Way to go! Phuntsok Nyidron: TWA

TWA welcomes the arrival of Phuntsok Nyidron, at San Francisco, U.S.A. She was arrested and imprisoned for 15 long years in Drapchi prison from October 14, 1989 to February 26th 2004, for merely exercising her freedom of expression.

The Rising Sounds of Tibetan Music

Rising from the mists of Lhasa in Tibet is a growing number of musicians and recording artistes who seem capable enough of turning the holy city into the musical capital of China, according to an International Herald Leader report on March 3.

Buddhist relics to arrive Friday

A special collection of Buddhist relics — the cremated remains of many Buddhist masters, saints and sages — is on a world tour, scheduled to reach Fremont on Friday.

Indo-China border to get a road for trade

Government is proposing to construct a 608-km road passing through five states to develop infrastructure and trade links along the Indo-China border and raise new paramilitary units to strengthen Border Guarding Forces (BGFs).

Get a taste of Tibet in Delhi

New Aruna Colony in the Indian capital, accommodating a large number of Tibetan refugees, adds an exotic aura to the multiplicity of the city with its eating joints and an oriental setting.