Dalai Lama Tweets to China

On Monday, the Dalai Lama took questions from Chinese netizens on the microblogging service Twitter—for the second time since holding a dialogue with Chinese users

The Joy of Finding one’s Roots in a Foreign Country!

A year ago I went to meet the eminent Tibet historian Prof. Eliot Sperling, who teaches at the Indiana University in US, at a coffee shop in the streets of McleodGanj, Dharamsala. The meeting took place just a few days before I was to leave for the US

China tightens media law to curb criticism

New laws and restrictions are being enforced on China’s provincial and metropolitan news media which will monitor and limit information flow within China, said Reporters Without Bord

Chinese army to target cyber war threat

The People’s Liberation Army has unveiled its first department dedicated to tackling cyber war threats and protecting information security, Chinese media reported tod