Is Self-Immolation Anti-Buddhism?

China Tibet Online recently published an article in Tibetan, titled “Valuing Life and Upholding Law”, which was authored by a fictitious character. As I started reading the article, what jumped out at me was the absurd irony that those who claim to be atheists are now preaching to us on how self-immolation (as an act of protest) goes against the cardinal principles and values of Buddhism

The Dalai Lama in Sydney

His Holiness the Dalai Lama enjoying a moment of laughter with members of the Reach Foundation during the first day of his eleven day visit to Australia in Sydney, Australia on June 13, 2013. Live webcast of all teachings and public talks of the Dalai Lama in Australia from June 14-23, 2013 can be viewed at (Photo/Rusty Stewart/DLIA 2013)

The Dalai Lama expresses doubt over effectiveness of self-immolations

Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has expressed doubts over the effectiveness of the unprecedented wave of self-immolations in Tibet, while calling the fiery protests “very, very sad.” “It’s a sad thing that happens. Of course it’s very very sad. In the meantime, I express I doubt how much effect (there is) from such drastic actions,”

China sentences two Tibetan singers

In continuing crackdown on Tibetan intellectuals and artists, China has secretly sentenced two Tibetan singers to two years in prison for their songs about the ongoing self-immolation protests. Trinley and Chakdor were detained in July 2012 from Machu days after the release of their music album, “Agony of Unhealed Wounds.”

China sentences Tibetan student leader to four years in jail

A Chinese court has sentenced a Tibetan student leader to four years in prison in connection with a major students’ protest that erupted in Rebkong region of eastern Tibet last year. Wangchuk Dorjee, a student of the Middle School of Nationalities in Malho was sentenced for allegedly leading the peaceful protest

Tibet Action Institute holds awareness programme on online threats

In the face of ever growing targeted online threats against the Tibetan community, a public awareness event was organised in the exile Tibetan headquarters of Dharamshala on Wednesday. The event, ‘Targeted Online Threats in the Tibetan Community,’ was held at TCV Day School by the Tibet Action Institute, a special project of SFT