Potential Market for Tibet’s Edible Fungi

Chinese scientists have called on the Tibet Autonomous Region to develop edible fungi to meet the increasing market demand. The scientists said that they have discovered more than 1,000 species of fungi, including 415 wild ones and 138

Execution of Tibetan Sparks Worldwide Action Against China

The Chinese government is the target of direct action in 19 major cities around the world today. Calling attention to the recent execution of Lobsang Dhondup, a Tibetan political activist, by Chinese authorities two months ago, 4 activists

Execution of Tibetan Sparks Worldwide Action Against China

SFT’s John Hocevar, Alma David, Sophia Conroy, and Jessica Rucell tried to hand over the letter inside the Consulate but the officer declined to accept the letter. So they all laid down inside the Consulate with fake blood coming out of their mouths.

ATPD session in progress on 27th March

ATPD session continuing into the second week. Health and Finance Kalon Lobsang Nyendak lak responding to a question from the Deputies of the 13th Assembly.

Photo by Tenam