Tibetan websites hacked

Tibetan websites have been the target of hackers this week with a majority of them hacked and damaged, leaving surfers agitated. According to one estimate at least 30 Tibetan websites have been hacked.

Who am I?

My parents gave me the name Yangkyab Gyal. This name means “Victorious Deeds of the Holy Spirits.” I wonder, now, how my parents were so courageous to do so when I was born in 1966.

Dalai Lama Urges China to Respond, NGOs Break Silence

The Dalai Lama today urged China to make clear indications of willingness to talk if it sees any positive outcome from the present contacts. Speaking at his government’s official commemoration of the 47th anniversary of the 1959 national uprising, the Tibetan leader said that China must

They Died; So That Tibet May Live

Running into the flames with his charred flesh hanging like rags off his limbs, Jampa Tenzin, a monk, was hoisted by his fellow protesters as he continued to demonstrate.