Women in Tibetan Context

In the days ahead, gender issues are likely to hog the limelight as the Department of Finance (DOF) steps up efforts to sensitise the matter.

Resuscitating the Tibetan Settlements

“Hope for the best but plan for the worst” is the rallying cry as the Kashag grapples with the task of making the Tibetan settlements more functional and viable with the view of retaining the young educated workforce in the settlement.

Two killed in fight outside pool hall

Two men were shot dead as they fled members of a Hmong gang after a confrontation at a pool hall Thursday night, authorities said. Four other young men were wounded.

Indian dream seduces Tibet’s exiled young

Between the Grand Trunk Road and the banks of Delhi’s Yamuna river, a series of dimly lit shacks is all that remains of one of the city’s liquid landmarks: a sour barley beer called chhang.