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NGOs applaud Takna Jigme Sangpo’s testimony at UN Human Rights Debate

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Geneva, 3 April – This afternoon, Takna Jigme Sangpo, a Tibetan who spend 37 years of imprisonment under Chinese rule in Tibet, testified at the 59th session of the UN Coommission on Human Rights, when the meeting was discussing human rights sitautions around the world. He spoke on behalf of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, which is a NGO with consultative status with the United Nations.

Speaking in Tibetan language, Takna Jigme Sangpo, told the Commission: “When I was 37 year old, the Chinese authorities detained me for remarks I made about the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet that they charged as “counter-revolutionary” views. All in all (between 1965 and 1992), I was sentenced to 41 years of imprisonment, out of which I have still nine years to complete.”

After having drawn the delegate’s attention, Takna Jigme Sangpo’s 3 and 1/2 minutes statement concluded with these remarks: “this old man from Tibet, appeals to all nations in this hall to help end the human suffering of the Tibetans. Please urge the Chinese government to open earnest negotiations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to resolve the long-standing Tibetan Issue in the interest of both the Tibetan and Chinese peoples. The unfortunate people of Tibet, including the political prisoners, who are the same human being as everyone else in this hall, urgently need your support before it is too late…I pray for an end to the suffering of all political prisoners in this world”.

Ms. Tsering Jampa and Mr. Ngawang Choephel (Drakmargyapon), two members of the Tibetan delegation at the Commission on Human Rights, also delivered statements this afternoon.

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