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China retaliates as EU Countries flag concern over faulty Chinese medical equipment

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By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, APR 1: China has retaliated against EU countries who have complained against medical equipment sent by China that were faulty or otherwise inadequate. Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Turkey have spoken out in recent weeks that supplies from China like protective masks and testing kits, were not fit for use.

Global Times, Chinese state media, has defended Beijing and instead blamed Sinophobia and insecurity for such responses from western nations. Such a rejection has caused China to accuse the west, especially the US, for treating China’s help with disrespect and unnecessary doubt.

Medical supplies and professionals from China have been flown to Europe to help the continent, which has become a new center of the outbreak. The Dutch health ministry said that it had recalled 600,000 face masks that arrived from China earlier this month. There have been faulty masks which either did not fit or their filters were not working, the ministry added, noting that they had already given the masks to frontline health workers.

Spain stated that 60,000 COVID-19 testing kits from China were unable to determine if the patients were infected. Turkey had similar complaints about a portion of the testing kits it had ordered. EU Foreign Affairs Minister, Josep Borrell, warned against the “geo-political component” or “politics of generosity”. He added that while China pushes the narrative of a “responsible and reliable partner”, Europe should defend itself against detractors while “armed with facts.”

A ‘Global Times’ editorial published on Monday had suggested, “Some in the west are once again politicizing the assistance China provided, making it another weapon to slander China.” “Through the virus battle, the superiority of China’s domestic governance has been fully displayed, and through China’s timely assistance to others, the country’s international influence has been greatly enhanced,” the article further claimed.

CCP has also railed against the use of “China Virus” or “Wuhan Virus” used by US President Trump and his senior allies, accusing them of racist remarks. Jacques deLisle, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and an expert in Chinese law and politics, told Newsweek that the pandemic is a crisis-turned-opportunity for Beijing. This situation has allowed CCP to demonstrate its strength of an authoritarian system while the US is “running behind every other developed country in terms of the adequacy and promptness of its response”.

“The US failure of competence allows China to look very competent and to not take the heat it deserves,” deLisle added.

China has been accused of covering up the outbreak in its initial stages and for slow response to the outbreak in Wuhan. Critics have also pointed to China silencing medical workers and whistle-blowers who tried to alert the world about the virus.

2 Responses

  1. Everything that the Chinese communist regime issues as news is nothing but their own propaganda. There is only one news agency all over China and that is affiliated to the communist party. The Chinese public is not allowed to know the truth and judge itself what is right and what is wrong and build their own opinion. They are not allowed to know anything else than that what the communist party dictates. I have heard that Mao once had said that if you repeat the same lie thousand times it will then eventually be a truth. Therefore their actual statistics about the COVID-19 in China is not at all reliable.

    There are many speculations about the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is a fact that the Chinese government concealed the news for many days when the COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan. The late Dr. Li Wenliang tried to inform the authorities about the COVID-19 outbreak. But he was declared a liar and under threat was forbidden spreading these news.

    If the Chinese government had taken actions at the very beginning, then one could have curved this disease completely or if not at least minimised its wide spread over the whole world. The same was the case with SARS 2002/2003 with severe consequences in many countries with 800 deaths. But the whole world closed their eyes to make business with China. Many countries relied on the Chinese cheap, inferior exports and made themselves dependent on China. Now they have difficulties to get the urgently needed goods from China. They have to close down their own factories and many other institutions to curve the infection. Many people fear the loss of their livelihood. This will lead to an economic recession on an unprecedented scale; it caused already lots of suffering, thousands of deaths and restrictions on the civil rights and liberties all over the world.

    Therefore, it is really urgent that the whole world requires the Chinese communist government to respect the human rights in China, among other things the freedom of press, freedom of speech and so on. Otherwise who knows what will still happen. One cannot say the Chinese are so and so and the communists are so and so, but when they are doing wrong, things must be called as they are and tried to be stopped.

    We can see now that the human rights are not the inner business of a certain country as the communist Chinese government claims. Human rights are a matter of all the human beings and have lots of consequences for the whole world. The COVID-19 pandemic shows us how important it is to have a constitutional state which respects the human rights as the top priority. I would say the world must wake up now.

  2. The Chinese communist State has been concealing information about the true account of the deaths and infected people according to classified US documents released on Wednesday. The report concludes that China’s numbers are fake. The world as usual bought the CCP propaganda at its face value and accepted their narrative. Now, with the explosion of deaths in Italy Spain and US the people are aghast at the Chinese narrative and the actions of the communist State of disappearing all citizen journalists who were reporting first hand the true scale of the mass deaths that occurred in China. The greatest concern is of the lady doctor from Wuhan and others who have had the guts to tell the truth to the world using their only means to film and upload them on social media. Ai Fen who gave an interview to “China’s People magazine” about the existence of the China virus long before Xi and CCP admitted and how she was muzzled by the Wuhan authorities has disappeared. Nobody knows her whereabouts. This is the evil State which gags the truth and peddles only lies.
    Today, CCP is trying to use this opportunity of the west in dire need of musks as China’s disease kills thousands in Italy, Spain and the US to absolve itself of any wrong doing. It is pouring masks and other equipments to curry favour from these countries and also as an PR exercise for its dismal performance in stopping the virus. However, the masks and medical equipment which the Chinese have been sending in the loads are all sub-standard!!! Not only the nations which are mentioned in this report have complained but Phillipines has done the same. Reports emanating from Australia states that there is a large Chinese ship carrying masks and other medical equipment without being unloaded because of China’s virus fears in the Eastern State of Victoria. It’s been termed the “death ship”. This correlates with the report from Spain and Italy and other European countries who have found that the contents of the ships have in fact infected medics and handlers in these countries. Could this be another CCP conspiracy to infect the whole world?
    One of the unbelievable things about the Chinese death narrative is, there has been no report of death in Beijing and Shanghai? How come? It was able to spread all over the world like a wild fire but it missed these two cities which are geographically in China and Shanghai is only 839 kilometres

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