental freedoms of the Tibetan people, encouraging more visits from the international community and civil society organizations.

The dialogue was co-chaired by Paola Pampaloni, Deputy Managing Director for Asia and the Pacific in the European External Action Service, and Shen Bo, Director General for International Organisations and Conferences at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. EU Member States participated as observers. Both sides agreed to continue their exchanges in preparation for the next Human Rights Dialogue in 2025.

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  1. The CCP has renounced religion! It is Godless, anti-religion, anti-Buddhist and anti-Dalai Lama cult! It has murdered countless monks and nuns and spiritual teachers by starving them. They put holy Tibetan Lamas into prisons and told them, “you can pray to Buddha and He will feed you” and they all died through starvation in the 1950s. They denounced the Dalai Lama as a “slave owner”, “a Nazi”, “a terrorist” “a separatist”, “ a wolf in sheep’s clothing” “a devil with human head”!!!!!! Yet, they are still scrambling to get their blood soaked hands on the reincarnation of the present Dalai Lama! This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that whatever the evil CCP has been peddling about the Dalai Lama and Tibet are nothing but pure fantasy and a figment of their imagination. The Dalai Lama is a profoundly holy being that the whole world acknowledges except the criminal communist Party of Cheena! People from all walks of life from many different countries with entirely different religious affiliation from that of the Dalai Lama respect and hold Him in great esteem. He is in fact the most adored and serene religious leader on planet earth! The transnational criminal gang continues to spew venom on the Dalai Lama yet they want his reincarnation!!! How would any sane, logical person explain such insane contradiction of the CCP? The evil outfit has no legitimacy to rule Tibet. It illegally and brutally occupied Tibet and has used extreme violence to subdue the Tibetan for the last seventy odd years but to no avail. One hundred and fifty-seven Tibetans have committed the highest form of self-sacrifice by setting themselves ablaze for the return of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan independence! Tibet was never occupied by any country in its history since the founding of the Tibetan nation in 127 AD. This is the first time the most evil force on earth which brings only death and destruction wherever it lays its hand has occupied Tibet by sheer brute force. Tibet was a country with its borders open to India, Nepal and Bhutan. Tibetans and neighbouring countries travelled freely from one country to the other without any passport or hindrances. However, ever since Tibet was occupied by evil communist Cheena, all the borders with its neighbours have been closed and people on either side cannot even meet each other. Tibet became a vast open prison where Tibetans are caged like zoo animals. Tibetans cannot even travel within its borders let alone outside of it. It’s a jackboot military occupation pure and simple. There are more then 500,000 Chinese troops stationed in occupied Tibet in order to suppress the population from uprisings. Tibet has been wrecked by uprisings ever since it was occupied and continues to do to this day. In independent Tibet there were only two prisons in and around Lhasa. Today, there are atleast twelve vast concentration camps for Tibetan political prisoners. They are used as slave labourers and survive on subsistence rations and are beaten, tortured and starved. Despite such hardship under inhuman treatment by the CCP, Tibetans continue to resist Cheena occupation and as a result more than one million two- hundred thousand Tibetans have been killed as of 1985 Tibetan Exile-Tibetan Government census. As it were, communist Cheena wants the Dalai Lama to rule unruly Tibet by proxy. They think that since the Dalai Lama is universally accepted as the political and spiritual leader of Tibet for close to four centuries, they can use him as a figure-head in their attempt to both sooth the ruffled feathers of the Tibetans and also give a semblance of legitimacy to their illegal occupation. So, communist Cheena’s principal aim is to USE THE DALAI LAMA AS A POLITICAL PAWN TO SELL THEIR OCCUPATION AS AN AN ACCEPTED NORM BY THE TIBETANS! The trouble with this skewed thinking is, the Dalai Lama reincarnations are exclusively for religious purposes and not for political expediency. If the Dalai Lama was brought with political ambitions, the very purpose of the reincarnation is lost since political ambitions are anathema to religious beliefs of renunciation of the world for the ultimate goal of nirvana. If the Dalai Lama was brought for the purpose to serve a political agenda, the halo of Holiness and sanctity of Dalai Lama’s status is lost. Therefore, the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama is purely spiritual and has nothing to do with politics. The reason The Dalai Lama’s became the political leader of Tibet was solely because of the overwhelming spiritual sanctity of the Dalai Lama; the Tibetan people bequeathed upon him the responsibility to rule Tibet owing to the trust and esteem they held for Him. The Dalai Lamas return to this world is solely to serve the sentient beings who are caught up in the cycle of death and death. Therefore, the foremost responsibility of the Dalai Lama is to teach the holy Dharma in order to enlighten people. He has way back in the 1980s declared that He will not be born in places where there is no freedom and therefore will be born in the free world! Communist Cheena can huff and puff but The Dalai Lama will not be born anywhere near the territories occupied by it. Besides, an atheist anti-Buddhist and anti-Dalai Lama criminal entity has no right whatsoever to meddle in the affairs of the holy Dalai Lama. Even, if it decides to appoint its own candidate, it will be a total ruse and will have no charisma nor the holy attributes of the Dalai Lama since it’s a clandestine candidate. No Tibetan and other Buddhists who follow Buddhism would respect such a candidate who is manufactured by a criminal group solely to serve their vested interests and not the larger goal of benefitting all sentient beings. It is quite surprising that the CCP is not even ashamed of itself to even talk of Dalai Lama’s reincarnation when it cannot even stand the present Dalai Lama. It shows the desperation of the CCP in its dealing with the Tibet issue and is therefore forced to stoop so low to talk of reincarnation despite their hatred of religion and the Dalai Lama! The CCP candidate will be no different from the CCP candidate of the Panchen Lama. He is a persona non-grata among the Tibetan population and has to be guarded by hundreds of policeman where ever goes!!!

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