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CTA President urges UNHRC to probe China on human rights violations 

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CTA President Dr. Lobsang Sangay (photo courtesy CTA)
CTA President Dr. Lobsang Sangay (photo courtesy CTA)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, June 29: The President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), also known as the Tibetan government-in-exile, Dr. Lobsang Sangay urged the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Saturday to include a special UNHRC session to protect fundamental freedoms in regions occupied by China including Tibet, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang. 50 UN independent experts from 30 UN Special Procedure mandate called on UNHRC to “act with a sense of urgency” and take measures against China on June 26.

CTA lauded the UN experts for their intervention in measures taken against China. President said in the press statement that Tibetans have been denied “the inherent dignity of being human” in Tibet. “The tortures, enforced disappearances, and destructions of monasteries carried out by the government of China against Tibetans are acts of crimes against humanity and do not fall short of being categorized as “cultural genocide,” the statement read.

“Unlike over 120 States, the Government of China has not issued a standing invitation to UN independent experts to conduct official visits. In the last decade, despite many requests by Special Procedures, the Government has permitted only five visits by independent experts,” the report by UN experts stated.

The call against the unchecked violation in Tibet by the government of China has shown a similar impact of repression in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The statement asserted the need to hold China accountable on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which has also witnessed state-supervised surveillance of whistleblowers.

CTA emphasized on the member states to hold a special session to establish a country mandate to of UN Special Rapporteur on China to “monitor, analyze and report annually on the human rights situation in Tibet and other regions under the People’s Republic of China.” It also called upon the international community to ensure international law obligations on human rights are carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


3 Responses

  1. CTA ,please watch alternative media news like TFIglobal and American thought leaders on youtube besides BBC and CNN to get a balanced and a true picture of the world situation and not just the manufactured narrative of the mainstream media.

  2. While taking nothing away from the ’50 U.N. independent experts’ and their laudable recommendations, U.N. is almost wholly swallowed up by the CCP Anaconda.

    The Chinese Communist Party, in-fact, dominates a lot of the conversation taking place there. China, one of the world’s worse perennial human abusers actually sits on the U.N. Human Rights Council. A detestable joke! It’s like putting a pedophile in charge of children.

    We have witnessed how corrupt the W.H.O. turned out to be, how much water it carries for their forced organ harvesting masters in Beijing? UNHRC is also compromised, along with most of U. N. agencies. Depressingly, the whole system looks rigged with China money and influence. We Tibetans will not find any sympathetic ear at the U. N. let alone justice, especially under Xi’s dictatorship.

    1. UN is only as effective as the member states want it to be. The funding to run the organization comes from member states. In today’s world that runs on globalization, cheap labor and as such, Chinese sanctions (seen and unseen) holds a lot more sway in the Western hemisphere than most would let on. Actions speak, otherwise it’s nothing but empty rhetoric.
      Something to perhaps think about is also how to populate the Politburo with more ethnic minorities. Tibetans are not the only group getting the short end of the stick. There are probably quite a few people living in China who also support the Tibetan cause. Diaspora from other cultures when they want to support change usually look at that angle.

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