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New Airport built in Tibet

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LHASA, April 7 – Construction of the Nyingchi Airport in Nyingchi Prefecture in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, is underway.

The airport, one of the key projects enumerated by the state for China’s Tenth Five-Year Plan Period (2001-2005), will cost an estimated 727 million yuan (87.5 million US dollars).

Nyingchi, located in southeastern Tibet, with an elevation of 3,000 meters, is endowed with dense forests and a mild climate. The prefecture has opened six tourist routes to 50 scenic spots.

The number of tourists visiting Nyingchi has grown significantly in recent years. Qiu Zhiyong, a prefecture official, estimated the number of tourists for this year at 200,000.

Currently, Tibet has two civilian airports, Gonggar Airport in Lhasa, the regional capital, and Bamda Airport in Qamdo.

Qiu said that the building of the Nyingchi Airport will accelerate the growth of the economy and of the tourist industry in Nyingchi, and in Tibet as a whole.

NOTE: Xinhua News Agency is a Official News Agency of the PRC.

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