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Maiden ‘All Pala Football Association Gold Cup’ kicks off in Dehradun

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Photo/Chiphel films

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA, June 18: In a vibrant celebration of sportsmanship and community spirit, the All Pala (Father) Football Association (AFPA) Gold Cup, a pioneering football tournament for male Tibetan aged 40 and above, began on Father’s Day, June 16, at the Dhondupling Tibetan settlement, Clement town, Dehradun, India

This tournament, the first of its kind within the exiled Tibetan community, aims to promote health consciousness and encourage fitness among the elderly demographic.

The AFPA Cup is an event designed to engage elder Tibetans in sports activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and highlighting the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle at any age. The initiative is set to bring the community together, emphasising the values of teamwork and healthy living.

Fourteen teams from across India and Nepal are participating in this 14-day tournament. From North India are seven teams: Dhondupling Legends, Gangchenpa Delhi, Dhasa 40+ Football United, Poanta Cholsum Sports Club, Dekyiling Sports Club, Sakya FC Puruwala, and Clementown Legends. From the Northeast region, Yaks Veteran FC Darjeeling, Snowlion FC Gangtok, and 40+ Choepheling FC Miao. From Central India, Potala 11 Orissa are competing, while from South India DYSA Mundgod and Kollegal Dhondenling Sports Club are participating. 

The tournament, featuring these veteran athletes, is set to culminate in a final match on June 29. Participants and spectators alike are looking forward to a fortnight of competitive yet friendly matches that will not only showcase the football skills of the elder Tibetans but also address the importance of active living.

Organisers of the AFPA Cup at the inaugural speech expressed their hopes that this event will set a precedent for future tournaments and encourage broader participation in sports among the elderly in the Tibetan community.

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