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Satellite images show China has built a village in Arunachal

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Satellite image on Nov 2020 show China has built a village in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to image captured on Aug 2019 (Photo- Planet Labs Inc)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Jan 18: China has constructed a new village in the state of Arunachal Pradesh consisting of 101 homes as shown in the images accessed by NDTV on Monday. Experts have confirmed that images dated Nov 1, 2020 are approximately 4.5 kms within Indian territory of the de facto border.

The disputed area is located on the banks of River Tsari Chu which lies in the Uppers Subansiri district. Constructed in the eastern region of the Himalayas has long been disputed by India and China marked by armed conflict. The latest images revealed the village built in the past year as images dated Aug 26, 2019 showed no construction activity. Indian Foreign Ministry also responded to the pictures, “We have seen recent reports on China undertaking construction work along the border areas with India. China has undertaken such infrastructure construction activity in the past several years.”

The government spokesperson said that India remains committed to improving border infrastructure including construction of roads, bridges and others. BJP MP Tapir Gao from Arunachal Pradesh had warned the Lok Sabha of Chinese incursion in November, referring to the Upper Subansiri district. He remarked on Monday about the incursion, ”Construction is still going on. China has entered more than 60-70 kms inside the upper Subansiri district if you follow the path along the river. They are constructing a road along the river known locally as the Lensi as it flows in the direction of the Subansiri river.”

Another map of the Surveyor General of India clearly shows the Chinese village lies well within the Indian territory. Google Earth also shows the exact coordinates of the new village which lies south of the McMohan Line, the demarcation between Tibet and India’s Northeast region.

The Tsari Chu river valley has a history of clashes between India and China dating back to 1959. A formal note of protest sent by Delhi to Beijing at the time says Chinese soldiers fired without notice on an Indian forward post “which was twelve strong but eight Indian personnel somehow managed to escape.”

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  1. China invaded and annexed Tibet. Now it is after India’s territory. China is a hegemonist with an insatiable appetite for other countries land and resources. The US should lead a coalition of democratic countries and put a stop to China’s unholy ambitions once and for all.

    1. No country dare to think against China.India has to fought individually. Even that time, all EURO and US, search reasons for not supporting India.

      As long as we keep silent and sitting idly, soon the dragon will swallow us! Why the inaction of India?

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