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Free Eye Camps for ALL

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By Tashi,
Phayul Reporter

Kathmandu – The image of a beaming eighty three-year-old elderly lady coming out of an optician’s room was a sight well worth watching. In an effort that is purely ‘service to the people oriented’, TYC Kathmandu in association with an INGO that wishes to remain incognito are organizing free eye camps at three different locations during this month of February here in Kathmadu. Today was the second day of such a camp at Boudhanath area where most of the Tibetan people in this city reside. Truly as a service to the people, everything over here is provided free of charge. Whether it is consultation, medicine or a much-required pair of glasses upon the hazy eyes. In some more complex cases even surgery is provided. The doctors and staff are from a Nepali NGO called, ‘Youth Eye Service’. The project is solely funded by Himalayan Foundation.

Though the camp was to officially start at around 9am, a steady stream of people has already started to form as the dawn breaks out. Through out the day, the camp remained crowded and busy. The regional Director of the said organization found himself in a joyful mood in learning that the project is moving towards its fruition. Even though the people continue to stream in, the organizers had to stop at patient number 461. As the last patient walked out of the camp, the countenance of the organizers hinted a smile that seemed to suggest a day well spent. Another two of such camps will continue to happen.

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