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US announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics over ‘ongoing genocide’

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US White House press secretary Jen Psaki addressing reporters on Monday (Photo/CNN)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Dec. 7: Following a year-long campaign by numerous rights group, the US administration has finally announced a diplomatic boycott of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Monday, which means no US delegation would attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics scheduled to be held in February and March respectively. “The Biden Administration sent a message today that will be heard around the world. The message to Xi Jinping is that actions have consequences; Xi’s campaign of brutal genocide and crimes against humanity will not be received by the world in silence,” SFT Campaigns Director Pema Doma said in a statement.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Monday’s briefing, “The Biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, given the PRC’s ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, and other human rights abuses. The athletes on team USA have our full support. We’ll be behind them one hundred percent as we cheer them on from home. We’ll not be contributing to the fanfare of the Games.” The current development was first heard and tabled in one of the congressional hearings by the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in May urging the government and other world leaders to refrain from attending the games on grounds of ‘moral authority’.

Activists protesting at the Olympics torch-lighting ceremony in Greece on October 18, 2021 (Photo/Reuters)

“Not only does this high profile move show solidarity with impacted communities, who have faced the momentous escalation of repression that followed the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, it also sets an example for other governments to follow,” a joint statement from over 200 organizations wrote in a statement after the US announced the boycott. The rights groups urged the UK, Canada, Netherlands, and European Union to follow suit and take immediate action, and commit to reject invitations from Beijing on humanitarian grounds.

Following the announcement by the US, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters at a daily briefing, “Without being invited, American politicians keep hyping the so-called diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is purely wishful thinking and grandstanding.” The Chinese embassy in Washington also weighed in on the development, as spokesman Liu Pengyu stated, “No-one would care about whether these people come or not, and it has no impact whatsoever on the Beijing Winter Olympics to be successfully held.”

New Zealand also announced that it will not send any official representatives at a ministerial level to the Olympics, Deputy PM Robertson said on Tuesday, citing Covid-19 as one of the reasons. Moreover, the UK and Australia are said to be considering similar boycotts. China will soon become the only country to have hosted both Summer Olympics in August 2008 and Winter Olympics in February 2022. 

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  1. Congratulations to President Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party of the United States!!! The CCP genocidal regime doesn’t deserve to be treated except as an international pariah. It’s ruthless dictator is committing genocide in Tibet, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia. It completely destroyed the freedom of the Hong Kong people and made Hong Kong an appendage of communist China. Tibet is being destroyed by uprooting its religion and unique culture. Tibetans are prisoners in our own country.
    The CCP is the most evil outfit in modern times. Its ruthless and cruelty are the hall mark of the regime. The people of East Turkistan and S Mongolia are also facing cultural eradication. It’s totally unacceptable that the CCP is running concentration camps in the twenty first century. It’s utterly anti-Democratic and supports other dictators like the illegal Burmese military junta, Thai military junta, Belorussian despot apart from North Korea and Hunsen. It is fitting to Boycott this despotic regime and show the disdain and contempt it deserves.
    For once, the Democratic world is coming together to stand up to the tyrannical regime that is committing crimes against humanity in Tibet and other occupied territories.

    The Boycott by Democratic nations is morally justifiable since the East Turkistan Concentration camps invoke parallels to Nazi concentration camps to eradicate the Jews. Both Tibet and East Turkistan are facing whole sale genocide that the world saw during the Holocaust. There are no gas chambers but thousands of Tibetans, Ughurs and Mongolians are disappeared without a trace. It is executing innocent political prisoners, dissidents and human rights advocates on an industrial scale.
    Owing to the extreme oppression, no one dares to speak about them. The CCP erases history, it erases people’s identity and it erases history. It has concocted and fabricated the history of Tibet and made spurious claims over Tibet. It has erased the identity of the Tibetan Panchen Lama Gedun Choekyi Nyima and it has erased the history of the massacre of 10,000 students at Tiananmen square in 1989. Any organisation or nation cozying up with such evil regime are guilty of crimes against humanity and they will be condemned by history.
    Led by the mighty US, Australia, New Zealand and Lithuania to boycott the Beijing Genocide Games, many more countries will follow suit in the days and months. This is a total humiliation of the despicable regime and the whole world will rejoice in the glow of victory to Human Rights and dignity of the individual.
    The CCP must make sure that Peng Shuai is safe and her charges against the monstrous CCP leader’s penchant for groping, molesting, raping, harassing young beautiful women are on the spot light and these must be investigated. They are keeping hundreds of mistresses like sex slaves just as Peng Shuai was by Zhang Gaoli. All these salacious sexual perversion by the CCP must be investigated and justice meted to the victims. The world must not forget Peng Shuai and her fight for justice. The CCP knows the charge levelled at the CCP high command is it’s Achilles heel. The CCP hierarchy is a flesh eating, sex starved sexual predator. The greatest bribe in China today is not millions of dollars but beautiful women to feed the rapacious sexual appetite of the CCP oligarch. The assault on Peng Shuai is only tip of the iceberg. The CCP is a cesspool of sexual perverts who prey on young beautiful woman to gratify their sexual addiction. In order to destroy the CCP, it’s nexus of sexual slavery of young women and its condescending attitude to the perpetrator must be throughly exposed!

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