World must wake up to China’s climatic disaster in Tibet, experts warn

(International webinar on “Environmental Destruction in Tibet by China and Implications for Asia” on World Environment Day) Guest report by Vijay Kranti and Anjali Mishra Reports from New Delhi NEW DELHI, JUNE 7: Insatiable greed of China for resources and its desperation to exploit these resources from a delicately placed Tibet to feed its mammoth […]

US adds more Chinese companies on banned list

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, June 7: US President Joe Biden has included more Chinese companies on the banned list citing links to the Chinese military. Biden on Thursday signed an executive order that banned US investment in any securities tied to 59 Chinese companies, whereas the former President Donald Trump’s original order signed in November […]

Beijing 2022 Olympics a chance to press China for rights abuses, says PM Trudeau

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, June 7: The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on Friday said that the controversial Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics can offer a chance for concerned nations to press China for its human rights records, in an interview with Toronto Star. Trudeau said that only a united front would change China’s behaviour, adding that […]