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Dalai Lama congratulates Claudia Sheinbaum on historic presidential victory in Mexico

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Illustration/ Phayul

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA, June 14: In a landmark moment for Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum has become the first woman to be elected President of the country, capturing at least 58 per cent of the vote in a historic election that saw two women vying for the nation’s highest office. The election results, announced on Sunday, marked a milestone in Mexico’s political landscape, ending a 200-year history of male presidents.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to President-elect Sheinbaum, extending his heartfelt congratulations on her victory. In his letter, he highlighted the unique qualities that women bring to leadership roles. “I believe women are more empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of others,” he wrote. “These are qualities I first learned from my loving mother. There is also scientific evidence that when it comes to compassion, women are more sensitive to others’ pain. Therefore, I have long been a proponent of women’s leadership, and it is a source of great inspiration. It is my firm conviction that if more of our leaders were women, the world would be a more understanding, peaceful place. Indeed, in human history, most warriors were men, whereas women consistently show more concern and warm-heartedness for others’ well-being.”

The Dalai Lama also reflected on his visits to Mexico and the resonance his message of human values has found among its people. “During my visits to Mexico, I have been encouraged by your people’s interest in my efforts to promote basic human values like warm-heartedness and inter-religious harmony with a firm belief in the oneness of humanity,” he added.

Claudia Sheinbaum, 61, Known as “la Doctora” for her academic credentials, is a physicist with a doctorate in energy engineering, the former head of government of Mexico City, and was part of the United Nations panel of climate scientists who received a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Addressing the media following her victory, she expressed the significance of this moment not just for herself but for women across Mexico. “For the first time in 200 years of the republic, I will become the first female president of Mexico,” she stated. “And as I have said on other occasions, I do not arrive alone. We all arrived, with our heroines who gave us our homeland, with our ancestors, our mothers, our daughters, and our granddaughters.”

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